Monday, February 15, 2016

A Step In The Right Direction

I figured I'd do a little update to my post on Friday, since I talked about possible broken toes and getting my cast off, as well as going to a paint party. So I guess this is kind of a weekend recap too.

I did end up getting my cast off! Woo, and no broken toes, but unfortunately it wasn't as exciting as I thought it'd be. I still have to wear the big boot/walking cast (see Instagram) for an unforeseen amount of time and use the scooter, and I can't get in for physical therapy until Thursday, so that'll be almost a week since I got my cast off that I'm still not even on my way to walking. Basically, the doctor said they'll re-teach me to walk at PT, which I expected, I just didn't realize it'd be a week before I'd get to even go to my first session, and who knows how many sessions it will take until I can actually get up on both feet (in the boot of course) and take some steps. I lost almost all the muscle mass in my leg from not using it for 2 months, so my right leg is literally half the size of the left leg. It is super bizarre.

It was also super nice to finally take a shower and clean my whole right leg, though I thought I'd be able to take a regular shower, but nope, I can't stand so obviously that'd be super dangerous, so I'm still using the makeshift shower chair set-up I've been using the last 8 weeks. And I can't put any weight on my foot, so Brian has to help me hold up my leg while I wash my ankle and foot or else I get charlie horse after charlie horse trying to do it. Lots of fun, I tell ya. But at least I get to wash my ankle and foot. It looks just like what you'd picture a zombie foot to look like, all gray and nasty with healing wounds and dead, peeling skin. Sorry for the description, but now you know why the student shadowing my surgeon passed out cold a few weeks ago when she saw the stitches being removed. It's definitely going to take some time to get even the skin on my foot and ankle back to normal, and I seriously cannot wait for the day I can look down at my leg and not be grossed out!

Oh and you can't tell me that me saying "getting my cast off is a 'step' in the right direction" isn't funny! I thought it was, but everyone I said it to groaned soooo maybe only I enjoy my sense of humor! You know what's not a step in the right direction though, having another sinus infection, boo!

On another note, the paint party went very well! It was fun and Brian and I are super happy with our paintings!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and Valentine's Day. Like I said Friday, Brian and I aren't going out to dinner to celebrate Valentine's Day (and our belated 6 year dating anniversary) until next weekend, but now we can also celebrate Brian getting a promotion at work while we are there. He found out back in December that he passed the PE test for electrical engineering, and this promotion is a partly a result of that, so proud of that guy!
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  1. So happy that your cast is finally off you're well on your way to walking again. The picture turned out amazing you guys are talented!

  2. I love the title of your post and thought it was hilarious! Not gonna lie, I totally clicked through your snapchat pictures really fast when I saw your foot, but my mom had pins in her foot a couple of years ago and sent me lots of gross pictures too! Glad that you're making your way back on the mend, and hopefully you'll be walking in no time!

  3. Yay Valentine's Day dating anniversaries! And you guys are dealing with a lot in year one of marriage - it can only get easier from here, right?

  4. I hated PT after my car accident and again after knee surgery. ICK.

    I love your painting it turned out awesome!

  5. lmao @ zombie foot! How sweet that Brian helps you... seriously so sweet. :)
    You looked GORGEOUS for painting night btw!

  6. hhahahaha I thought the joke was super funny :)

  7. I think your joke is awesome! And your paintings look so good!

  8. Hahaha I love the step in the right direction pun! Glad you're on your way back to normal!

  9. I think that joke is perfect haha my husband would say something like that ;) so glad you can start getting back to normal now with your leg!

    And your paintings are just gorgeous!

  10. Yay for the cast coming off!!!! Step in the right direction...I see what you did there! I hope that you are back to walking in no time!!! I love the way your pictures turned out!


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