Friday, August 28, 2015

I'm Back!

So I may or may not be back! *Hint, I am, probably not on a 4-5 times a week schedule, but who cares?! It's been something like 10 months since the last time my words graced this awesome space on the internet, so I guess maybe I should do somewhat of an update, yea? Don't worry, I won't go into what I ate for breakfast everyday (most likely a smoothie..), I'll stick to the big stuff.

My nephew was born last November! He's 9 months old now and absolutely adorable. He is on the verge of walking already (he took an unassisted step two times yesterday, and he walks behind walkers and around tables now). He giggles, it's not fair that one person can be so cute.

We got a puppy in December! Her name is Oatmeal and she is a chocolate lab. She's already 10 months old and she is so sweet but has LOTS of energy.

I got sinus surgery in February, woo? I had a lot of stuff done that was supposed to make things a lot better, but unfortunately I am allergic to something like 17 things, including dogs, soooo yea, the surgery opened my sinuses up nicely for all the allergens to get in. I am doing sublingual immunotherapy (like allergy shots but instead it's drops you can use at home) so hopefully by next spring my body will start to feel the effects. I am just getting over bronchitis and a sinus infection, so that's cute. Fingers crossed I'm healthy for the wedding! This is how I felt for like a month after the surgery, it's definitely not for the faint (feint?) of heart.

Hansel (one of our mini dachshunds in case you're new around here or forgot, it's okay) had two neck surgeries in March. He is doing SO awesome though and it was a great decision. Thank God for doggie neurologists. In the picture below, he's the one on cage rest.

I got in a car accident in May (no worries, just a burned/bruised arm and busted lip), so I got a new car! 2015 Chevy Trax LT AW, it has the highest safest ratings in a small SUV and 10 airbags woop!

My beloved Pee Pop died of brain cancer in June. Around 300 people showed up to his funeral, which was such a testament to how he lived his life. He did so much for his community and would strike up a conversation with anyone. He will definitely be missed big time by so many people.

That's really it for the updates, besides things like holidays, birthdays, vacations, etc. Oh and the WEDDING, which is only 7 weeks away! I will do an update on ALL things wedding next week. And by all, I mean ALL, so get excited! If you have any wedding planning questions feel free to ask me, I'm basically an expert now you know.

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