Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What's in a Name? Link up!

Hey guys! I am super excited about this link up! I always find it so interesting where people got their names (and I love making up nicknames for people) so when Miranda approached Kelli and I with this linkup idea, I jumped right on it! What better way to find out about people's names than have a link up?

So obviously my name is Jessica, along with 776,039 other people in the United States. My parents tell me they thought the name Jessica was original when they named me it! I bet the parents of the 4 other girls on my soccer team in high school named Jessica thought the same thing, along with about a bajillion other parents who named their kids Jessica the same year I was born, 1988. It was actually the most popular baby girl name from 1985-1989, and again from 1993-1995. It was actually in the top 4 from 1977-1997! What can I say, I'm pretty popular ;-) 

My parents actually debated between naming me Jessica Shannon or Shannon Jessica. I am glad they went with Jessica Shannon, because Jessica as a middle name sounds weird (also, I don't think I have ever typed my name this many times in a row, and it is starting to look weird now, like how when you look at a word too much and it doesn't look like a word anymore.. that happens to other people too, right?!). If I was a boy I would have been named Trevor or Dustin.. let's just say I'm glad I'm a girl.

I don't normally get asked how to spell my name when I'm asked it at stores or over the phone or whatever, but when I do I'm usually weirded out; it's so common! I always thought there was no other way to spell it, until one time I came across this in the yearbook: Gesikah. Yup, not making that up. I am assuming it is supposed to be pronounced "Jessica." Umm anyways..

Nicknames I have been given over my lifetime include (don't get any ideas, by the way.. I don't respond to most of these haha):
  • Nermal- the cat from Garfield, my Dad apparently thought it was cute when I was a baby lol
  • Chocolate Babka- another Dad original, which he still calls me to this day
  • Jesse- I only let my family and Brian call me that, so don't try it
  • Nails- by my friend Lindsey's dad/softball coach in 4th grade. Apparently I could hit the ball pretty far and he always asked me if I ate my Wheaties
  • PJ- by Brian
I love names and nicknames, which is probably why the instant I met Brian, I asked him what his middle name was (it's Robert) and proceeded to call him Bobby for the first 2 months of our relationship. I don't actually call him that anymore, but he is still in my phone as Bobby :-) 

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  1. I'm kind of surprised that Jessica was more popular than Ashley was during those time periods!

    Gesikah is a little extreme! Ha ha. I had a friend in high school that spelled it "Jessika" and I thought that was different.

    Nicknames are fun! I think Nermal is an adorable one!

  2. You are too funny, yes if I write or say a word to many times it starts to look or sound weird.

    I think the closest my name ever got to the top of any list was #10 in 1977, that doesn't mean there still weren't Kelly's or Kellie's in classes with me.

    I like Jessica Shannon better than Shannon Jessica too, I'd never thought about it but Jessica is a weird middle name.

  3. I just wrote on Kelli's blog that I'm dumb and schedule my posts the day before and forgot this was today. I love nicknames too! I wrote kind of about this topic awhile ago (ny first random fact): Big Apple, Little Bites

  4. I get asked to spell my name ALL the time, and I think it's weird every time because it's so common!

  5. Haha I love this! There were two Melissa's in my Elementary school, but there have been less since then. Plus, I generally go by Missy ;)

  6. OMG i hate when I see a word so many times and it looks not right...the worst feeling ever for me

  7. OMG i hate when I see a word so many times and it looks not right...the worst feeling ever for me

  8. Girls with common names unite! haha I'm with you on the 'being weirded out when you're asked to spell your name' thing. I once had someone ask me to spell Smith.

  9. I think your name suits you perfectly! The name Shannon is so much harder to give nicknames for. Like Shan? Sha-sha? Not cute hahha

    Loved linking up for this fun linkup!!

  10. My parents say the same thing about naming me Amanda. Uh, sorry Mom & Dad, but my name is extremely common. And I've had someone ask me how to spell my name like, once, and I was like "how else could you possibly spell it?!" I wondered if they just didn't hear what I said.

  11. I don't think we'd be reading your blog right about now either if you were a Trevor or a Dustin so YAY for being a Jessica!

  12. how awesome!! i love this idea! i'm kathryn helene (so i clearly go by my middle name). my parents just thought it was prettier that way! names are so interesting to me!

  13. What a fun link up!!!

    I love the name Jessica and actually know VERY few with it. My name (Sarah) on the other hand..oh goodness. Ha!

  14. Those are some pretty sweet nicknames.

  15. Awe. I love you're nicknames. So cute!

  16. Haha I think those nicknames are cute! My friend calls her baby Babka too- random!


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