Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dachshund Crazy

So it's no secret that I am dachshund obsessed. I have 2 of my own right now, 3-year old brothers named Hansel and Schnitzel. I got them the summer before law school started and they are my little buddies and the best ever! They are snugglers and so sweet and adorable! Here are some of their puppy pics:

I grew up with a dachshund named Guava and I loved her so much! My parents got her as a wedding present from a friend of my Mom's. My mom was young (just turned 19!) and she went to the mall with her friends who decided they wanted to give her a dachshund as a wedding gift. So they ended up contacting a breeder and gave her Guava! I haven't had a chance to pull out my parents' photo albums to find some pictures of her, but I loved drawing wonderful pictures of her when I was a kid, as you can see! (don't mind the baby apparently crawling behind me as I'm walking her, haha!!)  

I am not the only one who loves dachshunds, as my parents have 2 right now, Snickers and Snoopy. They also have a lab named Kaboo.

My cousin has two dachshunds who are actually littermates of Snoopy's, Franklin and Linus. Here they are along with my 2 and my mom's 2!

My mom grew up with lots of dachshunds too, and had 3 when she was a kid. Here she is with a neighbor's dachshund when she was little.

So yup, we are a dachshund family. But we aren't the only ones. Apparently Princess Diana liked them. Here she is with an English cream piebald colored dachshund (they come in lots of colors!).

I'm pretty sure this pic is photoshopped, but I like to think it's real and assume that old Abe had a dachshund too.

Lots of other people have dachshunds, too-- Just check out Pinterest. Here are a few more just to prove my point: Picasso, Einstein (!!!), the family from Bewitched (ahh I love that show!), and even the Fergie Ferg. 

Dachshunds even save lives. Read this story about a dachshund in Scotland who saved his owner's life from a bear!! Dachshunds are awesome and I am dachshund crazy! If you are ever considering getting a dachshund and have any questions, definitely feel free to ask me!

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  1. Oh my goodness, it's a dachshund party! They are all so sweet...especially yours when they were puppies. My Grandma has a dachshund named Elvis and he is the coolest little dog. I particularly love the Abraham Lincoln picture! Ha ha.

  2. omg so many dachsunds!!!

    the first pic of you (or whoever) giving a bath. oh my preciousness!!!! SO ADORBABLE!!

    do they have long life spans?

  3. LOL! Dachshund party is right!!! Yours are some of the cutest I've seen- no joke! Anddd I love that your parents named one Snoopy hehe!

  4. So cute and so many Dachshunds in one place! I love cuddly dogs, my Australian Shepard is cuddly.

  5. I grew up with Dachshunds, too!!! When it came time to get a dog, we had to go with something a little larger. My husband was traumatized when his toy poodle was mauled by a raccoon, so he wanted something that could stand up to such a fight. I hope to get one again someday, though!!!
    Stopping by from Weekend Reads. :)


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