Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mini-Golf Course of Horrors

On our way home on Monday, we stopped by a mini golf course. Brian and I have actually played at this course a few years back, and I remember being creeped out then, too. Never has a mini-golf course inspired so many questions. It was CREEPY! Pictures speak louder than words, so...

I get that she is supposed to be Rapunzel. What I don't get is why she (any lots of other "people" on the course) were on a motor and moved slowly and with lots of creaking. She leaned in and out of the window. Weird. Plus look at those man-hands.

Random ghosts. I don't even know what else to say about this. 

Is that supposed to be Abe Lincoln and a buddy in a midwestern style casino/bar that you can only see through a window? Yea I don't know...

This dinosaur has a bone and a two-toothed caveman that, of course, move up and down. For what reason? Not sure, because it doesn't affect play at all.

Why does this owl have dinosaur legs? Why are its eyes regular light bulbs? Why is it wearing a graduation cap? SO MANY QUESTIONS!
That bear is holding an ice cream cone while sitting on top of a waterfall. What purpose he has near this hole called candyland (or something like that?), the world may never know. 

These last few pictures are from the last time we visited this course. Here's Humpty Dumpty.. what is with the painted-on Jersey shore face?

How can this lizard/sea monster/snake eat with only one tooth? 

Are the kangaroo's joeys supposed to come out of the pouch and slide down the ramp? I don't want to think about it...

My only non-creepy pic :-)

As you can see, this mini-golf course really had no theme other than being weird, which I guess explains its name Goony Golf. All in all it was a fun and well-maintained golf course that provided us with a lot of laughs, which was probably their goal-- well, goal accomplished. Hope you don't have nightmares tonight from these pics!! (my nightmares are still revolving around the bar exam.. when will it end?!)

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  1. Oh gosh, that is scary! Looks like somewhere that you would visit in a trippy dream, lol. At least the golfing part was fun! :)

  2. Hahahaha, I've never seen a mini golf course quiet like that and I live in the mini golf capital of the world!

  3. Ohhh my gosh- that seriously is THE creepiest thing ever!! So funny though!!



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