Thursday, September 5, 2013

What's in my Makeup Bag?- Eye Edition

More like, what's on/in my bathroom counter, because I don't actually carry my makeup with me. Once it's on for the day, I usually don't bother with it again. I have tried a lot of products and some of the latest fads, like the Clarisonic and expensive mascaras, and I figured I'd share the beauty products I love (and some of the things I don't). 

I am going to make this a weekly series for September. Today I am going to talk about products specifically for your eyes. Next week, I'll talk about products designed for your face. The week after that I'll talk about hair products, and the last week I will talk about moisturizers and other body products. Hope you enjoy! *By the way, all pictures were taken by me, that way you know I have actually tried out and used these products! This is not a sponsored post, just wanted to share some stuff I've tried!*

Mascara. I have tried dozens of mascaras over the last 10 years of my life and I never found one I truly loved; I just hopped around and got a different one each time I bought mascara. I have pretty sensitive eyes though, so in the past few years I have tried the more expensive brands, hoping to find a great one. I tried Benefit they're Real (it was okay but not anything special for $23), Dior Diorshow (so so messy), MAC False Lashes (I had an allergic reaction and my eyes swelled up and wouldn't stop tearing up), and Tarte gifted Amazonian clay smart mascara (I actually liked this one best of all the expensive mascaras I tried).

After the MAC debacle, I was fed up and decided to go back to drugstore brands, and since Almay is hypoallergenic, I tried the Almay intense i-color volumizing mascara and I fell IN LOVE! It is awesome! Not messy at all and it lengthens my lashes much better than any other mascara I have ever tried! I am an Almay mascara convert and I have officially bought it 5x in a row, which is definitely a record! I use it in the color Midnight, even though I don't have the hazel eyes recommended for it.

Eyeliner. I don't like hard pencils that you have to sharpen. I only like the soft kind that "click" up (I'm sure what they are called). I'm not too particular, but I usually just buy COVERGIRL Perfect Point Plus and it does the job :-)

Eye makeup remover. I hate hate hate oily eye makeup removers, and my eyes get really irritated by a lot of the removers out there. I have been using these Almay Lash Care gentle eye makeup remover pads for awhile now and they are very convenient and non-irritating. I received a large sample of Clinique's Take the Day Off when I bought eye cream at BonTon, and I have been using this lately with a cotton ball, and I really like it, too. I just don't know if I feel like paying $18 a bottle in the future.

Eye cream. Thanks to law school and allergies, I get dark circles under my eyes a lot now. Also, I've decided to be proactive about preventing wrinkles, so when I went to the Clinique counter the other day and told the employee my concerns, she recommended All About Eyes Rich. I bought the small container for $30, and it seems like it will last forever because I only use a teeny amount and pat it on my eyes at night and in the morning. I really like how rich and moisturizing it feels without being too heavy. I also love the samples Clinique gives... some of them are bigger than the eye cream!

Latisse. I wrote a little about Latisse in this post. I have been using this diligently for almost 8 weeks now and I actually have a progress appointment today. I really notice a difference so far when I wear mascara, but I am waiting the full 16 weeks before I make my final judgment. I will definitely do a follow up letting you know the final results. You have to get it through a physician and it is definitely expensive, but if you only use one brush and one drop per night, it will last double the amount of time. Also, shop around. The skin care center associated with my dermatologist's office was actually having a buy one, get one free sale when I got mine!

Whoa this post took me wayyyy longer than I expected to put together, but I hope I helped at least a few people out with some product choices! If you have any questions about anything I said, please comment or shoot me an email :-)

What are your favorite eye products? Have you used any of these with different results? Let me know in the comments! Check back next week for What's in my Makeup Bag?- Face Edition!

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  1. I have such a love-hate relationship with makeup, lol. I'm like you, once I put it on, I'm not reapplying it!

    I love Almay products! They are great for the price.

  2. Great recommendations!! I'm definitely going to try your Almay makeup remover because I hate the really oily ones too and can't ever seem to find one I like!

  3. I rarely put on make up now that I don't work outside of the house but I love Almay Intense i-color for hazel eyes, no thought to if it looks ok because I know it's going to look great every single time I put it on.

  4. So many of my blogging friends are posting about makeup today! I love Bobbi Brown eye shadow. I think the shimmer shades are so great to wear alone or layered.

  5. my favorite makeup is definitely mascara! I loooove the tarte one!

  6. They're Real is my current fave mascara.


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