Thursday, October 8, 2015


I don't even care that I'm posting this at a weird time. Oh and I guess I'm like a once a week blog poster now, my bad. You know it's bad when your mom texts you Sunday night and says "You had all day to write a post and you didn't, why not?"

I am so frustrated at Reeds Jewelers I could scream my head off. I've already cried enough for a month and I basically have no tears left so screaming it is. I can't even get back into it right now because I finally calmed down about it but it's basically this- I haven't had my engagement ring for over 3 weeks and there was a chance I wouldn't get it back in time for the wedding in NINE DAYS but the regional manager assured me it will be back in time so fingers crossed please.

Speaking of the wedding, do NOT even mess with me right now. I cry at the drop of a hat. I don't need people's crap! Got it?! Grrrrr

I know people always say some variation of "oh the wedding is just a day, your marriage is forever" and I agree with that sentiment, but that does NOT mean the wedding is not important. It IS the first day of your marriage and it IS probably the only time in your life that all of these people will travel from all over the place (we have 98 guests traveling from 13 different states, and only 15 of those guests are from our state, Pennsylvania!) to come together for just you. How many other times in your life do you get a day all about you? I mean yea, your birthday, but really, do 98 people come to your birthday? Because they certainly don't for mine. I just don't like when people brush off my concerns about my wedding day by saying "it's only one day" because NO, and I want it to be nice, geez!

Our couch got cleaned today because our dogs have been nasty and we have like 30 people coming over before the wedding next Thursday and I wanted it to look nice. Now I can't let any of the dogs on the couch until after the wedding, which isn't so hard for the dachshunds because I just take their ramp away but it's going to be a pain with Oatmeal. Also I feel so guilty not letting them up and I just want to snuggle them! I'm wavering but I can't give in!!

My little brother is being an "evil gnome" for Halloween and man that costume is freaky!! I love gnomes but that one is scary!

Are you dressing up for Halloween; if so, as what? I'm off to watch Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder (though I've said it before and I'll say it again- I love that show but in case you are wondering, that is absolutely not what law school is like AT ALL.. just sayin').
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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bachelorette slash Crazy

Life has been crazy lately. Just over two weeks to the wedding, and even though I am super organized and love list-making, other people's disorganization is driving me bananas! Also the fact that I have to use my laptop as a desktop right now until my new battery comes is super annoying. Oh, and please keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't rain October 17th.. please!

ANYWAYS, let's talk about my Bachelorette party last weekend! We went to a winery in the middle of nowhere, which is kind of my favorite place to be, and it was super fun! We got a gazebo all to ourselves overlooking the vineyard (and a wedding!) and we ate yummy food, drank wine, and they all gave me underwear (as well as some other nice gifts) and I had to guess who they were from.. surprisingly I only got 1 wrong! #resumebuilder? haha

I probably won't be back here much for a few weeks considering the wedding and everything, though who knows, maybe I'll need a break from the crazy. Speaking of crazy, we just decided to have  a gathering at our house for like the 30 people who will be in town on the Thursday night before the wedding. It'll be fun but yea, we are a little nuts.

Speaking of crazy again, does anyone watch Scream Queens? OMG that show is hilarious and I really like it, you should definitely watch it.

Anyways, I need to go do laundry and get a flu shot and go shopping (because hurricane!) and take out the dogs in this ugly rainy weather. If you pray, could you say a prayer for our chocolate lab puppy Oatmeal please? I don't want to get into all of the details right now, but my little princess could use some good luck. I'll update about it sometime in November. Thanks guys! Here are some pictures of her and Brian from December when she was 8 weeks old, I don't think I've ever shared them on here and OMG they are the cutest ever!!

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

If I Had a Million Dollars

I don't know about you, but sometimes I think about what it would be like to win the lottery. Not the mega millions or anything, but a more modest (haha) sum, you know, like a million dollars. I guess I'd have to win more than 1 million to actualy have a million after taxes, but whatever, here's what I'd do if I had a million dollars (you're welcome for getting that song stuck in your head).

First, I'd pay off my student loans and credit cards (thanks college and especially thanks law school). I'd also pay off our cars and our mortgage, plus my parents mortgage. It'd feel so good to be completely debt-free right off the bat, so that's why that would be the first thing I'd do!

