Monday, March 31, 2014

I'm Frozen

Well here we are on the last day of March.. never have I ever been this ready for winter to be over. I love winter and all, but seriously, it is time for it to go. It snowed, sleeted, ice-pelleted pretty much all day yesterday. It was actually crazy. Once it's April the weather has to improve, right? Right. Anyways, I'm just going to do a weekend recap of sorts today because it's Monday and I'm tired and not looking forward to this week ahead. Why can't weekends be 3 days? I could totally work 4 days a week and not complain, but 5? C'mon...

Friday I went shopping with my mom and got some soaps from Bath and Body Works, a rabbit decoration for Easter, and new underwear haha. Then Brian and I went to dinner and did our shopping at Target. Exciting stuff.

Saturday Brian put together our new TV stand (he was thrilled, see the picture haha) while I finished the Veronica Mars series and movie, and decorated for Spring and Easter, woop! Then my mom and sister and I went to Kohls, the mall again, and to look at couches. I found one I really like, and it takes 6-8 weeks to come in, which is actually perfect because it's about two months until we move into our new house. Brian and I ordered some pizza from a place we normally really like for dinner. It was gross, like watery and nasty. I called to complain, the woman was a little rude but agreed to send over a new pizza. The second was gross too. I called and said I wanted the owner, who wasn't in that night, to call me. He was awesome. He actually came TO OUR HOUSE to pick up the offending pizzas and give us a gift card. Oddly enough, he said they have an employee SABOTAGING them who he was going straight into the store to fire. Such a weird night, I swear.

Sunday my parents' church had a bring-your-dog-day. I'm not kidding, it was hilarious and the dogs got some treats and behaved very well, which I had to remember later when they peed on my heating blanket because they refused to go outside in the crazy ice/snow storm. Other than that I was on the couch watching Frozen (twice..) and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I'm cool, you're jealous, I know. Sorry for the lack of pictures, it was a lazy lazy weekend. Let's make it through this week guys. We can do it I think.

P.S. I am linking up with Kelli for her Picture Practice. I mean, I have an iPhone 5s so obviously I am an excellent photographer. Okay, no, I'm not, clearly, but I tried to take a good picture of the nasty pizza to show the owner in case we needed evidence!

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Wise Words of the Week

TGIF!! It's time for Wise Words of the Week again!

"What if noses didn't have holes? It'd be like just a big extra flap of skin on your face."

Oh the things Taylor says... sometimes I wonder how her mind works haha

"I swear my 10 year old brother is filled with gas. He farts more then he speaks."

Also a Taylor classic, referring to Mitchell. Whew am I glad I don't live at home anymore, because that kid talks A LOT so if he's farting more than he speaks, that is just raunchy.

"Attached please find Ratified Agreement of Sale for your beautiful new home."

We are still over the moon excited about our new house! We are so lucky to have found it and everything worked out for the best. We are even still closing the same day May 30th; I cannot wait! Sorry if I talk about this big time over the next two months, but I am just so pumped about it! Have a great weekend guys!
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Thursday, March 27, 2014


So I'll be honest.. I'm writing this Wednesday night, so all my "currently's" are from last night. I bet you're so interested in knowing about my Wednesday nights, so here ya go. Currently I am..

Watching: Veronica Mars because I am obsessed with it. I finished 2.5 seasons in the past week, and yes, I work full time haha. I am going to be sad when I finish the third season, but woop! I'll still have the movie to watch! P.S. Did you hear the rumors about a possible Gilmore Girls movie? I will be SO freaking excited if that happens!! I NEED IT!

Feeling: Freezing!! Why is it still 14 degrees and windy out? And yea, it snowed yesterday. March is supposed to be "in like a lion, out like a lamb?" Try "in like a lion, out like an even bigger lion."

Drinking: Water. I'm on antibiotics for like a year (okay, actually 4x a day for 10 days), but basically water is all I should be drinking right now. Which sucks, because I'd really like a margarita.

Confused about: Why people have to be unnecessarily nasty and passive-aggressive. Seriously, can't we all just get along treat people the way we want to be treated? We're supposed to be bolstering each other up, not dragging each other down. Don't make me start quoting the girl who doesn't even go here from Mean Girls.


