Monday, October 7, 2013

"This is Not Apple Pickin!"

So seriously, what is with this weather? Highs in the 80s in October? How about 50s and 60s please! You see, apple picking has been a family tradition since before I was born. My mom's whole side of the family always got together and went apple picking in late September/very early October and then we got together after for lots of food. In all those years, we have never gone apple picking in 85 degree weather, ever! It's usually hoodies and jeans. Also, the employees at the apple orchard we went to this year were, let's just say, less than nice. They also nickel and dimed us, and made us pay $3 a person to ride out to the orchard. So though apple picking was still fun once we got out there, it just did not feel like apple picking in these circumstances (mostly because of the temperature!!), so we kept saying "this is not apple pickin!" I think you have to be part of our family to get the quote haha I will explain at a later date (the original quote is "This is not Nutcrackin" courtesy of 4-year old Taylor). So anyways, here are the pictures from yesterday's apple picking adventure.

The hay ride to the orchard

Kaylee, Taylor, Mitch, Amelia (cousin), Savanna, Me, and Brian




Dad (Kaylee is always photobombing)

Amelia and Aunt Julie (actually my ex-stepaunt.. what can I say? Our fam is complicated)

Brian, my parents, and all my siblings minus Cory, and Me.. excuse Mitch's face

Yay the leaves are changing!

Awesome new centerpiece/bowl holder thing my mom got! It holds 6 bowls or plates!

I guess I am doing this post backwards, but we didn't do too much the rest of the weekend, mainly just a little Target, laying around, and watching TV. It was too hot for anything else! 

Kaboo, Snoopy, Hansel, Schnitzel, and Snickers all waiting for food to drop!

Savanna redid our chalk wall for us! Excuse the exercise equipment

Schnitzel went and got himself stuck in the tub again hahaha

Like my Halloweiner napkins?? hehe

Hansel always lays in the sun

Fall, if you can hear me, please come back ASAP (it's actually supposed to be in the 60s again starting Tuesday, thank God!). 

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  1. I feel ya on the fall weather! We are still in the low 90's most days here in Florida. I guess I should be used to it, but it's still hard every year! Ha ha.

    The apple picking pictures are adorable. At least you still got some cute pictures, even with the weather and rude workers.

    Your dogs are seriously so cute. I say that every time you post a picture, but only because it's true! Ha ha.

  2. I LOVE the chalk wall, always wanted one! and seriously this weather has been insane. Right now? You know its like dark and icky. I mean yes I'd rather have 80 and sunny but not for apple picking! I do want to go apple/pumpkin picking though!

  3. I am so ready for Fall weather. Apple picking looks like a lot of fun. And, I love that photos with all the doggies! :)

  4. So many cute decorations in your house! Love the bowl holder centerpiece, the halloween pup napkins, and the chalk wall! Your family seems so sweet :-)

  5. I am so over this warm weather too! I'm hoping that North Carolina gets the fall weather memo soon :) The apple picking looks like it was a lot of fun!

  6. I agree apple picking in 80 degree weather doesn't seem right at all. I mean who wants hot apple cider when it still feels like summertime?

    I still want to cuddle your cute doggies!

  7. This weather is ridiculous! I really need some cold weather!

  8. this looks o fun! and could that dog be any cuter?! and today i am wearing a sweater and now it's sweltering outside, ick!

  9. Seriously with the weather! I'm in PA too, and tried to go to our local Apple Festival yesterday...and I almost melted. I love the heat but it's interfering with my fall :)

  10. How much fun is that?? I've always wanted to go do apple picking like that. SO jealous!

  11. Burke ALWAYS lays in the sun like that most times on his belly stretched as far as he can stretch lol


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