Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Ghost Story, Part 2- Carolyn's Story

If you need to catch up (and believe me, if you want to be sufficiently freaked out, you need to), here's Part 1. I'll wait... Okay, ready now? So picking up where I left off, Kerry, Dennis, and Danielle had to move away a year or two after the events in my story took place, so goes the life of a military family. Kerry and Danielle went on ahead to their new house in Virginia, but Dennis stayed back to get things in order and sell the house. Dennis found a family to buy the house, whom Kerry had never met (this is important, remember this). The buyers were Bill and Carolyn, and their two young sons Brandon and Christopher.

Bill and Carolyn move in, Dennis moves to his new house with his family, and all is great, right? Wrongo, again. My mom became friends with Carolyn and during the good old dog days of summer, all the moms in my town would tow their kids to the pool for the day.

Dang I miss having my birthday parties there

So one weekend when Kerry and Danielle came back to town for a visit, we all went to the pool and who was there but Carolyn. My mom introduced Kerry and Carolyn, because remember, they had never spoken until this day. They chatted about life and kids and the weather, until the all-important hushed question came from Carolyn. "Kerry, did anything...weird.. ever happen to you in the house?" "Umm, why?" Kerry asked.

The gist of Carolyn's story was that one day, 5 year old Brandon was up in his room playing and Carolyn called him down for lunch. Brandon didn't come, even after repeated calls. Carolyn marched up the steps and into Brandon's room and asked Brandon why the heck he didn't come down when she called him for lunch.

"Because the little boy in the corner wouldn't let me Mommy."

Double-U, Tee, Eff. Kerry shared some of her horror stories with Carolyn, somewhat relieved she wasn't the only one to experience the weirdness in that house. A few years later, my mom casually asked Carolyn if anything else weird had happened at the house, to which Carolyn quickly and nervously replied, "What? No? What are you even talking about?" Needless to say, Carolyn and family no longer live in that house.

Let me just qualify these stories to say that Kerry was literally one of the most rational people I ever knew, so for her to admit to these stories must mean they're true, as far as I'm concerned. Do you have any scary, inexplicable stories? Happy Hump Day guys!

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  1. So crazy. Glad the hauntedness never made its way to your house!

    I read this thing on Thought Catalog that came from Reddit that was the scariest thing people had ever had happen to them, and it was a lot of stories like this. Scared the crap out of me. I could only read a few at a time, and not late at night...

  2. I've been so excited about this post since you wrote part 1! This is seriously so creepy, and let's just say I'm glad I didn't read it at night, at home by myself, because I would have flipped out!

  3. Ah! Still scared about your first post! That's just so creepy!!!

    Sweet Southern Sparkle

  4. HOLY CRAP. I do not like real life horror stories! I'd rather watch a million fictional chillers than something based on true events. EEP!

  5. no, just no.

    i swear my cousin's old house was haunted...i refused to step foot in that house and when the moved, i legit asked: did the ghost follow you there? because i ain't coming over if that's the case!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  6. Makes me glad I never lived in a haunted house ;-P

  7. THS IS THE FREAKIEST THING EVER!!! OH, holy bananas. I'm gald I'm reading this in broad daylight, but I'll have nightmares about that little boy tonight for sure. There's a picture circling pinterest right now with a group of older women (not children is what I mean) posing for a photo and a little girl CRYING HER EYES OUT off to the side. The description of the photo says "the little girl is crying because she didn't want to be in the picture because she said the little boy was scaring her"--you look down between the legs of the women and HOLY BALLS THERES A CREEPY LITTLE BOY FACE! I JUST CAN'T EVEN!

  8. I LOVE scary stories and I wish I had one!

    So who lives in the house now? Do they see ghosts too?

  9. I swear children see more than adults do in respect to ghost. Thank god we're adults now right? I mean the scariest stuff I ever saw/heard was all when I was little.

  10. Seriously I would've been out of that house faster than anyone could blink.

  11. Gahhhh! This gives me the eebie jeebies so bad!

  12. So I'm catching up on blogs tonight while Christian is out of town and I'm alone in the apartment for a week... so thank you for this frightening thought. I also need to run the dryer and I'm now scared to hahahaha

  13., no, no, no, no. No. I would have moved out of there so fast!

  14. Ugh I don't like this at creepy! I swear the house I grew up in was haunted by old soldiers from the Revolutionary War....I grew up in a town outside Boston where a lot of battles I'm writing this it sounds like I'm crazy which is a pretty accurate description :-)

  15. Eeeek! Scary!

    My daughter would sometimes laugh at the ceiling when she was younger. It would totally freak me out.


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