Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Water Project

Guys, Elizabeth is one of my best blog friends and such a giving person, and so she is here today because she has an extremely important topic to talk about, and she needs our help! Take it away Elizabeth!

Hello lovely Pleas(e) and Carroters! I wanted to do a little takeover today to talk about water. What? Yep, water. Because: nearly 1 billion people in the world don't have access to safe water.

Crazy, right? In fact, it's hard to imagine being one of those 1 billion people when you live in a society with indoor plumbing and readily available convenience stores. But those people are there and they are suffering because water is the foundation of life.

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As humans we can go around 30 days without eating food but we can only go around 3 days without drinking water. Now imagine that your 3 days are up and you have no choice but to drink the dirty and possibly disease ridden water that is miles away from your home. There are people in the world right now facing that harsh reality.

Those people spend their time focusing on survival rather than thriving in life. That's why clean water is so important. It gives them hope for a better future. Not convinced? Take a look at all the ways water can improve life:
  • You need clean water to wash your hands and limit the spread of diseases
  • Clean water means less diseases even to begin with
Water keeps sickness levels down and that means increased health for more active and productive lives.
  • Students miss school to fetch water for themselves and their family when it is miles away from their home.
  • Girls often drop out of school during puberty because schools don't have proper and safe latrines for them to use.
Water gives a community the possibility of increased education for boys and girls.
  • Access to readily available, clean water leads to healthier crops as well as more crops in a community.
Water helps stop unnecessary hunger for healthy bodies and minds.

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Access to safe water can vastly improve a community's quality of life. In turn that gives them hope for a better future where they don't have to focus on simply surviving every day. I consider it a pretty noble mission to try and help these communities regain their hope by providing them with the means and education to access clean water. That's what The Water Project is doing.

How does The Water Project help these communities?

The Water Project believes in people. They focus on working with in-country teams and partners that have long term commitments to the local communities. That means they aren't just building a well before leaving the area for good. They are committed to teaching those in the area how to be self-sufficient as well as checking back in to make sure everything is working. They put the needs of the communities first and let them be a part of building and implementing the water project. That leads to higher chances of long-term success.

How can you help The Water Project?

I started a campaign to support this organization in honor of my one year "blogiversary". I would be honored if you would help me reach my $500 goal! I plan on keeping the campaign going for a month. That means you can wait until the next paycheck to give whatever you can spare. I have a few incentives going on if you do decide to donate. I won't take up any more of Jessica's time though so hop over to my blog to check them out or go straight to the campaign to help give clean water!

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