Monday, September 23, 2013

Lions and Tigers and Bears

Oh my. I hope you all had a great weekend. Weekend recap time, here goes.

Friday night Mitch was over at our house and wrote that on our chalk wall. In case you can't read it, it says "I don't work on days that end in Y and I still get paid." I don't know where he gets this stuff. Saturday morning I got up early and went to Mitch's soccer game. Then Brian and I went to the market and had a yummy lunch. In the afternoon, we saw the Wizard of Oz in IMAX 3D and it was awesome. I just love that movie and how universal it is that kids and adults alike can watch and love it. Some of my favorite quotes:

Saturday night I spend baking and we watched some movies and QVC Christmas. On Sunday, Schnitzel got himself stuck in the duvet cover (it was hilarious), and my Mom had a Mary Martha (it used to be called Blessings Unlimited) Party, and it was 15 woman talking and eating and spending money on quality and meaningful stuff, I love it. 

Have a happy Monday!

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  1. The Wizard of Oz was my favorite movie when I was younger. I must have watched it well over 100 times.

  2. The food! You always have such awesome looking food.

  3. I love the Wizard of OZ!!! And your food looks super yummy!

  4. that quote from auntie em is priceless. haha what a good movie.

  5. WHAT?? The Wizard of Oz in 3D exists?! Hello, SIGN ME UP!


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