Wishing: It was Friday!! I am really over this week.

Looking forward to: May 30th! I want to move into our new house ASAP! I can't wait to organize and decorate and be in a house we can call our own!!

Wanting: to write a day in the life post, but I think my days are too boring! Kelli and Kelly both recently did this and I love seeing people's day to day lives. Does that make me nosy?!

Wondering: Does anyone have any quotes they want me to include in Wise Words of the Week tomorrow? Feel free to let me know and I will definitely include them :-)

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"If you don't stop I'm going to kiss you!"

I am super excited to introduce one of my best blog friends to you guys. Seriously, I love this girl and she is here to share a hilarious childhood story with you today! I'm sure you guys know Miranda already, but if you don't, run, don't walk, over to her blog. She is an amazing writer and hosts a Fiction on Friday link up every week, you have to check it out! 

Hey hey, Pleas(e) and Carrot readers! My name is Miranda, and I blog over at Miranda Writes where I write about anything and everything, including reading, Florida life, calligraphy, my journey with trichotillomania, and whatever else strikes my fancy. I have also recently began hosting a weekly fiction writing link-up, so if you're a fiction writer you should really come check it out!

I'm a little (and by a little, I mean a lot) excited that Jess has invited me here to post today. Don't you all just love her? She is so genuine, not to mention hilarious. She has been one of my BBFFs (best blogging friends forever) for a while now. I knew that we were soul mates the second that I read about the time that she stuck a bead up her nose and had to go to the hospital to get it removed. Because...I may or may not have done the same thing. I could tell you about that, but it's still a little traumatizing.

Via Google
Jess is the queen of sharing entertaining childhood stories. Her funny tales have inspired me to share a couple of my own , including the unfortunate ones of ripping my pants my freshman year of high school and the time I was chased by a bull. So I thought, as a guest writer on Pleas(e) and Carrots today, why not share another shameful blast from the past? I present to you:

The Shame of the Kissing Kindergarten Kid

Picture it. Small town Florida. Kindergarten classroom. Year 1994. Approximately 1:30 P.M.

It was nap time; a time of day despised by 5-year-old me. I had grabbed my nap mat from my cubby, and arrived back at my desk. The teacher always insisted that we lay with our heads underneath our desks. Don't ask me why. I'm sure it had to do with classroom organization or something along those lines. 

I rolled my mat open on the floor and laid down without argument. Sure, I hated nap time, but I was also a bit of a teacher's pet. I would have never dreamed of intentionally getting into trouble. The lights went out and the ridiculous classical music came on. The classroom became completely quiet, except for the sporadic sighs of children who are being forced to take naps that they have no interest in taking. I was laying still, staring up at the bottom of my desk when I felt it...a jab in my left shoulder.

Via Google
Of course it was him. The most annoying kid in the classroom, who I so unluckily had the pleasure of having an assigned seat next to. I still remember his name to this day...Aaron. It still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. He had jabbed his bony kindergarten finger into my chubby shoulder. I looked over at him and he laughed. The he poked me again. 

"Stop!" I said in my quietest nap time whisper. 

"No," he said and poked me again. 

"That hurts!" 

He poked me a fourth time. 

"Quit it! You're going to get us in trouble!" I whined, a little louder. A shush came from the teacher somewhere across the room. 

He poked me again. So I threw out the only threat that a five-year-old girl could possibly use to frighten a five-year-old boy.

"If you don't stop I'm going to kiss you!"

And what did the little pain do? He poked me again. There was only one thing left to do. Besides, I have always been a woman of my word. 

So, I leaned over and gave him a swift peck on the cheek.

Via Google
Tears (yes, tears...that was great for the self esteem) sprang into his eyes and he jumped up quick as lightning. 

"I'm telling!" he yelled as he ran across the room. 

The panic set in after that. I had never been in trouble for anything and now I had kissed a boy....the ultimate crime. I laid paralyzed on my nap mat. All I could think about was what was going to happen to me. Would I get kicked out of school? Would I have to write 100 "I will not kiss Aaron again" sentences? Would I get sent to the principal? Would the teacher tell my parents? Did I have COOTIES now?

