Friday, March 28, 2014

Wise Words of the Week

TGIF!! It's time for Wise Words of the Week again!

"What if noses didn't have holes? It'd be like just a big extra flap of skin on your face."

Oh the things Taylor says... sometimes I wonder how her mind works haha

"I swear my 10 year old brother is filled with gas. He farts more then he speaks."

Also a Taylor classic, referring to Mitchell. Whew am I glad I don't live at home anymore, because that kid talks A LOT so if he's farting more than he speaks, that is just raunchy.

"Attached please find Ratified Agreement of Sale for your beautiful new home."

We are still over the moon excited about our new house! We are so lucky to have found it and everything worked out for the best. We are even still closing the same day May 30th; I cannot wait! Sorry if I talk about this big time over the next two months, but I am just so pumped about it! Have a great weekend guys!
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  1. OMG farting more than he speaks. That's too funny! And YAY for the new home!

  2. Taylor always has something wise to say! Hah ha.

    LOVE the house quote! :)

  3. Taylor is great, she always has something to keep us laughing!

    Yayyy for new houses, I'm so excited for you!!

  4. your brother is like my husband! must be a guy thing.

    Vodka and Soda

  5. Wahoo on the new house. You family sounds so hilarious ha. Have a great wknd!

  6. HAHAHA! You have to start videoing her and the funny stuff she said!

    -Kristen | Kandid Kristen

  7. Oh my goodness your closing day is a two months away! That's extremely exciting!

  8. Taylor really does have an interesting mind! hahaha

  9. bahahhahah kids say the most ridiculous things for sure!

  10. Haha extra flap of skin, kids are just the greatest entertainment!

  11. Haha love this so funny. Congrats on your new home!


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