Monday, August 12, 2013

"I always have a wonderful time, wherever I am, whomever I'm with"

I needed a relaxing weekend since I have been extremely busy all summer, so that is what I had. Friday we went to watch my Dad and sister Taylor perform in the play Harvey. It's set in the 40s when mental health issues were more taboo than they are today.Elwood P. Dowd is a sweet and friendly man who apparently is a little, ahem delusional, and he thinks he's friends with a 6-foot rabbit whom one else can see. There is a movie called Harvey from 1950, but the play is so much funnier. It is a really cute story and it is aimed at an adult audience. My sister played Myrtle Mae Simmons (Elwood's niece) and my Dad played Judge Omar Gaffney. They both did awesome. You can't take pictures during the show, but I took pictures of some pictures of my Dad and sister that were displayed on the wall in the theater.

If you ever get a chance to see Harvey you should, because we were seriously cracking up. I am going to see it again next weekend (they have 8 different performances) with Brian since he was in Colorado this weekend. Poor thing got on the plane last night, and after 30 minutes the pilot came on that they were having engine light trouble and had to head back to Denver. So they finally got them a new plane and he got in at 4am! He stayed in a hotel and is heading into work wearing last Thursday's clothes which he is less than thrilled about. He handled it so much better than I would, but he is much more easy going than I am. Here's a picture he sent me from up on the mountain he hiked, so pretty:

Anyways, Saturday I laid around on the couch all day, and I didn't really take any other pictures this weekend besides this one from the pool yesterday. It was actually a nice day but this picture makes it look extra cloudy. We met my Grandparents and aunts and cousins at the pool that my parents belong to. It is a really awesome pool, way more awesome than this picture shows.

Welp, have a great Monday everyone!

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  1. I love lazy weekends, there are the best in my opinion. :)

  2. I wish I was close by! I'd definitely come see one of their performances! :) That pool is DEFINITELY awesome- I am so jealous!!

  3. It's really cool that your dad and sister act together!

  4. I want to be at that pool right meow! Seriously, that looks like straight perfection; I can't believe it's even more awesome than it looks in that picture! I've never heard of Harvey, I'll definitely have to remember the name in case it ever plays nearby. And I would be FLIPPING about the travel situation! It's a good thing that Brian is easy going.

  5. that pool really does look awesome... does that have a gradual walk into it? like you walk into it and it gets deeper? how do you explain that. whatever it is, i love those kinds!


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