'tis true

Next, I'd hire a fancy trainer to come and train the dogs. The dachshunds are potty-trained and that's about it, and that took me over a year and a half. Not for lack of trying, those German dogs are stubborn! They are super well-behaved though, I just want them to do a few cool tricks and a couple behavior modifications (like Schnitzel not barking his head off when the doorbell rings). I want some tricks taught to Oatmeal too, but she does know how to sit, come, drop, and she was potty-trained pretty much as soon as we got her (labs are great with that!). I also want prettier dog cages than the wire ones we have. Plus I'd buy them like a bajillion more toys. #spoiled

Then, I'd buy like 5 more vineyard vines long sleeve pocketed men's shirts (they're so comfy and my favorite) and some more shep shirts. Plus I'd get Brian some stuff from there even though he doesn't like to dress super preppy.

Oh, and then I'd buy like 6 bras at once. I have a few nice bras I like, but I hate buying them because they cost so much money! So I would definitely buy a bunch at one time if I came into some money.

I think then I'd put aside some money to hire a cleaning service. I hate cleaning, so yea, that'd be nice.

I know that Brian really wants an outdoor movie projector, he thinks it'd be super cool, so I'd get him that and a hot tub to sit in while watching it next to our fire pit that we already have on our patio.

I'd probably then do a few house improvements we are planning to do over the next few years, like hardwood floors for the bedrooms (better for my allergies), remodeling the upstairs bathrooms, and putting some more stone on the front of the house. Nothing extensive, just some projects we've been wanting to do.

Then I'd donate to ALL the sick dachshunds I see on my Facebook news feed. I belong to a dachshund lovers group and I try to donate as much as possible when I see a sick or hurt dog that needs help, so I'd love to have more moolah to be able to donate way more!

Last, I'd invest the last $100-200K. Definitely necessary plus it's the responsible thing to do!

I know money isn't everything, but man, having some would make things a heck of a lot easier, huh? What would you do if you won, or if someone gave you a million dollars? And hey, if you know someone giving out money, give them my name won't ya?!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Confess Sesh

I think that title sounds cooler in my head but whatever, I'm confessing today!!

One. I may or may not have left a laundry basket of clean laundry on our bedroom floor for over a week! Then I did 2 more loads laundry while that was laying there and it finally got put away (Brian did it, not me lol). Then I left those 2 new loads in the laundry room for 2 days, then I finally got completely fed up with myself and put those away... all wrinkly and everything. "Shame shame I know your name" (I LOVE New Girl, does anyone know when it's coming back on?)

Two. I hate hate hate it when people start bashing other people based on their political beliefs. You don't know that person's life or what they've been through or why they believe what they believe, so just knock it off alright? It's just so sad to see all the fights online about one issue or another. I've said it before and I'll say it again: belittling someone's beliefs and calling them names is never ever ever going to change their mind, it's only going to settle them more firmly in those beliefs. So just... don't. End rant.

Three. I am FED UP with the post office. I mean seriously, how hard is it in two thousand freaking fifteen to deliver the mail and not lose things! Just this month we haven't received 2 RSVPs that were sent to us, as well as a birthday card from my Grandmom, And over the past year, there have been FOUR, yes FOUR, packages lost/misdelivered to the wrong addresses, and many before that. It is getting super old. C'mon Pennsylvania post offices, get it together or privatize already. #USPSstinks #UPSftw

Four. Sometimes I think I use capital letters and exclamation points too much, but I actually don't care, it's just an observation.

Five. I can't think of a fifth confession today so that's what you get folks for making whoopee. Happy Hump Day! And no, I'm not sick of saying that, that camel is my favorite.

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Sh*t Taylor Says

Remember Taylor? My 17 year old sister who always has something funny or snarky to say? I've shared a lot of her antics here before (like this buck tooth beaver story, and this quote: "Why don't adults just wear diapers so we don't have to have toilets anymore? It'd save a lot of money."). Well I've been secretly checking out her twitter and the things she tweets are HILARIOUS! So I figured I'd share them with you, even though she'd kill me if she found out. Oh well, I'll take the risk.

"Wearing a one piece bathing suit today will be the death of me,"

She was lifeguarding at the local pool for the weekend and apparently it was torture,

"The Sirius radio subscription in my car ran out and my parents 'aren't wasting money' on it, so idk what to do with myself now honestly."

