Monday, March 3, 2014

Sorry Not Sorry...

... that I paid my sister (again) to clean my house this weekend. She needs the money, and I didn't want to do it.

... that we refuse to settle for a house that is less than close-to-perfect. It is a huuuge investment and if we don't love it, we're not buying it. We've seen close to 30 houses (we've averaged about 3-6 per week), and only put in offers in on 2. 

... that I gave Brian one of his birthday presents early a few weeks ago. It's not my fault, he walked in while I was putting the prints in the frames, so I had no choice!

... that I watched Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, and Pocahontas this weekend. Thanks ABC Family!

... that I hate eggs. Ugh, I don't think I can ever eat hard boiled eggs or scrambled eggs ever again. I literally feel sick when I think about the taste.

... that I want to make my own poo-pouri. Have you heard of this stuff? No? Google it! I found a recipe for DIY on Pinterest, and I want to try! haha now I need to get me some essential oils at the market this week. Does anyone know much about essential oils? 

... that I changed my sponsorship options this weekend. Starting in April I will change it so that there are 2 Gold spots per month (with guest post!) and 3 Pink swap spots per month. That's it. Ahh refreshing. 

... that I bought Taylor's birthday present this weekend. Her birthday isn't until the end of April, but I couldn't help myself!

... that I had three and a half pieces of veggie pizza on Saturday night. I skipped lunch and I was starving!

... that after my 3 pieces of pizza I had some of this awesome brownie bottomed ice cream cake. Yup, that's a brownie layer, a chocolate icing layer, a cookie dough ice cream layer, and a homemade whipped cream with sprinkles layer! 

... that I got my dad a birthday card with a button inside it that says #1 daughter. Hahaha it's a joke people.

... that I'm already wishing it's Friday. Hey, I like weekends and I'm not sorry 'bout it!

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  1. I totally watched the same Disney movie marathon, while wearing a Hakuna Matata v-neck and squealed like a 4 year old when the Little Mermaid came on. No judgements from this side of the blog world, chick! Happy Monday <3

  2. That cake sounds amazing! I so wish today would turn back into friday!

  3. I need that cake in my life. It sounds delicious!!!

  4. I want that cake so bad! Omg, it looks so good. Ughhh, I wish it was Friday, too. That was my first thought this morning. Haha

  5. brilliant - if my sister needed money, i`d totally pay her to clean my house too!!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  6. Cake looks delicious! I need to add sponsorship opportunities. Maybe ads too. I need to get on that!

    And I'd totally clean someone's house for money!

  7. I want that birthday cake like right now......oh that looks amazing. I would totally pay a family member to clean my house. I swiffered my floors this weekend and that was enough effort ;-)

  8. Okay. I'm making that cake this week. I have a no-carb eating husband...and it's no one's birthday--but I'm making that freaking cake. I don't blame you for not settling when it comes to a house. I wouldn't either. And the whole pay-your-sister-thing...can she come here and clean mine? I'll pay ;)

  9. I can't eat eggs either! They totally gross me out!!!! If it's an ingredient, fine... but plain?! *dry heave*

  10. That cake! That looks like heaven on earth basically. Also, I would totally pay people to clean/do chores if they need the money. No shame in that game.

  11. Oh my goodness. I want to eat my phone screen after seeing that cake! Looks sooooooo good!

  12. I watched Frozen 3 times this weekend. I totally can't judge you on the Disney movie marathon! ANd that cake looks so good. Now I'm craving a brownie!

  13. I'd totally pay your sister to clean my house too, even if she didn't need the money. HA!

    I'm ready for Friday too, working is for the birds.

  14. I'm already trying to think of who I can pay to clean to deep clean my apartment when I move because I do NOT want to do it.

  15. That ice cream cake looks delish. I've never considered paying someone to clean my home until recently. My schedule's been super packed and I've seriously considered hiring someone for a couple hours.


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