Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Five

One. Did anyone else give up anything for Lent? Brian and I are attempting to give up junk food (Valentine's candy excluded). I don't eat a ton of junk anyways, but I figure this is a good start to eating cleaner. 

Two. Speaking of Valentine's Day, I never have understood all the hate it gets. I guess it has been taken over by Hallmark, etc., but so what? It actually does have historical significance, and yes, you should technically "celebrate love" all the time, but any day where you can show a little extra love/get some flowers/candy/whatever can't hurt in my book. I love Valentine's Day :-) Hope everyone has a great one!

Three. It's supposed to be super, duper cold this weekend, like negative temps with crazy cold wind chills (i.e. -25 or worse), and I am a weirdo but I LOVE it. I love the extra 8 inches of snow we got this week, and I just love winter.

Four. Before I knew I had to have my cast on for an extra two weeks, Brian and I bought tickets to a couples "Paint and Enjoy Party" for Saturday night. I am so looking forward to it, but it's apparently going to be super crowded and I am a bit nervous about my ankle and my scooter and sitting up in a regular chair for 2 hours. Wish me luck!

Five. Speaking of casts (there are a lot of 'speaking ofs' in this post lol), I may possibly be getting it off 5 days early this afternoon! No promises or anything, and I am not getting my hopes up too high, but I've had a lot of swelling and pain still and I had a major freak out about it Tuesday night. Luckily my doctor gave us his phone number after the surgery and we texted him a picture of my toes Tuesday and he was a bit concerned and didn't want to wait to see me until next Wednesday, so today it is. He told us to bring my big boot with us, which I take to mean that he may be taking off the cast early, I doubt I'll be able to walk on it still until after a few physical therapy sessions, but it's a step (hahaha) in the right direction. Also, I accidentally hit my toes against my scooter pretty hard on Wednesday night, and I'm super scared that I broke or jammed one because they hurt a lot, and I don't know what that would do to my recovery but I'm sure it wouldn't be good. I am very nervous about walking in general though, because it's still sooo painful that I can't imagine actually putting weight on it. Plus I have like no muscle mass below my knee anymore from almost 8 weeks of cast and no walking, so I just know it's going to be no fun at all (that's an understatement) when I start walking.

Anyways, have a great weekend everyone!!
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  1. No lent give ups in our house, I saw people at the store yesterday with black ash on their head which is the only reason I even knew lent started.

    I want to do a paint thing with my girlfriends but no one else seems interested, Tyson said he would go but unless it's a couples thing he'll be the only dude there.

  2. Hope everything is okay with the cast situation! And I like Valentines Day, too. I mean it's totally unnecessary and I guess I hated it when I was single, but now it's fun.

  3. Giving up junk food sounds like the perfect way to start eating cleaner, but of course, Valentine's Day should be completely excluded! The couples paint party sounds like so much fun! I hope y'all have a great time, but hopefully things will be ok with your scooter! And that's great that you might get your cast off early, but fingers crossed that your toes are ok! I can't imagine the pain you have got to be in!

  4. Fingers crossed that you are able to get your cast off early! And good luck with the cold weather. :)

  5. i don't understand the hate valentines day gets either. i honestly don't care about it at all, but i don't think there is anything wrong with a day to remind us of the people we love in our lives. it's always been too close to my birthday so that's why i didn't care about it, but i don't hate it. good luck with no junk food!

  6. I gave up sodas for 3 and I'd commit a crime for a Dr. Pepper :P good luck with the painting and the foot up!

  7. I hope you have a great time at the couples paint party! Fingers crossed you get your cast taken off today! :)

  8. I hope you can get your cast off early!! I just don't like going out on Valentine's Day because I don't like the overpriced prefixe menus. But I kind of love all the pink and red and hearts, and love should be celebrated! Plus, it's an excuse to eat holiday candy. :)

  9. I saw that you got your cast off... yayayayayayayayaya!


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