Via Google
"Miranda, can you come here please?" My thoughts were interrupted by the voice my my teacher. I stood up on shaky legs and slowly made the trek to her desk. One lecture and a few of my own tears later, I was back on the nap mat. My teacher never told my parents, I fortunately escaped being infected by cooties, and I promised myself that no one would ever hear of the travesty I had committed. I also vowed to never kiss anyone ever again. Until at least high school anyway. ;)

Aaron moved away a few years later. (He was still annoying, by the way.) And we all lived happily ever after.

The End.
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fourth Time's a Charm

So we got a house.. for real this time! Even though I am sick again with another sinus infection, we went house searching on Saturday. The first house we saw was a dud. "Oh great, I hope this isn't how today is going to go," I thought. The second house was nice, with gorgeous property, but needed some updating, and at the price they had it listed for, it was too much for us. So we went to the last house. From looking at the pics online, I knew it was going to be my favorite that we looked at that day. It had just been listed the day before, but from the get-go we knew it was going to have a lot of action. 4 showings were set up for Saturday, and multiple for Sunday as well.

As we walked around this house, I knew it was the one for us. It has a front porch, all hardwood floors on the first floor with the exception of one room, an awesome open kitchen with a breakfast nook with a bay window, a counter area that can fit 4 stools, a laundry/mud room, a covered deck with a ceiling fan, a brand new patio with built-in firepit, a super private yard, and a finished basement. The family room is wired for surround sound, which Brian is thrilled about, and there is a whole house Hepa-filtration system which is ah-may-zing for my allergies. It is in a great location and truly could not be more perfect for us; there are pretty much like no changes to even be made (I just want to paint the bedroom, that's it!). In fact, we like it more than the house we gave up. We are thrilled beyond belief that we are lucky enough to have gotten this perfect house. Thank you to everyone who has supported us in our search, we appreciate it so much! I will leave you with a sneak peak of the backyard deck/patio area!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

But Pigs are Supposed to Be Pink!

So back in Kindergarten (what? I have a memory like a hawk) my elementary school did this fundraiser where if the whole school raised 1 MILLION pennies (aka $10,000), our principal would kiss a pig. We were so excited. I wanted to collect 500 pennies on my own (without my parents just getting rolls from the bank), because if you did, you got this awesome button to wear that had a picture of a PINK pig on it that said "I raised 500." Okay, it doesn't sound all that exciting, but they really hyped it up and advertised with posters of bright pink smiling pigs all over the school and we got such a kick out of imagining our principal kissing a big, slimy, pink pig, pretty much like the one below. It was exciting stuff.

Well, as you might guess, we raised the 1 million pennies! Score! The day finally came where the principal was supposed to kiss the pig! Mistake #1: Having the pig-kissing assembly outside on a 85 degree day in June, and making the kids sit on the itchy, scratchy grass. Mistake #2: Putting the 5th graders up closest to the stage, and the kindergartners in the back. I was pissed. First off, gross, I hated sitting on scratchy grass, so I was already annoyed. Then we could barely see the stage over the bigger kids in front of us. It was okay though, because the PRINCIPAL WAS GOING TO KISS A PIG! WOO HOO!

The moment came, and first the principal tried to kiss the vice principal, who was dressed up in a big pink pig costume. Um no, you said a real pig, and the kids weren't having it. "Boooooo!" we yelled. "Okay okay, I'll kiss a real pig now," the principal said. Mistake #3: Out comes the pig. It was a big, black hairy boar.

What even is that thing?! Not the bright pink pig they'd been advertising and I'd been envisioning in my head. I mean seriously, WTF! All of us kids looked around at each other, at the teachers, at the moms, in confusion. What is that hairy black thing the principal is kissing? "It's a pig!" the teachers tried to answer excitedly, but I bet they were pissed too. This was false advertising, and I was not going to stand for it. I collected 500 pennies FOR THIS?! Unacceptable, they LIED! That was it, I lost my cool. I cried, I protested, and finally my mom had to pick me up and take me home (but hey, I wasn't the only one!). I never even saw the principal kiss that stinking "pig."

