Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Brian Gets Interviewed!

So last week I saw that Maegen gave her husband this quiz and it was so funny, so I just had to see what Brian's answers were! Plus I can link this up with Amanda and Danae so it's a win-win!

Me: What is the name of my blog?
Bri: "Pleas(e) and Carrots"

Me: What do I typically write about?
Bri:  "Your day, stories... I know what you write about."

Me: What's a popular fashion item for women right now?
Bri:  "Jeggings.. umm, I think Uggs are out.. this is hard! I feel like you started off easy with these questions."

Me: What's the best place to shop for women?
Bri:  "For clothes? American Eagle, Forever 21, JC Penney..." (umm okay)

Me: What do you know about Pinterest?
Bri: "It's for girls. We get a lot of good recipes though, and I appreciate it very much, so I'm not gunna bash it." (Awww)

Me: What's a Hunter wellie?
Bri: "I can honestly say I've never heard of such a thing in my entire life and I've almost convinced you're making that up to try and trick me..." (Poor guy, I must joke around too much!)

Me: What does YOLO stand for?
Bri: "You only live once."

Me: What is our favorite thing to do together?
Bri: "Go out to dinner on a Friday after work.. right?"

Me: What does a perfect evening look like to me?
Bri: "I get home, I make you a nice dinner, and we watch Lifetime movies and I'm there giving you a foot massage, and you have two dachshunds and warm blanket." (Yup.)

Me: What do women keep in their purse?
Bri: "Tampons, gum, lipstick, cash money, and all other kinds of secret stuff you don't want us to know about." (I don't even use lipstick!!)

Me: What do I do when I'm home alone?
Bri: "Talk to the dogs, probably sing to yourself really loudly, and wish I was home." (Does he have a camera in here? *looks around nervously*)

Me: And what do you do when you're home alone?
Bri: "Play the guitar real loud play music loud, play xbox, drink beer."

Me: What's my favorite accessory?
Bri: "Maybe your Pandora charm bracelet, lately your bow bracelet, your Grandma's ring, and you always wear earrings."

Me: What's an acceptable amount to spend on a makeup item?
Bri: "Probably like $10 at most." (bahahahaha)

Me: What is your favorite trait about me, not physical?
Bri: "I'd say your sense of humor, and you've always got my back no matter what." (Yea, don't mess with the people I love!)

Me: What's my favorite TV show?
Bri: "Probably right now it's Revenge, maybe the Good Wife, or Parks and Rec. But who knows, because you always binge watch shows on your Kindle."

Me: What is my cocktail of choice?
Bri: "Anything pink, but probably mimosas hands down, and also beer margaritas."

Me: Anything else you'd like to say?
Bri: *Shakes head no.*

Hahaha this was so fun!! How would your significant other answer these questions?

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  1. haha this is so cute!!! I bet he was sweating it lol those were some interesting questions!

  2. These are amazing! I love his answer for your perfect evening question. (And poor guy thinks $10 is the most a person should spend on makeup, ha ha.) This was great.

  3. That's fun! He did pretty good for a man.. Bahaha! I love his Pinterest answer... it's for girls! I am totally impressed he knew what YOLO meant!

  4. "I know what you write about" hahahahaha!!!

    You guys are so cute, I'd totally hang out with you. :)

  5. BAHAHAHA! Oh my gosh there were so many good ones on here!!! I love that he thought you were trying to trick him... bahahahahaaha!!! And also: JC Penney... bahahaha!

  6. Haha these are good questions, love the answer for what he thinks your ideal night!

  7. Oh! Oh! Oh! That is SOOOOO much fun!!! I'm definitely going to ask my fiancee!!! Thanks!

  8. I love this so hard! I am totally stealing this for next month! And I'm actually laughing at his answer to Hunter wellies! I wonder if we would get so many right answers if the tables were turned!

  9. LOL $10. he's funny! I love that he thinks Hunter wellie is made up!

  10. This was hilarious!! MY favorite is definitely Hunter Wellies being made up #men. Oh man, I think I might have to incorporate this one for next month!! Xo Awesome post.

  11. bahahha I enjoyed reading his answeres TOO much! JC Penney and the $10 makeup product?? Hilarious!

  12. "and all other kinds of secret stuff you don't want us to know about" BAHAHAHA. Just once, I'd like to see a guy go through one of our purses. I mean really, mine mostly has a lot of loose coins and trash. haha

  13. $10? Hahahaha. Joke's on him :)

    This was cute. After about 3 questions my husband would probably be like...this is too many questions....

  14. Hahaha this was so cute! I love "I know what you right about.." like he was already getting irritated about this.

  15. Love this, totally doing this! Boys are so oblivious sometimes, it's so hysterical. Can you honestly think of the last time you went to buy CLOTHES at a JC Penny or the last time you only spent $10 on a cosmetic item from the actual makeup store?

  16. How many of these answers were correct?! This is too cute, I wanna try it now.

  17. What a great idea...I am pretty sure my hubby knows almost nothing about my blog except that I have one. And he really doesn't care. Should I be insulted?! haha..

  18. This is great! My husband has been bugging me to blog so I may make him do some of these. I laughed out loud at JC Penney, so random!

  19. This is great and I absolutely love his answer to Hunter Wellies!!!

  20. This is awesome! I am totally going to have my bf do this!

  21. Hahaha. This is too funny. A lot of my guy friends read my blog but don't think they understand the blog world.

    I would like to interview my family of what I do in law school school or will do being a lawyer. Like when I told her my Secured Transactions was 29 hour long exam, she asked if I was allowed to sleep during that time. I think she would of felt sorrier for me if I said, nope locked in an exam room the whole time. Ha.


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