Friday, January 31, 2014

An Interruption To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Sorry but I'm skipping Wise Words of the Week this week. Why? Well because this week has sucked to say the least, and I can't find any quotes I like. I usually try to be pretty positive on my blog, but ya know what? It's my space to do what I want and today I don't feel like blogging about rainbows and ice cream and other happy stuff.

It's cold outside and I don't think it's ever going to get above freezing again. Like seriously, you know it's sad when you get excited because the high temperature of the day is supposed to be 18. Ugh. I normally like the winter but this is just getting ridiculous. My feet and hands never get warm and it snows like every other day and the dogs poop on the floor because they refuse to go outside and then you step in it and it sucks.

Know what else sucks? 40 hour work weeks. I am exhausted when I get home and all I want to do is put my PJs on and drink hot chocolate because I'm so tired and cold, so that's what I do. When it's dark at 5pm and the temps are subzero, you really don't have much other choice.

I am sick of all the food I normally eat. I'm normally a pretty picky eater on top of the fact that I don't eat meat and lately everything looks and sounds super gross. I think it's because we eat the same meals week after week because they are fast and easy to prepare when we get home from work but yuck, I need quick, heatlhy, non-gross dinner ideas. Help a sister out, please?! Also, I take the same food for lunch every day and it's getting old: coconut greek yogurt, string cheese, pistachios, and a lara bar. Blahhh

Also, I hate when people bug the crap out of me and say "vegetarian" (or vegan, because they're misinformed) in a condescending, or worse, teasing tone. You know what? I make my own food choices and I don't make fun of yours or question them endlessly so don't make fun of mine. Just shut up.

Speaking of food, I feel gross lately. I am not going to step on a scale because I'm scared, but I'm sure the number isn't pretty. Like I said, I don't feel like doing anything after work and I go to bed at 9 and I'm just soooo tired all the time. I wish I could be a runner, but there's just no way. I never have been even when I was super in shape for high school soccer and every time I start C25K I give up after Week 2. Plus there's that whole "it never gets above 5 degrees" thing.

You know that saying "God will only give you what you can handle." I think that's crap. Because if that were true my family would have stopped getting "stuff" while ago. Long story short, my brother is going through some stuff and it's super stressful. Also, Taylor has been extremely sick the past few months, as in, in and out of the hospital and on homebound for school sick. We are just looking for some answers and they are really hard to come by. If you have a few extra seconds or minutes in your prayers tonight, my family sure could use them. I think God gives us more than we can handle so that we turn to him in hard times, but honestly, it doesn't always make it better. I wish it did.

So this post pretty much turned into me being a big old whine-bucket. Also sorry about the overuse of someecards. #cantstopwontstop I hope to return to your regularly scheduled programming on Monday. Have a good weekend people, and make sure to eat lots of good Super Bowl food.

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  1. Good for you for ranting things out! I hope it helped some. I'm sorry you're having a rough week...40 hours work weeks do definitely suck! It takes up all of the important hours. I'm the same way, all I do when I get home is sit around in sweatpants because I'm tired all the time.

    I hope things get better! I will be praying for your family...hate to hear that things are rough. Love you!

  2. Let it out girl lol I feel you on the getting out of work and its already late and not feeling like doing anything. It's so hard when its freezing to want to do anything but curl up in bed. I usually like to eat ice cream even if its freezing outside! I take the same food to lunch every day too because I make a big batch one day and ration it out. It gets old but I'm way too lazy to cook everyday! Also, screw anyone judging your food choices. They're not paying for your food so their input is irrelevant!

  3. Aw, Jess. I'm so sorry. When life gets stressful for me, I just take baby steps. With the stuff going on with your family, just put exercise on the back burner. Family is obviously most important. Adjusting to the 40 hr work thing is hard (especially when you have other stuff going on), but with time you will find your rhythm.

    I think I remember you don't like fake meat, but you could add a grilled veggie here instead, but my go-to lunch wrap is: (1) spinach wrap, (2) spicy hummus, (3) mixed greens, (4) tofurkey (or grilled veggies), (5) shredded cheese. I think it's sooo yummy.

    Sending you an e-hug. I hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend. I'm thinking of you and your family.

  4. Oh gosh, I'm so sorry you and your family are having a hard time. But good for you for getting it all out there! Sometimes that's just what you have to do. Rant on!

    For the work food I reached a point of hating the snacks I kept grabbing so I started doing this: I'll grab a small can of almonds for a snack, then when that runs out i'll grab a bag of pistachios...and so on. Basically, I just switch it up every time I run out even if I'm not tired of that breakfast or snack yet. That way I hopefully never get tired of it.

  5. ah I feel ya. i'm super sick of this weather too and don't want to do anything when I get home except put on sweatpants and eat everything in sight. and as a vegetarian, so agree with the annoying comments. ugh. I love when people are like "you don't eat meat?!" like i'm a monster while they're eating Wendy's ha.
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  6. You rant girl, it makes you feel better!

    I am the same way about food, I get so sick of eating the same stuff over and over. Unfortunately it usually leads to me not eating at all which in turn makes me feel like death. We are finally caught back up from out Christmas present buying so I'm going to get something good to eat this weekend at the store. The only problem is I have no idea what to get which means I'll come home without anything new.

    Enjoy your weekend and try to do some relaxing things! I'm keeping you and your family in my thoughts.

    Love ya and BIG HUGS!!!

  7. Awww Jess! I'm sorry you are having a rough week! Remember - winter will be over SOON. Promise. Let's hope that damn groundhog does what he needs to to end winter for you, kay?

    Thinking about your family. So sorry things are stressful!

    And hmmm, veggie food - one of my caters does hunks of mozzarella with tomato, pesto, sprouts, and romaine on thick wheat bread and us non-veggies gladly eat the leftovers so I can vouch for its yumminess. Do you ever make a quinoa or brown rice salad with bell pepper/onions/carrots whatever to bring for lunch? Sometimes we will cook that on Sunday and eat on it throughout the week. I love wraps with tons of veggies and guacamole or hummus to make it less dry. Have you tried soyrizo? It is my favorite soy product. Or good old PB&J. When I get sick of meat, it's my go-to!

  8. I am SO OVER WINTER! It's 34 today and that felt balmy. Puh-thetic.

  9. Everyone needs a good rant every now & then!

  10. Sounds like you had a rough week, hopefully it all starts looking up from here. We all need to just let it out so good on you for doing so! The cold is killing me too! I have to wear so many layers to bed also on top of extra blankets. It's just way too cold! Great post!

    Yasmeen x


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