Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I Googled What!?!

So excited for this link up! Kelli, Jess, and I want to see everything you Googled, whether in the past week, past year, of all time, or even funny stuff people Googled to get to your blog! You can check your history easily on the app on your phone, or you can go to www.google.com/history. Okay, now you get the privilege of seeing 10 things I've Googled this past month (I can't include everything because I've Googled a LOT of things.. I have a problem).

1- "Is embracement a word?" Yes, it is actually, but Blogger doesn't like it and is giving me red squigglies. 

2- "Does orca whale need to be capitalized?" What? I wanted to know! And the consensus I reached is no, I don't think so. And again, Blogger thinks orca is not a word.. get it together, Blogger!

3- "Can I save mint from my mint plant?" We have a huge mint bush in our backyard and I'm going to want to save some of it for fall/winter.

4- "Is it years passed or years past?" Well it depends, apparently

5- "Kumbaya" Honestly, I don't know why I Googled that.

6- "Hakuna Matata" Again, I really don't know... but now that song is stuck in my head!

7- "How often is the Supreme Court unanimous?" More often than you'd think; it's more than half of the time, according to Forbes. Last year it was over 60%, according to the NY Times.

8- "When is Nashville coming back?" I love this show, and it's returning for season 3 in the fall!

9- "Etsy 12 month stickers" We want to do onesies with those 1 month, 2 month, 3 month, etc. stickers on them for my sister's new baby. 

10- "What is Tilly short for?" Call me crazy but I think that name is adorable, and it's short for Matilda, which I don't really like... but I love the book and the movie!

My favorite line! (via)

Here are the top 5 keywords that people used to find my blog in the past month (the internet is a scary place):

1- "pink pig" (This has got to be because of this post)

2- "can't you see what the camel is yelling?" (I guess this one is because I reference the hump day camel a lot?)

3- "creepy houses" (Maybe because of my How to Survive a Haunted House post)

4- "dachshunds" (Well, duh)

5- "first person to ever have a song with rockin and rollin" (Well yea, I have a post called Rockin and Rollin and Whatnot-- We were Sandy and Danny for Halloween a few years back)

Alright guys, your turn, so grab a button and link up!!

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  1. You Google like I Google! I like the name Tilly it's cute, just stick with Tilly as the whole name and no one will ever call her Matilda! :)

  2. Yesterday I learned that Scalia and Ginsberg are like, real life BFFs - who knew? (Scalia taught at our summer program and the Dean just got back from visiting it... law school life). I love looking at search terms but that camel one is really weird!

  3. Lol look at you being brave, I would be embarrassed to show the many things I google LOL

  4. hahahahah this is so funny!! i google the most random crap too!!

  5. Well crap, I forgot y'all were doing this today!

    So, like, CAN you save mint from a mint plant?!

  6. Hahaha, it's so funny to see what you were wondering about! If I could go back and see what I've asked Siri that would be interesting! (I'm too high tech for google these days šŸ˜‰)

  7. OMG These are tooooo funny! I have to save them up to participate!

  8. Oh man I have to join this next time! I google the craziest stuff!


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