Friday, February 7, 2014

Wise Words of the Week- Family Edition

So I had an awesome time last night vlating with Miranda, Elizabeth, and Kelli. Sorry for the interruption last week, I am back and ready to go with some gems of quotes my family said this week, mainly while we were watching the Super Bowl! I think I made Mother Nature mad with my post from last week though, because we got hammered with a foot of snow and a major ice storm this week, causing us to lose power for 2 days boo! Then that groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter, which I could have predicted.. grrr. Anyways, let's get this show on the road!

"I didn't know that Rosie O'Donnell is the voice of the yellow duck in Mickey Mouse."

I didn't know she voiced Donald Duck either, probably because she doesn't! haha Taylor said this randomly one day, like literally out of nowhere, and as we were laughing about this later and telling the story, Savanna was like "I didn't know that either." Oh boy.

"How many wings does a chicken have?"

Also said by Taylor, as Brian was making wings on Super Bowl Sunday. Our answer to this question: "7, chickens have 7 wings, in a line across their back." bahahaha

"Well I was watching this hair-i-torial..."

Mom was referring to a hair tutorial, but kept merging the words together. This had us cracking up for awhile!

"Well, I need a new fish!"

Have you played Flappy Bird yet? Well I stink at it (my high score is 9, embarrassing), and my brother started playing it and he could only get to 7 like the first time he played and he was embarrassed that's when he said the above quote. We were like uhhh, Cory, you realize it's a bird right. "It is?!" The game is called Flappy BIRD. 

"I'm so excited to watch the Super Bowl game!"

Mitchell kept saying this, but then he gets to our house to actually watch the game and instead watched Adventures of TinTin and The Goonies on my Kindle Fire the whole time. He's all talk haha

"Well there's Canadian football..." 
"Isn't that rugby?"

I swear Taylor says the best stuff. We were discussing why they say the Super Bowl winners are World Champs even though they only play against American teams (I don't have an answer for that still btw). I said there's football in other countries too, but I don't think it's as popular, like Canadian football. And that's when Taylor asked if it was rugby. I swear my family isn't as ditzy as we seem hahaha

By the way, if you signed up for the Local Products Box Swap, your matches were emailed out yesterday! Let me know if you didn't get the email. Make sure you reach out to the swap partners ASAP :-) Have a great weekend everyone! 
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  1. Hey that hairitorial word is pretty awesome! lol

  2. Your mom should trademark hair-i-torial. I bet those beauty bloggers would love to claim that as their own! I keep seeing this Flappy Bird thing. Is it like Angry Birds? I'm not a big game person but I like to at least know what everyone is talking about!

  3. I love Taylor quotes! She always cracks me up.

    I haven't played Flappy Bird, I don't really want to get addicted to another game after finally deleting Candy Crush.

  4. I'm with Lauren, your mom should trademark hair-i-torial. I can totally see that taking off!

    This flappy bird things seemed to come out of nowhere, all the sudden everyone is talking about it! So I will avoid playing it, just like I did with Candy Crush. ha

  5. Haha this is cute! Love the how many wings does a chicken have?!

  6. I love your blog

  7. This sounds exactly like my family. My mom makes up words all the damn time. And now I've started to too UGH.

    My favorite is "how many wings does a chicken have." Perfect.


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