Friday, July 11, 2014


1. I am super pumped that I just got our Verizon bill reduced last night! We were under a pretty old crappy contract with 700 minutes and only 2GB each (we kept going over our limits), but I called and talked to a really friendly Southerner who hooked us up with a new, better plan where we share 6GB and have unlimited talk and text, for the same price! But he also pulled some strings and got us $10 off a month for a year. We are paying less than we were and we get lots more benefit woop! Oh and he backdated it so we didn't go over our data this month. I just love a good deal.

2. I just want to mention how bad paying student loans hurts. I just dropped an unreal amount of money last night paying them, wahhhh. Law school was expensive dude.

3. Remember how I got a bonus at work? Woop! But I am sad because they just added it to my paycheck which wasn't the best way to do it, so for this pay period it bumped my pay bracket into a 35% tax bracket! I almost shit a brick when I saw how much money they took out of my check this month. Fortunately I will get the money back come tax time, but that's a longgggg way away. Grr.

4. I have been sick as a dog this week. First off, I don't actually understand that saying normally, but my dogs were actually sick this week too, poor things, so it actually applies. My surgery is a week from Monday and as weird as it sounds, I can't wait. People have asked me what it is, and I just decided I will share, it's my blog anyways. I have a big cyst in my ovary that needs to be removed because it's causing me a lot of trouble. I had this same surgery 3 years ago, so needless to say I'm annoyed that they are back. Nausea,vomiting, headaches, and stomach/lower back pain have all been on my plate this week, and I am so freaking tired of being sick and tired. I left work early Tuesday because I felt awful, stayed home Wednesday because I was dying, and Thursday I had to leave work early because I kept throwing up and dry heaving. The 21st can't come fast enough!

5. On a more positive note, my DSLR camera came! It's big and intimidating (that's what she said) and I kinda stink so far, but apparently that's natural. Thank goodness for Pinterest and Kelli, who have given me lots of sites and advice, so hopefully this weekend, stomach and weather cooperating, I will be able to get outside and try to take some pictures of our pretty flowers in our yard.

I took this pic on my iPhone (obviously)

Okay have a great weekend guys!
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  1. 1. That is awesome! Way to go!
    2. I die a little whenever I look at my student loans. They are the worst!
    3. That sucks the big one. They should give a bonus in a separate check that is tax-free. That's the whole freaking point of a bonus. haha
    4. Boo! Hope you feel so much after the surgery. :)
    5. Yay, love the picture. You're gonna love it!

  2. i recently got a dslr also and i love it so much! make sure you get a tripod and a wireless remote, it's seriously the best. good luck with your surgery... i would hate to be as sick as you have been :( hopefully this will help make you all better!!!

  3. 1. Call Verizon and get them to lower my bill then I'll give you the number to my cable company too. :)

    2. I hate student loans, hate them.

    3. It's not a bonus if you have to give a ton to the IRS, boo for not giving you a separate check.

    4. Ugh that really sucks, I hope the 21st comes fast for you too!

    5. You can start in auto mode with your camera to get the feel of it, even in auto mode the pictures are AMAZING. :)

  4. i wish DSLRs weren't so big but i love mine (i have the canon).

    Vodka and Soda

  5. Bonuses are fun to get but they definitely are taxed like crazy- boo!

  6. yay for the bonus, boo that they didn't just give you a check. I hope that you feel better until the surgery and it all gets healed quickly. *hugs* your way!

  7. Look at your rocking your phone bill!!!!

    I hate taxes!! UGH!

    I hate that you are not feeling well! I get cysts from time to time. My doctor said that mine were not dangerous and that it would be best that I let them go away on their own. I remember how painful it was so I totally sympathize! I hope you get some relief!

  8. My student loans are deferred right now but omg I dont look forward to paying them at all.

  9. Woo hoo for a better phone plan/bill!!

    Girl I made the mistake in seeing how much I paid in loans last year vs. how much actually came off the principal...I wanted to cry.

  10. "Law school was expensive dude" ---> Preaching to the choir sister. That is the story of my life!


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