Thursday, March 3, 2016

Google History

So I've done this kind of post a few times before (here we even hosted a link up a few years back!), but I think it's fun sometimes to recap what I've Googled recently because I'm kinda weird. So here are the things I've Googled in the past week.

Glacier Freeze Gatorade Flavor. I hate how Gatorade names their flavors so ambiguously. I wanted to know what this one tastes like because I like it and couldn't figure it out. The consensus seems to be some kind of berry or blue raspberry. Do you know?

Why did Isaiah Washington leave Grey's Anatomy? Well that's not a fun story, but I figured it was something bad for him to have been written off so quickly.

Nelson from Full House. Bahaha my sister and her boyfriend did that faceswap thing on Snapchat and I screenshotted it because her with her boyfriend's face looks so much like the grown up Nelson. I cracked up for like an hour when I sent her this. Tell me that isn't hilarious.

Tai Chi. We watched the Intern this weekend and I saw they were doing Tai Chi and it looks so relaxing and a little more interesting than yoga. I looked classes up but of course there are like none here in the Middle of Nowhere, Pennsylvania, so I may end up ordering a DVD from Amazon or something for when I get back on both feet. Have you ever done it? Did you like it?

Girl Scout Cookies. I seriously have to find some in my area because I NEED them.

Damn Daniel. I was seeing this all over the internet and apparently Ellen even had this Daniel guy and his friend on her show! I still don't get it though, why did it go viral? Ugh

I will not be ignored Dan movie quote. I've heard this on Gilmore Girls many times and I always say it, so I figured it was time to learn where it was originally from. Apparently it's from Fatal Attraction, which I've never seen. Have you seen it? Should I? I'm pretty sure it's on Netflix. 
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  1. I love these posts, they're as much fun as search terms that bring people to blogs posts.

    I think that Gatorade is blue raspberry flavored, I like it too but just ask Tyson to bring me blue Gatorade instead of trying to remember the name.

    I always think Tai Chi looks relaxing too, if I found a class here it would be full of old people. It's weird how that works here.

    Use the Girl Scout Cookie finder on their website!

  2. I really need to see The Intern!!! I'm not sure about the whole Damn Daniel thing...I saw it but I didn't think it was that funny! I had no idea that quote was from Fatal Attraction. I've never seen the movie but I've seen the end...It's pretty scary to me! =P

  3. They boil a rabbit in Fatal Attraction, FYI, in case that affects your decision. The Gilmores reference is A LOT, though. I only vaguely remember Nelson from Full House... how on earth did you know what he looked like now?

  4. I don't understand how the Daniel videos went viral either or how they got on ELLEN?!! Ha but it was kinda funny! I like this post idea :)

  5. I don't remember Nelson from Full House! I also haven't seen Fatal Attraction, but basically any time I don't get a reference I always have to Google it...and then feel like I need to watch it so I can be informed later. Ha! I love this, I feel like I Google really random stuff.

  6. You should definitely watch Fatal Attraction, and make your husband watch it with you! That way you can remind him that you're the only non crazy woman out there. Just kidding, but it's one of those movies that's so ingrained in pop culture, that you should definitely try it out! I don't remember Nelson from Full House either, but did you know that the guy who played Derek is on The People's Couch on Bravo? We couldn't figure out why he looked so familiar until I saw an article about where are they now for 90's stars.

  7. i have never seen fatal attraction but i have heard lots about it. and yeah i remember when that guy left greys.. in real life he seemed like an idiot and not a nice person, but i was sad that his character left. sigh.

  8. That is my favorite Gatorade!!!!

  9. This is such a great post idea! Tai Chi looks really fun, and I love that Gatorade flavor!

  10. I know nothing of this damn daniel stuff??? What is this???? Gatorade does have weird names. I literally google everything!


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