Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October Goals

So before I get into my October Goals, I just want to tell you that I utterly failed at my September Goals, so bad that it's not worth doing a recap. It was a rough month emotionally, but let's just say that I did not lose 10 pounds, I did not get a job (full or part-time), and I did not even attempt to knit (it's hard guys!). Yikes, but welp here are my goals for October:

One. Lose 10 pounds. Let's try this again. I am going to severely cut back the carbs and sweets and keep on taking the dogs on their half-mile walk everyday. It sucks that lettuce really really upsets my stomach, so salads are almost all but cut out of my diet at this point!

Two. Get a job. I am also attempting this one again, and it is going to remain on my list until it happens, duh. Bar results come out NEXT WEEK, so if I pass it should hopefully be easier to get a job, but who knows. The job market is blah, so yea, and I just love finding "entry-level" attorney job postings that require 3-5 years litigation experience.. uhh what?

Three. Purge my closet. This will happen, it has to. I will say this for my side of the closet though, it is organized (by type of shirt and in rainbow color order)--hey, I like to know what I have! However, I am so good at getting rid of crap in every other area of my life, but I get sentimental with clothes. I have shirts in there from 2002! It is time, and if Brian thinks he is exempt from this he better think again, because that guy has shirts in there from the 90s! Can you say clothes hoarder?!

Here's to hoping that I am better in October; it's one of my fav months, so maybe that will motivate me!! What are your goals for this month?

Erica Ashley

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  1. Job hunting is probably harder than actually earning a degree. It's insane...when you come across entry-level stuff, not only do they want ridiculous amounts of experience, but they want to pay you some measely amount as well. I hope that something will come your way soon! Hopefully October will be your month!

    Also, that last meme...HILARIOUS.

  2. We all have rough months, stick with it, I'll be rooting for you this month! Job hunting is rough, especially the experience part I ran into the same problem when I looked for work.

    Also, I too organize my closet in rainbow color order. Sometimes I just feel like wearing a certain color, you know? ha

  3. Good luck with your goals girl! I start a new position on Friday so my big goal for this month ( and through the end of the year ) is to make a budget and pay some stuff off.

  4. Ah, I need to clean out my closet too. So many old clothes I don't wear!

    I didn't meet all my goals last month either. I want to read more and I find myself clicking around on the internet at night instead of doing anythinv productive :-/

  5. I decided against setting goals, that way when I don't achieve them I don't feel like a total failure.

    It good to know I'm not the only weirdo who arranges their closet by color, my whole family thinks I'm a freak.

  6. Good luck on your goals!
    Also, my husband is the same way about clothes. He still has some from when he was in jr. high that I have to remind him should not be worn anymore :)

  7. I'm job hunting too. It sucks.

  8. Okay this month will be better! I am joining you on the losing 10lbs thing! I just got a knew food log app and have upped my work outs! I just LOVE junk food ahh! Good luck this month! And can't wait to hear how the bar exams went!

  9. Job searching is so difficult! It's almost like doing homework, but not having to turn it in. I hope you find one soon!! And that you passed the BAR!

  10. Hey Jessica! I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award :-) Happy Thursday!

    Big Apple, Little Bites

  11. I'd suggest a MASSIVE cleaning project on the day the bar results come out. Distraction at its finest.

    GOOD LUCK and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  12. Ugh, job hunting SUCKS. My part-time job ends this month, so I've been on the hunt for a few weeks now. :/ And it ain't going fast. Good luck!

  13. Good luck with your goals! I hate that jobs require experience, but you can't get a job to get the experience, because you don't have any! It's such a catch 22!


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