And that's why I can't trust elementary school principals... or pigs. And don't even for a second think I'm not still mad about it, because I am.
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Friday, March 21, 2014

I'm Weird, I Get It

Guys, really, what would we do without Google on a daily basis? It is essential when you're in the car and you just NEED to know right then who was that ugly guy in that one movie or whether your ears and nose ever stop growing while you're alive. Sometimes I look back at my Google search terms and I'm like seriously? I Googled that? So naturally I thought it was a good idea to share with you my Google search terms from the past week. Keep in mind, I can guarantee you that these are not even close to the weirdest things I've ever Googled (or the weirdest things that have been Googled by other people. I mean, seriously, have you ever started to type something in Google and been shocked by what other people have searched? Yea.. people are scary).

"Glory of Love lyrics"- What? I love 80s music and I love Chicago and the lead guy from Chicago sings this song. I'm not even ashamed, not even a little. I have listened to this song and Let it Go continuously for like... a week.Oh and I am so linking up with Whitney with this song. 

"Twa flight 800"- Someone at work mentioned this when we were talking about the missing Malaysia flight, and I felt dumb when I had no idea what they were talking about. Except I was only 8 when it happened and my parents shielded me from that stuff so I guess it makes sense. But seriously guys, where is that plane? I feel awful for the passengers and the families, I literally cannot even imagine the pain they are experiencing. Definitely sending prayers for them.

"Pat Vance"- She's an older state senator, nbd, I just wanted to see what she looked like.

"The Grand Concourse"- Someone I know might get married here, so pretty! 

"Uniden dect 6.0 phone ringer off"- Yea my parents still have a house phone and it plays a Christmas song when it rings, but the other day my mom called and asked if I could stop by their house on the way to work (they live 1 minute from me, literally) and see why their phone randomly went silent. Clearly, I couldn't figure it out and turned to Google. P.S. I still can't figure it out. 

"Short blonde hair with strawberry blonde highlights"- Just thinking of new hair colors. Not that I've actually changed my hair color in like 10 years (okay, except for that time I dyed my hair brown from a BOX, not my best look).

"Easter iPhone backgrounds"- What? I like to be festive.

"Ryan o’neal tatum o’neal funeral"- Ewwww have you heard about this? Where even WAS I in 2009 to have missed this? Basically at Farrah Fawcett's funeral, Ryan O'Neal HIT ON HIS OWN DAUGHTER. Yea, so messed up. Celebrities, I tell ya.

"Borneo"- Basically I learned NO geography in school

"Malaysia flag"- I also learned nothing about flags. 

"Is the Veronica Mars movie in theaters?" - Pretty much just became obsessed with this show, and I wanted to know whether it would be in theaters in my area for when I finish the series. It won't. Apparently no good movies ever come to Bumblef*ck, Pennsylvania.

"Imperialism"- Again, I learned nothing in high school. How I got into college and law school is beyond me.

"Does Chipotle serve alcohol?"- Apparently the answer is yes, but not around here. Actually, not anywhere in PA because our liquor laws are from the Prohibition Era and are extremely strict. I should do a post on this one day, but the gist is this: we cannot buy our alcohol at the grocery store, gas station, Target, etc. We have to buy our wine and liquor at one store, our beer in cases (no 6 packs, except at a restaurant with seriously jacked up prices) at a separate, distribution store, and all of them are controlled by the state. So when I see people complaining about the gas station or Target not having their favorite brand of beer, I want to scream "Do you know how lucky you even are?!" because never have I EVER been able to purchase beer and wine at the gas station, let alone at the same store. P.S. Also, I cannot sit at the same table as my 20-year old sister at my favorite restaurant if me or my boyfriend want to have a beer, unless our Mom is there. Yup. 

"Baskin robbins"- Yea, I know I gave up sweets for Lent, but I can't help looking up ice cream. I miss it, people.

What's the weirdest thing you ever Googled? Happy weekend, guys!!
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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Guess Who's Back?

Alright I'm back from my little blogging break. I just needed some time to wrap my head around everything that happened with the house. Thank you so much to everyone who reached out to me and sent me well wishes. You guys really helped me put things in perspective. Yes, we are sad we lost that house but we were SO lucky to have found out about it how and when we did. Something great is out there for us, I just know it. We looked at 3 houses this Monday, but they were just okay. We get this feeling when we know we love a house, and we just didn't really get it with any of them, plus none of them were really in the location we like. We still have a few weeks left until we really really have to get a contract signed, so we have some time. We are now pushing 40 houses that we've seen and boy is it getting exhausting!

