Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Ghost Story, Part 1- Kerry's Story

I'm feeling nostalgic for Halloween (what? I'm weird) so I decided to share a real-life, honest-to-goodness ghost story with you today. Back when I was younger, my best friend lived down the street. Okay, to be honest, she wasn't my best friend at the time, and she isn't my best friend now. Let me explain. I hated her from ages 1 through 3. We have home videos with me in the background throwing blocks at her head and head-butting her when our parents put us in a swing together.

I look so sweet in my bonnet but the back of Danielle's head probably says otherwise

But eventually we became good friends. Except not now, because I think she is like a top-secret super spy or something.. where was I again? Oh wait, okay, the ghost story. So for those of you who are still reading, Danielle lived down the street from us and her mom Kerry was my mom's good friend too. Well, the town we lived in was supposedly (according to elementary school legend) built on an indian burial ground, so of course haunted, OoOoOoOo. Except that in spite of my previous sarcasm, Kerry and Danielle's house seriously was haunted. Here's how I know:

Number 1. Danielle was an itty bitty baby, and Kerry's husband Dennis was away on business (he was in the military). While he was gone, she sat her wedding ring down next to the sink one time while she was doing dishes. She washed washed washed, then went to get her ring, and poof, gone. Kerry actually turned her whole house upside and never found the daggone ring. Before you say "okay, duh, the ring obviously fell into the sink and went down the drain.."

Because a few days later, while Kerry was doing the dishes, she looks next to the sink, and BAM!! there's her ring, right where she left it. Except not, because it was missing from that spot for 3 days, then miraculously appeared.

Number 2-A. Kerry's husband was away again, and Danielle was still not at walking age (this information is pertinent because this way you know it HAD to be a ghost). Well remember Keds? Those stylish plain white canvas shoes that all 90s moms wore (okay, and I have a really cute pair from Kohls.. don't judge me). Anyways, you could wash those puppies, so after Kerry washed her Keds, she stuck both shoes in the dryer. Thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump, the dryer double thumped. Until it didn't. Kerry went to check the dryer, and ONLY ONE SHOE WAS IN THE DRYER. I know some of you Know-It-Alls will be like "duh, the shoes were heavy and the shoes knocked the dryer open and one flew out. Except actually when Kerry went to check the dryer IT WAS STILL RUNNING. So how could one shoe have gotten out, shut the dryer door, and started the dryer again? That's right, it couldn't.

Number 2-B. So later that day, after Kerry took her one shoe out of the dryer, mystified, what does she hear, but thump-silence, thump-silence, thump-silence, the dryer single thumped. Yup. The other shoe was in the running dryer, by itself. Freaked out yet? No? I've got more..

Number 3. A candle lit by itself. Pretty freaking scary slash dangerous if I do say so myself.

Number 4. Dennis was away again (pretty freaky how all this stuff happens when he's out of town, huh?) and Kerry was giving 3 year old Danielle a bath. They hear a voice downstairs call, "Kerry? Danielle?" Danielle called back "Daddy!!" and got super excited. Kerry quickly grabs Danielle, wraps her in a towel, and they rush downstairs thinking Dennis got back early from his trip. But Dennis was not there. Dennis called to say goodnight a few hours later and Kerry asked if he had stopped by the house at all earlier, to which he replied, "No, why?" Oh, no reason..

Hearing Twilight Zone music in your head yet? Come back next week for Part 2, Carolyn's Story (Carolyn and her husband were the owners of the house after Kerry and Dennis).
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  1. Ummmm that is way too many weird things to happen in the same house to the same family!

  2. Whoa!! That is some freaky stuff! I totally got goosebumps while reading number 4.

  3. I LOVE ghost stories!!!

    Ummm how is Danielle a super secret spy that's what I need to know!

  4. Spooky. I just read an article about a "real" haunted house. I'm gonna just hope I never live in one. I love haunted tours but I wouldn't want to permanently live in some creepy house....

  5. Holy mother of God I would've moved out of that house so fast. Also, love how you started that story because that's exactly how I tell them ha. I feel the need to interject slightly on topic, not really necessary information. I often get off topic multiple times because of this when telling stories.

  6. Ewwwww the last one gave me goosebumps. I don't believe in ghosts, but I still would have moved. Hahaha

  7. Yikes! I got the goosebumps reading this Jess!!!!

  8. That totally made my skin crawl. *shudder* Good thing that wasn't your house!

    I'm with Kelli, I'd like to know more about this spy thing...

  9. Ugh...stuff like this really creeps me out, but it's so interesting at the same time!

  10. Um that is VERY weird. Even weirder this girl may be a spy or something now.

  11. I shouldn't have read this at night eeeekekkkkkk

  12. OH MY FREAKING GOSH!!! I just...I can't even. I CAN'T EVEN!!!! Ghost stories freak me the eff out. The husband thinks I'm crazy for believing in them BUT HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN ALL THE FREAKY ISH!?!? YOU CAN'T!! The ring and the shoe thing are EXCEPTIONALLY freaky to me. OH HELL NO!


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