Thursday, March 27, 2014


So I'll be honest.. I'm writing this Wednesday night, so all my "currently's" are from last night. I bet you're so interested in knowing about my Wednesday nights, so here ya go. Currently I am..

Watching: Veronica Mars because I am obsessed with it. I finished 2.5 seasons in the past week, and yes, I work full time haha. I am going to be sad when I finish the third season, but woop! I'll still have the movie to watch! P.S. Did you hear the rumors about a possible Gilmore Girls movie? I will be SO freaking excited if that happens!! I NEED IT!

Feeling: Freezing!! Why is it still 14 degrees and windy out? And yea, it snowed yesterday. March is supposed to be "in like a lion, out like a lamb?" Try "in like a lion, out like an even bigger lion."

Drinking: Water. I'm on antibiotics for like a year (okay, actually 4x a day for 10 days), but basically water is all I should be drinking right now. Which sucks, because I'd really like a margarita.

Confused about: Why people have to be unnecessarily nasty and passive-aggressive. Seriously, can't we all just get along treat people the way we want to be treated? We're supposed to be bolstering each other up, not dragging each other down. Don't make me start quoting the girl who doesn't even go here from Mean Girls.


Wishing: It was Friday!! I am really over this week.

Looking forward to: May 30th! I want to move into our new house ASAP! I can't wait to organize and decorate and be in a house we can call our own!!

Wanting: to write a day in the life post, but I think my days are too boring! Kelli and Kelly both recently did this and I love seeing people's day to day lives. Does that make me nosy?!

Wondering: Does anyone have any quotes they want me to include in Wise Words of the Week tomorrow? Feel free to let me know and I will definitely include them :-)

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  1. I want to watch vernoica mars!! It's only available for streaming on Amazon Prime and I'm too cheap for that haha! I might go see if our library has it (I know, right? When did libraries become the new blockbuster). I'm over the cold too!

  2. Okayyyy so I kind of hate EW for making it sound like there is going to be a movie because I read most of the AMA and I think she was just being polite and answering questions. Which makes me sad because I would love a GG movie. I hate that they got rid of SoapNet and therefore my chance to watch reruns every weekend.

    I keep seeing mentions of passive aggressive blogger activity and I am too dense to have noticed it. (OMG is it me? I don't think it is but how funny would that be...)

    I love day in the life posts - do one! What kind of law do you practice and what do baby lawyers do all day? What's your commute like, how do you split chores? Nosy people like me need/want to know!

    Also, please get well. That is all.

  3. I thought my life was to boring too but lots of people read my post, I sit at home in my PJ's all day how interesting is that? HA

  4. It's still 14 degrees out!?

  5. This just you lots of time to pinterest more ideas for your new home!

  6. I can't wait for it to be Friday, either! I got me a 3 day weekend with NOTHING planned! I even turned down drinks with girlfriends because I'm so excited to just bum around, haha!

  7. This has been a looong week for me. I'm so pumped for Friday too! Boo on the antibiotics! I hope you feel better soon!!

    Thank you for the shout out :) I would love to read your day in the life post. Your new job I bet is excitement in itself.

  8. I loved the Veronica Mars movie and they set it up so there can be a sequel so they better do it! A Gilmore Girls movie would be even better!!!

  9. I have yet to watch Veronica Mars...but I really should do that.

    And now I just REALLY want to watch Gilmore Girls!! I used to love that there were always reruns playing- but we don't have cable now! So I need to figure out how to watch it. A move would be amazing!

  10. Totally do a day in the life post! :) I'm thinking about scheduling one for sometime next week too!

  11. 1. LOVE this post!
    2. LOVE this Gilmore girls
    3. I will be stealing all GIFS in this post (reference #1 & 2 for reasoning) Oh and I hope said stealing is okay!

    And YES please do a day-in-the-life post! Because I want to do one in GIFS, based on law school and the guest post you wrote for me is the inspiration! Thanks!

  12. Sending you warmer weather and more exciting days! :)

  13. so crossing my fingers + toes that a gilmore girls movie happens!

    xo. jenn @ hello, rigby!


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