Monday, February 1, 2016

My January Online Purchases

Since I was trapped in the house pretty much the entire month of January (and still am trapped!!), I've solely done online shopping. Seriously, I haven't been to Target in almost 2 months!! So here are my fun online purchases from this month. I'm not including non-fun stuff, like expensive dog foods, a new humidifier filter, and a new fruit/snack basket for the kitchen because a tomato literally exploded in the other one (but here's a link to the one we love, this is the second one we've got of the same one now, thanks to the stupid tomato).

Birch Lane Charlton Pendant

We needed a new light for our front hallway/foyer that hangs in front of a large window, since the one that came with the house is ugly. I had to buy this one as soon as I saw it on Birch Lane. How adorable is the star? I can't even handle it. Brian is installing it soon and I can't wait for it to be hung up! 

Under Armour Women's Seamless Essential Yarn Dye Sports Bra - Dick's Sporting Goods

These are my favorite sports bras ever ever ever. I always buy them from Dick's when they are on sale, and this month I bought two. 

We ordered a bunch wedding pictures in various sizes for our gallery wall up the stairs. We got our prints from mpix, and the frames from Home Goods and AC Moore. Brian finished putting up all the frames Saturday night, and it looks sooooo great! Sorry for the crappy picture, but you get the idea.

Womens New Balance 574 Sweatshirt Athletic Shoe

I needed good new shoes (and I don't have to worry too much about the arch or whatever because I always take out the soles and put in my orthotics, I'm a grandma) for after I get out of this cast and out of the boot and can start walking again. I came across these shoes while searching Journeys website and they were on sale for only $59.99 at the time, so I jumped on them. The yellow N is more of a neon yellow/green color in person and they are super cute and I love them. Well, I love the left one. I won't be able to wear the right one for a few months, so I actually probably won't wear the left one too often so I don't wear it out too early like I did with my cute pig slippers (singular) that I got for Christmas.

I already have this Tarte primer/BB cream (which I use as foundation) in the color Light, but my pale winter skin is too pale for it and even for my Maybelline Fit Me foundation that I currently have, so I bought the Fair shade of the Tarte. I like this stuff because it's more hydrating than just regular foundation, and my skin is awfully dry right now. It's also super soft, and I can mix it with the Light shade I already have if I need a little darker shade or a little more coverage.

When Lilly Pulitzer had its big sale, I figured it was the perfect time to buy a new phone case. I really like the style, but I'm a bit bummed about how scratched up it already is, especially considering I've barely left the house this month so how rough could I have been on it? Good thing I didn't pay full price. 

Dachshund Dog Decal

I got two cute decals from this Etsy shop for my back car window. I got one dachshund, the Winnie Paw Up (pictured above) in pattern C, and one lab (not pictured above) in pattern A, since those are the two types of dogs we have. I considered buying two dachshund decals but I thought that might be excessive haha.

It wouldn't be a normal month if we didn't buy a few bones or toys for the dogs. This month we got them one Nylabone from Amazon when we ordered some boring stuff, and one from when we ordered dog food.

Oh and I also ordered Brian a Valentine's Day card from this Etsy shop and a birthday card from this Etsy shop, but I can't share them because he reads my blog and hasn't gotten the cards yet. They are super cute though!

What did you buy online in January? 
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  1. Your gallery wall turned out so perfect! I love the way you arranged the pictures, and the frames are so gorgeous! I also love the light you chose for your front entryway! It's so much fun, and different than normal. And I'm headed over to that Etsy shop to get a whippet/greyhound silhouette right now! They're just so cute!

  2. That light fixture though!! I LOVE IT!!

    And the gallery wall turned out amazing.

  3. OMG I want one of the dachshund decals! I love the light and can't wait to see it up!

  4. The daschund decals are super cute!!

  5. oh my goodness, that pendant light! I LOVE IT.

  6. Oh my gosh, I would probably cry if I hadn't been to Target in two months #firstworldprobs, but regardless, so good that you could still get your shopping fix :) That light is AMAZING, and I always love fancy sports bra, so I totally want to check out that Under Armour one!

  7. I love those Etsy decals! So so cute! And that light is amazing. I wish we lived in a house instead of an apartment just so I could buy that light. Ha!

  8. I loooooove online shopping! THE BEST! I would rather online shop than shop in a real store ANY day! lol
    Your gallery wall looks amazing, the prints turned out great!

  9. Love your gallery wall-so pretty! The light is so gorgeous too!

  10. Ohhh I love your gallery wall!!!!! That light is so pretty! And are those sports bras super supportive??? I need to find something more supportive. The good ones I have are really old and I cant find them anymore.

  11. The gallery wall looks great! I also love the decals for your car...super cute. :)

  12. oh that sucks about the phone case, that's not cool at all. and i love love love your gallery wall, so fabulous!


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