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My Top 10 Questions About The GG Reunion

Ok so you may or may not know this, but I have a Gilmore Girls obsession. It's more than just "oh yea, I like that show." No, I've seen every episode at least 50 times, which is definitely a low-ball estimate, no lie, and I know almost every line when I watch it. I talk about them like they are real people and tell their stories in my everyday life. Before it was on Netflix, I constantly had one of the season DVDs in my player and when I got to the last disc of season 7, I'd just pop in the first disc of season 1 again.

So obviously I am so extremely excited (that's the understatement of the century) about the new series which is officially official now. It's all I could dream about since I could dream. From what I've heard so far, it's set in pretty much the present day and will be four, 90 min episodes/mini movies, titled 'Winter,' 'Spring,' 'Summer,' and 'Fall.' The scripts are basically finished, shooting may have started yesterday, and at a minimum, Lorelai, Rory, Luke, Lane, Kirk, Emily, Paris, Gypsy, and Michel are confirmed to come back.

But I have SO MANY QUESTIONS. I need to get some of them down in writing so I can let them go and stop peppering my husband with them.

1. WHEN is it coming back?! I can hardly stand it. Copper boom, people, c'mon.

2. Are Jackson, Lulu, Taylor, Babette, Miss Patty, Mrs. Kim, Zack, Brian, Gil, Caesar and everyone else from Stars Hollow going to come back? They need to, they're all part of the local color, purple Stars Hollow charm. Lauren Graham said in an interview that many faces are familiar, but a few are missing, so who are those faces?!

3. And what about Sookie? I really really hope she makes an appearance at least. I can't even imagine how would they even write her not being there into the script with the Dragonfly and her being Lorelai's best friend and all. I'd be so smad. I want to see her kids all grown up. I read that if she wants to make a cameo they will write her in, but then Melissa says she was never asked. This is not cool, they need to figure all this drama out, we need Sookie!! Do it for the kids! Save the cornish game hens!

4. What is Paris up to these days? In Kelly Bishop's recent interview, she said what they've done with Paris is pretty cool, so I'm eager to find out,

5. Who did Rory end up with? The show focused somewhat heavily on their love lives and I need to know. I hope Dean and Jess don't come back. I don't like them, blech, don't get me started, it'd be so awkward and unnecessary. I hate Dean the most. He has anger issues and is so one-dimensional.

6. Going along with #5, did Rory ever talk to Logan again? It may be controversial but I think he was the best suited for her. He challenged her the most and he changed the most for her and it'd be sad if they never talked ever again. Maybe they got back together? I don't even know how I feel about this, but I NEED TO KNOW what happened.

7. Where does Rory work now? Hopefully not on a bus, I always thought she should have taken the job at the ProJo.

8. How are they going to handle the Richard situation? How did Emily handle it? Kelly Bishop said in an interview that Emily was sort of 'manic.' Does she still live in their house? I am so unbelievably sad that he passed away, he wanted to be part of a reunion so badly. This is going to break my heart.

9. Did Lorelei and Luke have kids? Did they re-buy the Twickham house and use Lorelai's house as a recording studio or a safe house? I'm not even questioning whether they stayed together, I couldn't handle it if they didn't and I think true GG fans would revolt. I'm not worried about April, I hope they have her away at college. And I hope Christopher moved away to Paris to be with Sherry or something. Au Revoir!

10. Lastly, some of the most important questions of all: What are they going to call it? I hope just Gilmore Girls. And are they going to change the theme song? I hope not, I want to relive the past. I have issues, I know.

Obviously I've had tons of time to think about this. New questions pop in my head all the time. I keep my eye out for new articles and interviews all the time. I can't wait, they need to hurry up with this! Oy with the poodles already. I am so going to sob like a big baby when I finally get to watch it. No, seriously, I am going to cry. Brian and I were just discussing this last night.

