Friday, March 21, 2014

I'm Weird, I Get It

Guys, really, what would we do without Google on a daily basis? It is essential when you're in the car and you just NEED to know right then who was that ugly guy in that one movie or whether your ears and nose ever stop growing while you're alive. Sometimes I look back at my Google search terms and I'm like seriously? I Googled that? So naturally I thought it was a good idea to share with you my Google search terms from the past week. Keep in mind, I can guarantee you that these are not even close to the weirdest things I've ever Googled (or the weirdest things that have been Googled by other people. I mean, seriously, have you ever started to type something in Google and been shocked by what other people have searched? Yea.. people are scary).

"Glory of Love lyrics"- What? I love 80s music and I love Chicago and the lead guy from Chicago sings this song. I'm not even ashamed, not even a little. I have listened to this song and Let it Go continuously for like... a week.Oh and I am so linking up with Whitney with this song. 

"Twa flight 800"- Someone at work mentioned this when we were talking about the missing Malaysia flight, and I felt dumb when I had no idea what they were talking about. Except I was only 8 when it happened and my parents shielded me from that stuff so I guess it makes sense. But seriously guys, where is that plane? I feel awful for the passengers and the families, I literally cannot even imagine the pain they are experiencing. Definitely sending prayers for them.

"Pat Vance"- She's an older state senator, nbd, I just wanted to see what she looked like.

"The Grand Concourse"- Someone I know might get married here, so pretty! 

"Uniden dect 6.0 phone ringer off"- Yea my parents still have a house phone and it plays a Christmas song when it rings, but the other day my mom called and asked if I could stop by their house on the way to work (they live 1 minute from me, literally) and see why their phone randomly went silent. Clearly, I couldn't figure it out and turned to Google. P.S. I still can't figure it out. 

"Short blonde hair with strawberry blonde highlights"- Just thinking of new hair colors. Not that I've actually changed my hair color in like 10 years (okay, except for that time I dyed my hair brown from a BOX, not my best look).

"Easter iPhone backgrounds"- What? I like to be festive.

"Ryan o’neal tatum o’neal funeral"- Ewwww have you heard about this? Where even WAS I in 2009 to have missed this? Basically at Farrah Fawcett's funeral, Ryan O'Neal HIT ON HIS OWN DAUGHTER. Yea, so messed up. Celebrities, I tell ya.

"Borneo"- Basically I learned NO geography in school

"Malaysia flag"- I also learned nothing about flags. 

"Is the Veronica Mars movie in theaters?" - Pretty much just became obsessed with this show, and I wanted to know whether it would be in theaters in my area for when I finish the series. It won't. Apparently no good movies ever come to Bumblef*ck, Pennsylvania.

"Imperialism"- Again, I learned nothing in high school. How I got into college and law school is beyond me.

"Does Chipotle serve alcohol?"- Apparently the answer is yes, but not around here. Actually, not anywhere in PA because our liquor laws are from the Prohibition Era and are extremely strict. I should do a post on this one day, but the gist is this: we cannot buy our alcohol at the grocery store, gas station, Target, etc. We have to buy our wine and liquor at one store, our beer in cases (no 6 packs, except at a restaurant with seriously jacked up prices) at a separate, distribution store, and all of them are controlled by the state. So when I see people complaining about the gas station or Target not having their favorite brand of beer, I want to scream "Do you know how lucky you even are?!" because never have I EVER been able to purchase beer and wine at the gas station, let alone at the same store. P.S. Also, I cannot sit at the same table as my 20-year old sister at my favorite restaurant if me or my boyfriend want to have a beer, unless our Mom is there. Yup. 

"Baskin robbins"- Yea, I know I gave up sweets for Lent, but I can't help looking up ice cream. I miss it, people.

What's the weirdest thing you ever Googled? Happy weekend, guys!!
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  1. Whoa, whoa, whoa... he hit on his own daughter?! Ew! I'm disgusted, but also intrigued enough to want to google that one for myself! hahahaah

  2. I LOVE 80'S MUSIC. You have inspired me to find a good 80's station to listen to while I'm at work today.

    The missing terrifying! It's so surreal, I cannot even imagine how the families must be feeling!

    Your search terms are hilarious. Great idea to share!

  3. peter cetera has always creeped me out. although that is one damn good song.

    and now i must googe nasty incest dad hitting on daughter. wtf is wrong with people?

    Vodka and Soda

  4. The great thing about Google is there is no reason to remember that stuff from school, I don't remember it either most of the time. If I used it or talked about it everyday then maybe.

  5. The fact that you google baskin robins just to look at the ice cream makes you my new favorite person. I also learned nothing in HS. I don't know how I'm a functioning adult. I have no idea where any of the states are.

  6. Oh wow! I love the margaritas at Chipotle. I didn't realize some places don't have that!

  7. hahaha great idea for a post, we all search crazy stuff. So neat fact, you can digitally download the Veronica Mars movie right now! You can buy or rent it. It's like $7 to rent but I love that show so I considered it worth it to watch the movie.

  8. Our Chipotle serves alcohol -- margaritas in fact!! ;) and this is such a fun post idea!

  9. Wait?! That sit at the same table thing is CRAZY. And yes, the liquor laws state to state never cease to amaze me!

    For example, I think it is CRIMINAL that Trader Joe's in Maryland cannot sell wine. $2 buck Chuck (Aka wine for $2.99 = amazing!)

    Also, I enjoy the key word search that leads people to my blog, there is no way of knowing how that works.

  10. What did we do without smartphones? My coworkers were talking about some 80s movie with teenage zombies the other day so one of them googled it to see what it was called. They were surprised when I hadn't seen it or heard of it and were like "well what were you doing in 1984?" and was like "Being born!" like you with that other plane incident... yeah... I google all kinds of dumb stuff but I can't think of anything specific now!

  11. This is by far my favorite post of the week because I'm so glad someone else googles weird stuff all the time! I feel like this should be a link up! My favorite is when Google suggests searches based on what I'm typing in...I'm always amazed at the SUPER weird stuff people have googled!

  12. This is hysterical - I'm almost afraid to look at my google history!


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