What else have we been up to besides house stuff, you ask? (I know you've all been dying to know). Well let's see... Friday I ate my weight in bad food to drown my sorrows since I couldn't do so with alcohol since I'm sick, boo. Then I did a little retail therapy, and watched A Christmas Story. Don't judge me, it was on TV, it's not like I played the DVD.

Saturday Hansel and Schnitzel went to the groomer and Schnitzel got the cutest haircut known to man. Brian and I had breakfast while the dogs were at the groomer, then we did our taxes (I am getting a little bit of money back but Brian owed, boo!) and had an early St. Paddy's dinner with my family. Corned beef and cabbage (which I don't eat), potato soup, Irish soda bread, a fruit rainbow, and green tandy cakes was had, it was yummy.

Sunday I pretty much spend on the couch all day because I was so sick. This tube that goes into my ear is all clogged up because of my sinuses being all nasty and it makes me feel awful and dizzy! (gross, I know, my bad). So that was super fun. Other than that I've pretty much just worked all day, and laid on the couch at night. Oh and I got Frozen and have annoyed Brian with my amazing singing voice. I cannot stop singing Let it Go, I may need therapy #iwishiwaskidding I know, I know, I'm making you all jealous with my glamorous life.

So this post pretty much just turned into a glorified, severely late weekend recap. Hmm I don't really think I have anything else interesting to say today except that I cheated on Lent and had dessert twice and I don't feel that guilty about it but my Mom ratted me out and Brian hates when I cheat at stuff. Haha oops! Hang on guys, tomorrow is Friday!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

8 Forgotten Tasks of Spring Cleaning

Guys, I promise I will be back to blogging tomorrow, it's been a rough week! Thank goodness for Steph who is here to take over for me! Steph is pretty awesome and always has cool ideas on her blog. Today she's going to talk about the 8 Forgotten Tasks of Spring Cleaning. I am definitely guilty of forgetting all of these and actually remembering to spring clean at all! Happy Hump Day :-)

Spring is in the air, that means it's almost time for Spring cleaning. Every year I look forward to shaking off the winter blues by sprucing up the house both inside and out. I love using a spring cleaning list like this one. But I have noticed a few chores that seam to be missing from most lists. Make sure you list is complete this year:

1. Clean Laundry Baskets and Hampers
All year we're tossing dirty laundry with mud, dirt, snot, and who knows what else into our laundry hampers. If you use cloth hampers go ahead and toss them in the wash to help freshen them. With plastic hampers and laundry baskets a disinfecting wipe may be all you need. I have a couple of wicker baskets I use, and the disinfecting spray adds a nice fresh scent.

2. Freshen the Mattresses
If you have kids, then you know how dirty the bed mattresses can get. From the night time accidents, to the midnight snacks that were snuck into bed. I have a two fold method of cleaning our mattresses: Our son is notorious for having a bloody nose at night if I forget to refill his humidifier, so I use hydrogen peroxide to first spot clean any blood off the mattress. After that is FULLY dried, I sprinkle the whole mattress with baking soda and let it sit for a full hour (For a nice fragrance, you can also use a scented baking soda based carpet powder). Then just vacuum it all up using the hose and brush attachment of your vacuum.

3. Electronics
No, I'm not talking about dusting the TV. Having a neatly organized contact and e-mail list can really help you save time. Take time to clean out and organize your Phone messages, Contact numbers, E-mail inbox, Social media followings, Internet bookmarks and Digital photos.

4. Replace and Toss Health and Beauty Items
Start with the medicine cabinet. SAFELY dispose of any unused or outdated medicines. Replace any outdated OTC medicines. Now is a perfect time to make sure you're ready for spring allergies. Next go through your beauty products. Most products that have sun protection need to be replaced each year. Even your make-up has an 'expiration date'. Be sure to replace any out dated supplies. 