So sad, except Taylor doesn't have a car, nor does she have her driver's license yet! She's talking about my dad's car and wow, not having satellite radio in Dad's car is just life-altering, especially considering you have an iPhone!

"A guy asked for my number at the Revs game and I lied and said I had a bf and Mitch said 'no you don't!' Needless to say Mitch is now dead."

Yea this even didn't happen!

"Dad just tried to have a nice convo with me about how casual sex with people you don't love is not a way to live & should I laugh or cry idk"

I would have died!! Dad and Taylor went to NJ for a nice weekend of Broadway shows and the beach and visiting with family, and I guess on the way home Dad decided to take advantage of the fact that she couldn't go anywhere and have a talk. Bahahaha poor Taylor.

"Don't lick your ice cream cone then post a pic of it, it looks like an actual piece of shit."

Umm wow I wish I could have seen that ice cream cone.

"My sister just threw my entire ice cream sundae out the car window and idk whether to cry or turn back around and eat that shit off the road."

This happened in May in NJ, the girls were in the car following Brian and I and we didn't even know this happened. I'm not sure the exact details, but I know there was a fight and one ice cream sundae got thrown out the window and one ice cream cone got thrown in someone's hair.

"I just lost to Eric but it's okay bc he tripped while cheering and smacked his face on the floor... who's the real winner here :-) :-) :-)"

Well I guess Eric got what he deserved. Whoever Eric is.

"A real savage is a girl that post a pic of her and her friend that she looks bomb in while the friend looks like straight ass."

I almost couldn't figure out what this tweet meant, I'm getting so old.

"It became clear that my life's a joke when someone commented 'lmao' on a selfie I just posted."

haha awkward

"When my bra and underwear are matching I honestly feel like the baddest bitch out there."

And on that note, I'll end this post, though there are definitely SO many more. One note, Taylor doesn't like ever use curse words in real life, but apparently on twitter she has to do it for street cred, haha! Do your siblings ever post anything funny online?

Have a great weekend everyone! And never forget; here's my 9/11 memories post, we will NEVER forget.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Help! Questions From the Bride

Okay so obviously I am pretty much done with all the wedding planning, but I still have some questions left and maybe some are weird but hey, it's only weird if you don't ask right? Some of these are about the ceremony because if you read my wedding planning post, you probably noticed I didn't talk much about the ceremony and that is precisely because we really haven't planned it yet. But don't worry, we still have two meetings with our pastor before the wedding.

ONE. So I've always pictured myself standing on the right side at the ceremony. I know I know, that's not typical and every wedding I've been to has the bride on the left and the groom on the right, but is it WEIRD? Like will everyone laugh and point if I stand on the right? Should I suck it up and stand on the left even though that's not how I've always pictured it? Help!

TWO. What's the right length for a ceremony? We've been to some that lasted 5 minutes and some that lasted an hour, and all types in between. We were thinking between 15-20 minutes for ours. We aren't doing a unity candles/sand ceremony or anything like that, but we wanted to write our own vows. Nothing too lengthy (mine are like 6 lines long and mention Lorelai and Luke... IS THAT WEIRD?!), and I think I still want to do the traditional vows.

THREE. We aren't doing a bouquet or garter toss. What do you think of that? If you were a guest would you even notice? I don't think it is weird, and in fact, I hate the whole bouquet toss thing. I'm not going to change my mind about not having it, but I just want to know your thoughts.

FOUR. We aren't having kids at the wedding. We made it clear well in advance that kids are not invited, and it became a huge "thing" and caused some major arguments. I know we did it the correct way and that it is extremely common not to have kids at the wedding, but with the backlash we got, you'd think we didn't invite MEN or something. Did you have kids at your wedding? Did people flip out if you didn't? I don't feel bad about not inviting kids, but I just can't believe how people reacted.

It's almost as if I wrote this one myself (I didn't)

FIVE. Am I wrong to be annoyed that people couldn't find the time to send their RSVPs back? It's not like it's just a few people either, it was like 26 our of 64 RSVP cards we haven't received at this point, and they're due this week (and we sent them out a month and a half ago!). We started contacting people this weekend and most people didn't even have it on their minds to send them back. We've had people say that they didn't have any stamps (umm it's pre-addressed and PRE-STAMPED!) and the whole gamut of excuses, plus people who didn't even respond to our text messages when we inquired.

