Wednesday, August 21, 2013

So what if..?

.. I set the voice control settings on my iPhone to English (Australia). I like to pretend Rebel Wilson is in there talking to me. And so what if when I try to use the voice to text option, it can't understand what I'm saying because it also thinks I'm talking in an Australian accent (I wish!)

.. I paid my sister to clean my house last week. She's 15 and needs money and I reaaallyyyy didn't want to do it.

.. I could watch my fav commercial in the whole world over and over. It's so adorable!

.. I forgot to shave one of my legs yesterday. NBD.

.. I'll be 25 on Friday, but some of my favorite shows are set in high school (Pretty Little Liars anyone?) It's okay because I watch older people shows too, ya know like Golden Girls and The Nanny (Grandma Yetta is my fav!), so it averages out.

..I've worn the same maxi dress twice this week. I love those things; they are just so comfy!

.. I can't think of anymore. There were 6 and that's my favorite number so let's just assume I planned it that way.

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  1. I fully plan on hiring my sister to clean when I have a house. I'm busy and she's in college. Seems like a win all around!

  2. I shaved my legs yesterday and literally thought to myself that the only reason I wish it was fall was so I could skip it!

  3. Send your sister over to my house next.

  4. Love Grandma Yetta! And Rebel Wilson. Hilarious, hilarious people.

    Also, you won the My Memories software that I gave away. :) I will be emailing you the code and instructions to download your free copy soon!

  5. Can your sister come to my house too? I'll pay (a little) and cook! Haha!


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