P.S. If you find the bajillion GG references (some are more subtle than others) in this post, you are my new best friend. Super cool party people bid you super cool adieu.

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  1. I'll be honest I had never seen that show before. In the last couple weeks I've seen it like three times even though I have no idea what's going on it seems like it would show that I would like if I did.

  2. I feel like I need to go back and watch the show from the beginning. I missed so many episodes because of my after school job and then I was in college with classes at night.

  3. I started re-watching from the beginning after they announced this! I can't wait to see what they do with everyone - I feel like it's in such good hands with Amy back at the helm.

    I'm secretly really hoping that Rory ends up with Jess and that Dean got lost in the woods and eaten by a bear. I really liked the grown-up, independent author, paid Luke back, Jess from season 6!

  4. To be fair, this is a revival... the reunion already happened :P

    I don't think they can easily bring Jackson back without Sookie, but maybe. And if he's back, then there has to be kids. They have done a casting call for Steve and Kwan, so I'm pretty sure we'll see Zach. Finn is also supposed to be back (unnecessary IMO, but whatever) so that has to mean we'll see Logan. IT HAS TO. At the reunion, Miss Patty said she would be in for it and I think Sean Gunn said the same on Gilmore Guys, so I bet they will at least be a small part. And since so much of what made GG great was the Luke and Lorelai chemistry, I'm thinking maybe one of them got attached pretty quickly after the finale and is now newly single so they will try to make things work again. OR MAYBE the death of Richard has Lorelai going to Luke for comfort because life is too short. I do want to see Christopher but not as a love interest. Oh, and they are casting for a Michael Cera-type and a magazine editor character, so those could be some clues to Rory's love interests and jobs. Yes, I do read every GG revival article I can find...

  5. I really hope they don't switch it to like Gilmore Women or something. I completely forgot about Paris!!! Wow, I'm definitely going to need to sit down and catch up big on Gilmore Girls! It's been a while!!

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  6. I'm so excited for the Gilmore Girls reunion too! In college I would watch it twice everyday when it was on ABC Family, and it was so amazing! I have to know when they're expecting the release date too! How can they keep us in the dark like that? And if Luke and Lorelai are not together, I'm definitely revolting! It's just not even possible! I officially feel like I need to go binge watch it right now so I can be ready for whenever the release date is.

  7. Thank you! I have been asking the same questions! Jess at Just Jess

  8. Okay so I finished binge-watching Jane the Virgin and didn't know what to watch and picked Psych (which I've seen before) but now I feel like I have to binge watch GG again! I binged it when they added it to Netflix and finished in January, which means it's been OVER A YEAR. Okay, Gilmore Girls watching needs to happen ASAP.

    I have so many questions too! I hope they keep the theme song and the title. And I read that about Sookie too! How could they not ask her?! I mean I get that she's kind of become this huge star in the past few years but STILL. And why would they say they're down if she wants to and then she says they didn't ask?? Luke and Lorelai had better be together or I'll flip. And I'm super curious about Rory too!

  9. I have a million questions too! I'm so sad Edward/Richard passed away before the revival. :( I have heard Rory will be single when the revival starts out, but who knows! I can't believe they didn't ask Melissa McCarthy! That's crazy! Someone mentioned she's such a hot commodity that her contract would be too expensive for them, but they should at least ask!

  10. they HAVE to bring Sookie back. if they didn't ask her, that is insanely rude. and I'm with you, I dislike Dean and Jess, but I was never a Logan fan - I don't think he challenged her (cough let her drop out of yale cough). also, if Luke and Lorelai aren't together, I'm not watching it. I'm simply not.

  11. I am so excited for the GG reunion! I totally agree, they MUST bring Sookie back! Love this post!!!

  12. I mean... Sookie has to come back right? Lawd Im so excited about this!

  13. I've heard great things about GG but I've actually never seen a single episode! Maybe now is the time to start getting into it!!

  14. So did you read?! Logan's coming back!


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