5. De-lent the Dryer
This is a pretty serious task and one that should realistically be done every 3-6 months. An average of 15,000 house fires a year are caused by clothes dryers. WikiHow has an amazing illustrated guide on how to clean dryer vents, so I'm not going to rehash it here ;)

6. Walk Around the House
One side of our house is hard to access due to the wooded terrain and edge of the property line. We NEVER go on that side of the house unless there's something wrong with the AC unit. However it's a good idea to just do a full walk around your house and do a visual inspection. Look for any vines growing on the house which can weaken the structure. Check for any damages to the roof or gutters from the harsh winter weather. Look for any washed out spots near the foundation. Winter weather can do some crazy things to a house.

7. Shrink Your Wardrobe
As you getting the spring and summer clothes out, consider down sizing and organizing your closet. My favorite trick to this is to hang everything up with the hangers going one way. As you wear, wash and hang an item back up, just hang it up the other direction. After a month it's easy to see what you do not wear. Consider donating these items to a good home and enjoy the freedom you have gained from a clutter free closet.


8. YOU!
After getting the house freshened and spruced up. Consider doing the same for yourself. If you can indulge in a massage, by all means: get a baby-sitter, and go enjoy a little pampering. If a massage isn't in the budget, then enjoy an at home spa day with a nice bath and good book. What ever you enjoy, be sure to pamper yourself a little. If you don't stop and take care of you, you'll have a hard time managing a household.

So as the days start to get longer and you start to emerge from your winter cocoon, enjoy the freshness that comes with spring cleaning and don't forget these 8 forgotten areas. What's on your spring cleaning list this year?


Steph Seibert is the WAH, homeschooling, mother of 3. After several years of missing seasonal activities, her family started making seasonal ‘bucket lists’. She posts about these adventures, crafts, DIYs, recipes and more at A Time for Seasons in hopes of helping other families get the most out of each season.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014


So once there was this couple. They had searched high and low for a house to buy. In fact, they had looked at around 35 houses, and had 2 offers to buy houses rejected. So when they found a seemingly absolutely amazing house, they were happy. They were psyched. They were ecstatic. They read over the seller disclosure, thrilled that the house seemed perfect, and they put in an offer on the awesome house. They got their offer accepted (after the seller was kind of a jerk and still held an open house with 3 offers outstanding), celebrated, scheduled the inspection, and daydreamed about where their furniture would go and what color they'd paint the walls. Life was great.

Then one day the girl's mom went to a hair appointment. The stylist was so happy when the girl's mom told her that the girl was buying a house. "Wait!" the stylist asks, "the owner of this salon's mother used to live in that house a few years back." That owner told them all about how her mother loved the house, but also that the drainage ditch crater next door is part of the property, has an easement by the township on it, and it is the owner's to maintain. The girl was devastated. This huge, extremely steep, half-acre sized crater in the ground that the couple was not told about was actually part of the property they were buying. They had even asked the seller at the open house where the property ended, and he did NOT tell them it was part of their property. He did not disclose it on the seller's disclosure form that he was required by law to disclose it on.

Basically, all of the storm drains in the whole development drain into this HUMONGOUS ravine, right next to the couple's new house. All of the rain water, trash and cigarette butts (that shouldn't be thrown in the drains but people SUCK and do it anyway) drain right into the crater on the side of the couple's new property. Not only that, but the couple would be responsible for mowing and cleaning it. It just did not seem fair. Why should the couple have to pay property taxes for that huge piece of land, but also be responsible for cleaning up other people's crap, plus paying for maintenance of it (because there is no way in hell a hill that steep could be mowed by push mower or tractor)? That's right, they shouldn't.

The couple's agent called the seller, and he finally admitted that it was part of the property and that he should have disclosed it. He said he'd release the couple from the contract, and after lots of tears, heartache, conversations with parents, and one last visit to the property, the couple knew in their hearts the right thing to do: let their perfect house with the not-so-perfect property go, and move on to trying to find something else.

If you read this far, I'm sure you've figured out that the "couple" is Brian and me, and we are the ones that are not just bummed, like the title of this post, but actually devastated. Devastated that our first shot at home ownership is tainted this way, devastated that people are SO dishonest, devastated that we have to pick up and get back out there again because we have to find a house before our lease is up, and devastated that the life we pictured in that house is no more. I know things could be much worse, and at least we are fortunate enough to be able to buy a house (and that fate, or God, intervened and got us out of that contract.. I mean really, talk about divine intervention), but I am still so very sad. I know eventually we will find a house we love, but it doesn't make me feel better, not right now. I am sick as a dog, physically (I have a cold.. hopefully not another sinus infection) and emotionally (my stomach hurts). I got so attached to that house. I need a break. I am going to take a few days offline to emotionally regroup. Guys, my heart hurts.
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Dear Pizza Delivery Guy

... Sorry my dogs always go crazy when you ring the doorbell. They are only expressing the same feelings of excitement outwardly that I am experiencing inwardly.

