Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I confess... I never ever change the pin descriptions on Pinterest, no matter how stupid they sound.

I confess... I don't like hot tea. I have tried it so many ways and I've tried all different kinds, and nope, I just don't like it. I really want to but I don't.

I confess... I bug Brian for details on our engagement all the time, but he won't budge.. he's so secretive! #dontjudgeme

I confess... working full-time is much harder than going to school ever was, and I am still having a hard time adjusting.

I confess... I've watched Frozen at least 6 times since I bought it. Olaf is my fav, and I kinda want an Olaf stuffed animal. Does anyone know where I can get one of these?

I confess.. I am an impatient person. I can hardly stand to wait for noodles to boil, I can't handle sales phone calls, and I don't like being put on hold.

Brian confesses... he thought a Basket Bingo was called a Basket Bingo because they pull all the numbers for Bingo out of a Basket.. bahahahaha I almost died laughing when he said that!

Linking up with Kathy for Humpday Confessions today!
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  1. hands down, olaf stole the show. i can't stand the ice girl and ana is ok. the reindeer is kinda cute but olaf rocks. i'm sure if you checked ebay or something like that, you'll find tons of olaf stuff. i'm obsessed with minions and really wanted a minion keychain and my husband managed to find someone who made them and ordered it for me for my birthday. you'd think that i opened the box to find a huge diamond in it by the way i reacted to a yellow plastic thing for a keyring LOL

    thanks for linking up!!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I hate hot tea as well! Give it to me iced and sweet or don't give it to me at all!

    And Olaf is a cutie. I love him.

  3. Olaf was my favorite as well! And I am with you, nobody has time to change the descriptions on pins!

  4. You should check the Disney store for a stuffed Olaf!

    I only change the pin description if it's horrible and something I would never say. Then I change it to a space so I don't have to type anything.

  5. Olaf is the best!! I was happy he didn't have to melt at the end-because it's real life and all!! I usually don't change the descriptions either on Pinterest!!

  6. Love Frozen...I am the only girl in our house my boys have to watch it so I have an excuse to LOL

    Ive never had hot tea..Im from the south I drink ice cold sweet tea!

  7. Like BNM above, as a southerner, I prefer overly cold, overly sweet tea. I have found that a chai tea latte is about as close as I can get to liking hot tea. Then again, it's mostly milk haha.

  8. I've never seen Frozen O.o OMG I'm going to be the worst mother ever!

  9. i must be the only one who didn't like Olaf - I totally loved Anna :)
    and I never change the pin descriptions either, especially when they are ridiculous.

  10. oh and I love hot tea! but I'm Aussie. Can't stand ice tea, blech.

  11. I don't change the description on my pins either, mainly because I'm to lazy to do it! :)

    -Kristen | Kandid Kristen

  12. I don't know what Basket Bingo is - like are all the prizes gift baskets? I only like hot teal if it's apple cinnamon and full of honey and I am super sick. Then it tastes like sweet water as opposed to dirty water.

    And don't bug for details. Just be surprised, it will be so much better!

  13. I confess I don't know what Basket Bingo is and still have not watched Frozen!

  14. LOVE Frozen!!! I would have to say either Olaf or Sven is my fav haha. I'm very picky with my tea. It has to be strong like a peppermint tea in order for me to like it or else I just end up adding insane amounts of sugar haha. Happy Hump Day!!!

  15. Ugh. You and Frozen. -_- ;P
    I like hot tea ONLY when I'm sick... lemon with honey is the best!

  16. 1. I used to hate hot tea and then suddenly one day I liked it. Now I have it almost every night before bed. I still think it's kinda weird though haha
    2. My frozen consumption is definitely in the double-digits and possibly above 20. It's shameful...
    3. Adjusting to working life IS A BITCH! It's really hard to adjust to being chained to a desk for 8 hours a day instead of moving from one classroom to another or switching between work and homework. I never realized how the change of scenery helped before...

  17. Hey Jess! I totally neglect Pinterest Titles too! And I agree!! Ain't nobody got time for that lol! xx


  18. I also never change the captions on pins either... and sometimes I go back and read them and I'm like well shit... now people probably think I can't spell.

  19. I confess that I have not seen Frozen yet. I think I am the only person on the planet that hasn't. I want to...but I don't think my husband will sit there with me haha.

    I always forget to change pin captions. Oops.

    I dont know what basket bingo is either?

  20. I have to see Frozen!

    I bugged my dude about when he wa proposing until he had to (kindly) ask me to stop. He was very sweet about it (bc he hardly ever gets mad), but I was obviously THAT annoying that he had to tell me to simmer down.

    And I don't know what basket bingo is either :( Do you win a basket? Ha

  21. I also never change pin captions & hate hot tea. Love me some ice cold sweet tea, but hot? No thanks.

  22. I only like hot tea when it's celestial seasonings christmas flavors! Those are so good, sugar cookie, candy cane, nutcracker sweet, there's a whole bunch. Those (mixed with a little sugar of course) are delicious. Otherwise, nah not my thing either.


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