Thursday, October 10, 2013

Let's Talk About Lists, Baby

Funny story-- someone found my blog yesterday by searching for 'true facts about carrots' haha, if that's what you're here looking for, you're in the wrong place! Anyways so Erin posted this list/countdown thing a few weeks back and I've been wanting to do it, so I am because lists are fun!

Five things I'll be doing over the next week:
1. Making mini apple pies! We love making these in muffin tins, so cute!
2. Going to a cookout. In October.. yea we're cool like that.
3. Linking up for What's in a Name? on October 16th! You know you wana join in the fun!! 
4. Job searching. Because duh.
5. Finding out if the pass the bar exam. At least, I hope the results come out within the next week, everything is so secretive! Cross your fingers for me, please!

Four items that I need to purchase:
1. The gold iPhone 5s! My poor 4s is truly on its last legs 
2. Suits. Blah, but attorneys wear them so yea. Anyone know any places with nice suits that won't break my itty-bitty bank?
3. Halloween candy for the kids. I like to buy it early but then I eat it all and end up having to buy more. I am ashamed, but probably not as much as I should be. 
4. Pie crust. For the mini apple pies. Like I'd make my own, ha!

Three shows I can't wait to have come back into my life (I am actually going to change this to shows I am glad just came back into my life):
1. Revenge
2. The Good Wife
3. Nashville
(Oops there are more than 3.. Parenthood, Parks and Rec, American Horror Story, I could go on!)

Two reasons I'm excited for fall:
1. Leggings with boots! (That counts as one reason, right?)
2. Halloweenie!

One thing that's currently bothering me:
1. I have NO Monday night shows this fall! Any suggestions?? 

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  1. I have many comments about this post. Bear with me, ha ha.

    1. Those pies look delicious. If you want to send some to me down here in Florida, I wouldn't be opposed. ;)

    2. Nice way to get some linkup advertising out there!

    3. Can't wait to see how you did on the bar. I'm sure you did great!

    4. The Limited and Express usually have some good professional pieces. They're not the cheapest, but a lot of times they have sales!

    5. Never be ashamed over eating Halloween candy! I personally don't get trick or treaters. Someone has to eat it, right?

    6. Again, the dog picture made me say "aw" out loud. So cute!

    That is the end of my comment novel, ha ha.

  2. I'll have my fingers crossed for your bar exam results! I'm sure you did great.

    Also, I will second the Express suggestion above. If you can wait until the black friday/Christmas time you can get their stuff on really good sales. Most of my suit/professional stuff comes from there. :)

  3. Mini apple pies made in a muffin tin is so cute. I hope they turn out great! And then tell me your secret??

  4. I got mini pie pans as a wedding present- and I've really been wanting to make tiny apple pies!!

    Fingers crossed for good results on the bar exam!!

  5. Gold iPhone 5s...yes please. LOVE!

  6. I'm a BIG fan of Castle it comes on on Monday nights :)

  7. ok but explain why you want the gold iphone if you just put a case on it - i know i know- i suck. haha! and mini apple pies?! that sounds delicious!

  8. 2 Broke Girls and Moms on CBS, both great Monday night shows. :)

  9. I love this idea for a post! I'm an avid list maker so I may "borrow" this idea from you. ;)

    About Monday night TV: 2 Broke Girls and Mom. These shows are HILARIOUS!!

  10. Nashville yesss! Okay so when Deacon threw the chair in his AA meeting, I may lr may not have jumped out of my skin. It's so intense these days! Also, I love this list. Please send some apple pies over to Philly ;)

  11. I love Nashville and Parenthood and just got on the Parks and Rec train. And if you like crappy TV, watch Hart of Dixie on Mondays.


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