Friday, August 16, 2013

Mr. Beaumont

So last week I mentioned that Brian recently got a new car! I am super pumped, and probably even more excited than him! His old car was a 2005 Chevy Equinox that his grandpa didn't like so he gave it to Brian in his sophomore year of college. The car was the one we met in and the one we have always used for car trips. But man was that thing starting to stink. Literally. He kept hockey equipment, softball cleats, golf clubs, and flag football jerseys in there, not to mention that time he left a bag of trash with rotting lettuce in it for a WEEK (it was never the same after that, blech!). He had to rev that baby to start it, there were dents on it from the time we were hit by a mud flap that flew off a tractor trailer (those trucks, don't get me started), and the visor fell on me often when I tried to use the vanity mirror. All in all, it was a faithful car for Brian (besides the time it stranded him at work, then decided to start after a tow truck was on its way), but it was time to move on. It had 121,000 miles!

I present to you Brian's new 2013 Chevy Cruze, affectionately called Mr. Beaumont, which is also the name of Joey's boat on Friends. Other front-runners included Bo Peep (okay not really a front-runner) and Morty (my car is named Sylvia, and wouldn't it be so cute if our cars were named after the Nanny named Fran's parents? No? Yeaaa). 

Note the NY Giants front license plate I gave him for Christmas (we are Giants and Ravens fans in this house, woop!) Anyways, every time I'm in the car I can't help but sing the Florida Georgia Line featuring Nelly song, Cruise, so I'm linking up with Whitney for #backthatazzup Friday. 

We're off to an Oriole's game tonight with my friend Amanda and her fiance, Go Os!! 

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  1. I bet the new car smell is way better than rotting lettuce, ewwwwwww. My friend spilled a gallon of milk in her car one time, it was the worst smell EVAH!

  2. How was a 2005 in such rough shape!? Geez. He must ride his vehicles hard! I guess I'm just shocked because my car is a 1999. :P

    My fiance's mom has a new cruze too! She is trying to get me to buy it though, because she doesn't like it anymore.

  3. That's one of my favorite episodes of Friends! I also love that you named your car Sylvia.

    1. Hi Jessica - thanks SO MUCH for your email, I've been trying to find instructions for switching to a Blogger profile FOREVER!

  4. YAY! Love new(er) cars! Jared just got a new car last fall and it's definitely a good feeling! Enjoy the game tonight!!

  5. hahaha disgusting! lettuce in there for a week? woooofff..

    good luck with the new car! :)

    i'm a giants fan too :) even though i hate the nfl sometimes!


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