... So sorry that I greet you out on the porch before you even get the chance to ring the doorbell because my dogs and I saw you coming and I'm starving.

... Why don't you ever bring a pen that works?

... How do you drive around with all those pizzas in the car and not eat them all? Also, how do they not fall? And how do those heating bags work?

... Why can't you ever find my house?

... No this large pizza, mozzarella sticks, and cannoli are not all for me. Umm my friends are down the basement..

... No, I'm not watching a Christmas movie in March.

... THANK YOU! Pizza has never let me down.

I obviously order way too much pizza haha, how often do you order pizza and what do you wish the delivery person knew about you? 
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

We Bought a House!

So after seeing around 30 houses, we finally got one! Brian's parents came into town this past weekend to look at a few houses with us and to celebrate Brian's birthday early. So we knew going into this house that the owner was actually a builder who bought it and flipped it. The house is AMAZING guys and we knew we loved it and wanted to put an offer in that day, but we still wanted to see the other two houses we had set up in case we didn't get the house. We had two offers rejected in favor of other buyers in our journey to date, so we knew there was a chance (it is such a seller's market in our area in our price range). Anyways, we were on our way to the next house, and our agent called us and said she talked to the agent for the house we loved and he had another offer in already and if we wanted to put in an offer we needed to get it in THAT afternoon.

Okay then, we can handle that. We turned the car around and headed back to the office. We knew we had to do a great offer, so we went a little bit over the asking price, knowing this house was going to have some competition (it was only on the market 2 days at this point but like I said, awesome houses in our price range move like lightning). We got that thing in within the hour and went home to wait.

And wait, and wait, and wait. Finally super late at night our agent called and said the seller had gotten 3 offers and wanted to wait until after his open house and another showing the next day to make a decision. We were super bummed at this point (and kind of annoyed, considering we had to rush to get the offer in just to have to wait) and figured we had a very very slim chance at getting the house. We made appointments Sunday to see the two houses we had missed seeing Saturday, and decided to go to the open house on Sunday to see what kind of interest the house was getting (there were a lot of nosy neighbors haha).

Anyways, the seller said we would hear that afternoon, and finally around 5pm we got the call... our offer was accepted and we will be the owners on May 30th of an awesome house! And when I say awesome I mean it. We found the best house for us that we could ever have imagined. Brand new everything: granite counter tops, appliances, carpets, paint, and he's installing hardwood in the living and dining room. The family room has a fireplace, we have a walkout finished basement, almost an acre of land, a sunroom, and southern exposure! It is so private and everything we ever wanted and more! We are so blessed to have this opportunity and to not have to do a single thing besides move in our furniture. We need to buy a fridge, a dryer, and a new furniture set for our family room (we need a couch, loveseat, end table, coffee table, and tv stand.. any suggestions on where to buy for cheap?! We're broke homeowners now). The shutters have just been painted, but we want to re-paint them blue, the trim white, and the door black. Thank you so much to everyone who encouraged us, to our families who supported us, and to our amazing agent! Guys, I am so so excited, sorry if I talk about this lots and lots in the upcoming months, I just cannot wait! 80 days til we close :-)

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Hey Hey It's Your Birthday

Boo it's Monday... but today is a very special day actually... it's Brian's birthday!! Brian is actually 6.5 months younger than me, so every year I am extra excited on his birthday because that means he is finally the same age as me again.. for 5.5 months. Anyways, we had an awesome weekend celebrating with friends and family, and tonight we will probably order food and relax and he mayyy have to sit through the Bachelor because it's the finale and I have to watch! Happy Birthday Brian, you are the best guy I could ever ask for and I love spending my life with you! P.S. Is Brian not the cutest EVER?!

P.P.S. We BOUGHT A HOUSE this weekend!! We are beyond excited, and I will post all about it tomorrow I promise!
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