Friday, February 21, 2014

Wise Words of the Week.. and a funny dream story

Soooo yea, this week has not been the best week ever, just saying. I mean, ugh, I am exhausted and I am so freaking glad it's Friday. I know I say that every week but I really mean it, I just feel like I haven't had a free minute to relax and everything has been going wrong and blah! So in the spirit of my negative attitude, I've decided to make this week the Jerks edition Wise Words of the Week. All of my quotes are things that I wish were NOT said this week, but actually were.


We put in an offer on another house this week and TWO other people put offers on it, one of which was after ours. Ours was supposed to be looked over at 8pm and we rushed to have our offer in in time, then they postponed looking at it so that these other jerks could put an offer in too to be looked over at the same time. Well obviously at that point they knew they had to put in a super awesome-er offer, so they must have offered over the asking price to have beat us out. Grr, I know the right house is out there for us, but I just want to find it now! 

"The dogs peed on the floor at the top of the steps!"

Yea, I said this on the phone last night to Brian when I got home from work and found pee on the carpet. I was NOT happy, especially considering my dad came over and took the dogs on a nice long walk while we were at work. 

"They forgot to pack half of your dinner."

Boo, Brian picked up our food Wednesday night and I was starving when he got home with it and so excited but they forgot to pack half of it in the bag! It would have been 30 minutes round trip to go back and get it, so they just got a hangry phone call from me. 

"Ravenswood has been cancelled."

I hate when my TV shows get cancelled. That is all. I am not going to rant about this again haha

"You have reached your data limit." and "You are being charged overtime minutes."

Yea so I somehow went over my minutes and data for the month. How? No clue. The data thing has to be wrong, because I mainly use my phone on wifi, so I am pretty annoyed about this. I never even used to use like a quarter of my data until I got the iPhone 5s in December. Brian adjusted some of my settings now because we think my phone must have been backing itself up to the cloud over 4g, which is dumb. 

Sorry for being a Debbie Downer today. Let's leave on a happy note... hmm how about I tell you my dream from last night.. Davy Jones came and took me out on a date in a red sports car. How's that for a random dream? Except you wouldn't think it was so weird (or maybe you would) if you knew that I LOVE the Monkees and the theme song from Monkees TV show is the ringtone on my iPhone. I'm basically Marcia Brady, president of the Davy Jones fan club. We had tickets to see the Monkees in concert back in 2011 but they cancelled the show and we thought "oh well, we can see them next year" except we couldn't because Davy Jones died and it was sad and I cried. Okay this turned out to be sad again so I better just go, have a happy Friday guys! Linking up with Whitney

Yes, I realize this isn't the real Marcia


  1. Ugh it is so annoying when you get take out only to find out the order was wrong! Your dream house is out there, don't get down! Happy Friday:)

    1. Aww thank you, I truly believe it is I just want it NOW! haha have a great weekend!

  2. Aww. Well at least it's the weekend. I hope you have a great one and I hope next week goes much, much smoother :)

  3. I hate those kinds of weeks. I'm so so sorry yours has been crummy. The whole "they forgot to pack half your dinner" thing MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL. Okay, maybe that's dramatic--but it's like my world is over when stuff like that happens. We don't order out much so I let myself get all excited and then to have something disappointing happen just ruins it all together for me. I thought of you fondly last night when our pup suddenly started gagging out of no where and puked all over our new rug. It wasn't poop--but it still made me think "I JUST talked to Jess about this!" And the kicker? OUR ENTIRE HOUSE is hardwood floors. There's only 5 ft by 7ft that have any sort of rug down--and that's where she puked. Of course. Life. I hope your weekend is MUCH better than your week--and that you find the right house soon!!! <3 <3

  4. I use to LOVE watching the Monkees after school! I hope you find a house soon, kick people in the shins!!

    Happy Weekend!!!

  5. Bummer on your offer being rejected :( Keep your head up!! The right house is still out there for you guys!!

    And I hatttte when shows are cancelled- especially when they end on cliffhangers. Just finish the stinking story! GR!

  6. bahaha that is one way to end a crappy day/week. Davy Jones huh? Groovy

  7. Shows getting cancelled are the worst! Sorry you had such a crappy week. :(

    Hope you have a great weekend to make up for it!!

  8. I loved the monkees! Sorry about the rejected offer.

  9. I just couldn't get into Ravenswood! I love Pretty Little Liars though, so I hope that means that Caleb is coming back!!

  10. Hilarious about your Monkees dream. What a funny, random going to love! Sorry you never got to see them I concert. Good luck with the houses! You'll find a great one soon.

  11. omg there's nothing worse than when they forget to pack some of your food!

  12. Love your dream! Sorry you didn't have a good week, but hope you have a great weekend!


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