Most people already knew if they are coming or not, as we sent Save-the-Dates out in January, and a ton of people already booked hotel rooms, but we need to know numbers and our venue also requires that we give a food choice count, so we need to know what our guests want to eat. I definitely don't think people are being intentional or malicious at all with not returning them, I just think most people assume we know they're coming or just completely forgot, but still. Am I being completely oversensitive here?

Sorry for that last rant, but I swear, that has been the worst part of wedding planning. Any advice or opinions you want to give me, please, lay it on me! I can take it, be honest, thanks!!
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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What I've Been Reading

I hope everyone had a great three day weekend! We were supposed to go to the lake but we had to stay home because of sickie me. I did order a bunch of candles from Bath and Body Works this weekend so that was good at least!

So honestly I've been a pretty awful book reader lately. I normally read so much and finish like 1-2 books a week, but I've been in a slump this summer. I think it's because of all my allergy headaches; it's uncomfortable to read when your head is pounding. Anyways, if you want to check out the books I've been reading over the past 6 months-ish, check out my Instagram because that's where I'd been posting all my book reviews before I came back to blogging.

Here are the 2 books I read in the past month or so since I last posted a review on Instagram.

4.5 stars

From the publisher's website:

In this fast-paced and evocative novel, beloved New York Times bestselling author Dorothea Benton Frank again takes us deep into the Lowcountry of South Carolina, where three unsuspecting women are brought together by tragedy and mystery
Lisa St. Clair knows a thing or two about weathering storms. A dedicated nurse with a healthy sense of humor, she single-handedly raised her truculent daughter, Marianne, after her ex walked out on them twenty-four years ago, sending them a lottery ticket once a year as support. One day he reappeared and lured their daughter into a dubious but lucrative venture in Colorado. Now mother and daughter aren't speaking.
So when Kathy Harper, Lisa's favorite patient, loses her battle with cancer, Lisa finds herself drawing closer to Carrie and Suzanne, the devoted friends who were always by Kathy's side. As these three women's lives inevitably connect, they share their concerns about men, getting older and the horrors of maintaining financial stability. Suzanne's ninety-nine-year-old grandmother, a former chanteuse, offers unexpected perspectives on the mores of the day. Carrie's greedy ex-stepchildren are a chorus of cackling crows. And Lisa's mother just can't help herself as she henpecks her to distraction.
Somehow their conversations always return to the enigma of Kathy. Who was she? What did her short life mean?
Lisa, Carrie, and Suzanne power walk the beaches of the Isle of Palms with Pickle, Lisa's adorable Westie. Gradually they uncover the truth of Kathy's life and unfurl plans to secure their own futures, as fate steps in to help them discover that being single doesn't have to mean being alone. Dorothea Benton Frank shows us that friendship is as powerful as the turning tide and that love is about more than just finding the right person. You'll fall under the magical spell of the Lowcountry and of all the single ladies who have a whole lot of living to do.

What I thought: This book was adorable. It ended so neatly, which I loved, and it was just a cute, easy read all around. Nothing earth-shattering or award winning, but I really liked it and recommend it. 4.5 stars

2 stars

From the author's website:

Quentin Jacobsen has spent a lifetime loving the magnificently adventurous Margo Roth Spiegelman from afar. So when she cracks open a window and climbs back into his life–dressed like a ninja and summoning him for an ingenious campaign of revenge–he follows.

After their all-nighter ends and a new day breaks, Q arrives at school to discover that Margo, always an enigma, has now become a mystery. But Q soon learns that there are clues–and they’re for him. Urged down a disconnected path, the closer he gets, the less Q sees of the girl he thought he knew.

What I thought: Apparently this is a movie now? Didn't realize that. I did not like this book. I kept reading until the end, but it was weird. Weird weird weird. I couldn't relate to the characters at all, couldn't understand why they'd all sacrifice major things like walking at graduation for a selfish girl. Just strange and unrealistic in my opinion, and none of the parents in the book were like any parents I have ever met in my life. Disappointing. 2 stars, only because it did somewhat keep my attention. 

What have you read this month? Anything good I should try next? I have a few on my bookshelf in Overdrive that I have to quick read in the next week before they expire, wish me luck!

Life According to Steph

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