Monday, February 29, 2016


Watching: Grey's Anatomy. I'm hooked and I can't stop staring. I'm in season 4 now and I just started last week. That's what ya get folks for makin' whoopie when you can't walk or drive.

Eating: Bland-ish foods. My stomach had been hurting a lot lately, so I went to my doctor Friday and turns out the antibiotic I was put on 2 weeks ago by my ENT for my current millionth sinus infection was making my stomach lining inflamed causing lots of pain, aka gastritis. My life is fun.

Drinking: Lots of water and Gatorade. Gotta stay hydrated to heal.

Feeling: Blah. Because of all of the above. And sore. Physical therapy is no joke.

Buying: I got cute spring dish towels, a new toy for Oatmeal, a canister for the kitchen utensils, a cute carafe, Easter banner, and pretty straws this weekend. That's pretty much all the fun I bought throughout all of February, so I won't be doing a whole post this month of stuff I bought.

Reading: Nothing! Speaking of posts I won't be doing, I probably won't be doing a What I Read post for February. This month got away from me and I barely read a thing!

Missing: Fuller House. I already watched the whole season and it was so cute! Team Steve!

Anticipating: Getting my hair and nails done. Hopefully finally sometime in March when I can walk again. I can't wait!! My hair looks rough!

Praying: For my sister, Taylor. She is only 17 and has lots of stomach issues that are debilitating and is currently in the hospital again.
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  1. So sorry to hear about your sister...and your health issues :( I feel like often times we take our health for granted when we are feeling fine and get quite the rude reminder of how lucky we have it when things are so great.

    In lighter things, I watched all of Fuller House too!!! I am team Matt though. Totally surprises me because nostalgia and all, but Steve is a little stalky! Isn't Greys the best?!?! Hope you get to feeling better!!!

  2. Stomach issues are the WORST as is gastritis, I regularly get both and spend days sick before ending up in the ER. No cause has ever been found for my "episodes", I lose days of my life being sick.

  3. I'm so sorry that you're having such issues from your antibiotics! Hopefully you're on the mend and will be feeling better soon! I also hope that your sister is on the mend too! I've heard such great things about Fuller House already, and I can't wait to start watching it! I've always loved Steve, so I'm pretty sure I'll be Team Steve too!

  4. Oh dear I wish I could give you a hug!! I'm sorry to hear about the antibiotics!! That happened to my husband but it does get better!! Prayers to your sister too in her time of need!!

    I binge watched about half way through Fuller house! I love it!! I'm so Team Steve too!!

  5. So sorry your medicine had you feeling all crummy! I hope you're back to 100% soon!!!! :) I love the cute carafe! :)

  6. so sorry to hear about your sister :( hope she feels better soon (and you!).

  7. oh i'm sorry to hear about your sister, that is horrible.

    okay, clearly i need to watch fuller house. i am scared it won't be as good as full house and i will hate it lol.

    yay greys anatomy though!

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your sister! I hope she feels better soon!

    Gastritis is the worst! I had it for several years and was so miserable. Hope you're on the mend!

  9. I'm sorry you're sick, and I'm sorry about your sister. :( Here's hoping she is out of the hospital soon!

    Your 'hooked and I can't stop staring' was amazing. Major props for that!!

  10. Oh I"m so sorry your sister is in the hospital, prayers for a quick recovery for you and her!

  11. I'm so sorry to hear about your sister- I will say a prayer for her! I hope you're feeling better and I'm glad you were able to figure out what was upsetting your stomach :( I haven't watched Fuller House yet, but I'm saving it for a rainy day when I need some cheering up I think.


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