Monday, September 30, 2013

Children of the Corn

Monday, we meet again. I had a pretty relaxing weekend and didn't take many pictures. Friday I got my hair done, woop! and Friday night Brian and I went out to eat and played trivia (I won, duh) and I had this yummy strawberry daiquiri (sorry it's so blurry.. my phone has been misbehaving horribly, blah!)

Saturday morning we went to Mitch's soccer game, then Brian went down to Baltimore for his two-hand-touch office football game, but I stayed back to go to a fall festival in town. 

I bought lots of books for 50 cents (I got 12 okay, I'm a nerd), had a smoothie for lunch and fries and a chocolate covered pretzel and my mom and I entered into a silent auction and won (it was for cupcakes and we are cutthroat). Then we went to a farm and bought some corn stalks, which made for an interesting ride home, to say the least. [Funny story. When I was 7 we used to walk by this corn field and my parents told me that the children of the corn lived in there, thinking I would think it was cute, like the Cabbage Patch Kids. It backfired, I freaked, and couldn't sleep until they told me it was a movie. I watched that movie a few years back, and my fears are real. Have you ever seen that movie? umm freaky Malachi!] Anyways, my dad drove me back to my house (a whopping minute away by car) and he and I took Hansel and Schnitzel for a nice long walk.. I really love living so close to my family because of days like Saturday :-)

Saturday night Brian brought me home some flowers (aww), then we made apple cider sangria, ate leftover taco soup which is the best ever, and watched some tv. 

Sunday was a lazy football day for Bri and a lazy Lifetime movie and baking/cooking day for me. Then Sunday night Revenge and Good Wife came back, so I was a happy girl! 

If you need a smile this Monday morning, start your day with this 6 second video from Vine that never fails to make me smile (I've watched it like 8 times already today.. somebody stop me!).

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  1. Books for 50 cent? You racked up! Sounds like a fun weekend!

    I've never watched Children of the Corn, and I probably never will because I am about as whimpy as it gets when it comes to scary stuff!

  2. I thought I got a great deal on books but you got a better one!

  3. oooh is it bad that i want that strawberry daquiri right now?!

  4. I got my hair cut Friday too! Best feeling ever right!

  5. Your weekend sounds awesome!! Especially your Saturday night. You can't go wrong with sangria! :)

  6. Apple cider sangria is a thing? I am so intrigued...


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