Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Day in My Life

Okay so lots of you crazies said you'd be interested in seeing a day in my life (okay, like two of you, but it makes me feel cooler to say lots of you), so here is my Thursday of last week:

7:00am- Brian's alarm goes off. He gets up, showers, kisses me goodbye, and leaves for work.

7:45am- My alarm goes off. Sometimes I'm already awake from when Brian left, but today I pretty much slept until the alarm. I put some baby powder in my hair, ignore the ginormous circles under my eyes (stupid allergies), and get dressed. I am not amused that it's already morning, as you can see from my face. Then I take out and feed the dogs then eat breakfast while I read blogs for about 20 minutes.

8:40am- Leave my precious little angel dogs alone all day so I can go to work. Actually someone in my family normally comes and takes them out for us during the day since they only live a minute away, but when we move we will be like 10 minutes away so the dogs will have to get used to holding it all day or peeing on the floor.

8:57am- Pull in the parking garage a few doors down from my office. I'm lucky to work only about 15-20 minutes away from work; poor Bri drives around 45 minutes each way! P.S. It was 28 degrees already by the time I got to work.. springtime is a-comin'! (sarcasm).

9:00am- Get in my office, check my email, figure out my schedule for the day, and do a little research on spam emails. Sorry I don't have any pictures of my office- I have too many client files laying all over my desk and chairs and floor and shelves and there's this big important thing called attorney-client confidentiality, so I don't feel comfortable posting pics... and therefore you get a picture of some pretty highlighters/pens.

9:30am- Put on my suit jacket and meet with a family law client before a settlement meeting with the opposing party and counsel from 10:00-11:30. Right now since I'm a newbie I get whatever work comes my way from the partners, but I actually share this case with the other associate at my firm. In case you're interested, I mostly practice family law, municipal law, real estate, and civil litigation.

11:30am- Frustratedly (is that a word? Prob not) try to figure out what the heck I wrote on one of my timesheets at the beginning of the month, then finish up my research from the morning. Exciting stuff.

12:00pm- Bundle up and walk to the awesome nearby market for lunch with a few co-workers. There are so many kinds of food there so you can never get bored. We do this every Tuesday and Thursday when the market is open. The other three days I pack my lunch. I forgot to take a picture but today I got grilled cheese and tomato soup, yummy!

1:00pm- Lunch time is over, wahh! I spend the rest of the day researching, making/taking phone calls, answering emails, meeting with partners whom I've done work for, drafting legal documents, etc. I wish the office had windows because sometimes those florescent lights make me TIRED, especially after lunch!

5:00pm- Time to go home! I make sure I recorded all my billable hours on my timesheet for the day (the bane of a lawyer's existence), then peace outta there. It's warmed up to 43 degrees, toasty! No seriously, that is actually pretty warm compared to Wednesday when it was 20 degrees and windy and snowy. I call my mom, then rock out to some Taylor and Britney on the way home.

5:17pm- Get home, clean up the mess from the kitchen towel that the dogs pulled down from the oven handle and peed on. Thanks guys dogs are great. Take the dogs outside, change into my sweats because there's no way I'm wearing dress pants and button up shirt all night, then feed the dogs, refill my water bottle, and read blogs/watch Veronica Mars on my Kindle Fire while I wait for Brian to get home with dinner! We probably order out/go out twice a week, and cook the other nights. I thought about putting away the large basket of clean clothes that has been spilling all over the floor since Sunday...

6:30pm- Brian gets home and we eat dinner and catch up.

7:00pm- Brian has a Devils game on TV, so he watches that while I keep watching Veronica Mars, do blog stuff, and search for stuff for our new house! Sometimes I'll throw in a bike ride on my stationary bike in there, but I am still feeling crappy from my sinus infection so I don't want to push it. I can't wait until it starts getting warmer out so we can go on nice long walks with the dogs! Also, when we move to our new house we will be closer to LA Fitness so I may rejoin so I can start going to Zumba classes again, which I LOVE!

10:00pm- Parenthood is on, so I'm watching that, duh.

11:00pm- Bed time! I usually like going to bed a little earlier but when I have shows on I have no choice but to stay up (okay, sometimes I DVR them but I didn't feel like it tonight).

So that's it, a day in my life. Sorry, it's not that exciting!! I hope all of you do one of these posts soon though because I love reading them!
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  1. Yay I was one of the many and I'm so glad you did this! Have you seen the jokey lawyer watch that measures time in 15 minute increments? So silly but so appropriate. I'm jealous of your short commute but not jealous of the fact that baby lawyers have to wear suits. And your dogs are so lucky to get attention during the day!

    I wrote one of these like a year ago and if you really want to read it I will send it to you. I would do it again but the day I posted about was pretty fun and lately the days have been boring!

  2. Ha ha, I scheduled my day in the life post for today too! I like that you did a specific day. Hopefully the weather is continuing to warm up for y'all. Also, your dogs are too funny.

  3. I hated sitting in an office with no windows, some days it felt like the life was being sucked right outta me! I do love all your pretty pens though!!

  4. oh this was interesting!! i love hearing about your job!

  5. Your office has no windows?! I would die. I need my sunlight haha. I love these posts, it's great to see the person behind the blog a little more. :)

  6. You are so good and eat early!!! I wish! We eat dinner the other night at bad I know!

  7. Don't you love that he leaves earlier than you do? I get a perverse pleasure from laying in bed while Pete's getting ready. :) haha

  8. I would DIE without sunlight in my building. I actually sit by huge windows so sometimes (okay - a lot of the time) I will get lost looking outside. One time I even saw an alligator crawling onto the bank. That was the highlight of my day.

  9. Love these sorts of posts! You sound so bada$$ and legit with your attorney talk :) And I just love your doggie babies. Hubs and I are actually thinking of getting a dotson when our current pups pass away. All I know is I need something smaller!

  10. Your day sounds so much more exciting than mine when I did one of these lol. I am so jealous of when you get to get to work & how short your commute. I have to leave at 6 to drive 30-40 min :(

  11. Ah your job sounds difficult! But kind of fun!! I loved this :) and Parenthood? HECK YES!

  12. I think being a lawyer must be so cool. That's great you already have coworker friends to grab lunch with :) It took me awhile to make friends when I started working.

  13. Your job definitely sounds interesting. Love that meme haha! Also, your pups are super cute. :)

  14. I think your day sounds positively fascinating! Haha :) it was definitely more exciting than my last Thursday!


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