Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's September, woop!

I am so happy to finally see September. We are *this* close to Fall, and everything awesome that comes with it, including pumpkins, apples, leggings, boots, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin lotion and body wash from Bath and Body Works, candy corn scented candles, and, well, you know the rest. Anyways, I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!

Saturday morning Brian and I had to grocery shop and get ready for our cookout. I was a little stressed because I like to have stuff done in advance and I had planned on having the shopping done and pasta salad made on Friday night, which didn't happen because I had a migraine Friday night and went to bed early. So needless to say, a few minor mishaps occurred, but none that weren't fixable. For one, I forgot to put an egg in the brownie mix-- I remembered before I put it in the oven though, and had to scrape it all out of the pan to mix in an egg. I also didn't realize that the cake needed to be refrigerated for 8 hours (it worked out, it got about 7 hours), and I also forgot to put vanilla in the mix (which was actually okay because I already think it tasted more like vanilla than I wanted it to. Anyways, we had an awesome time, and the only pictures I took were of the kitchen before anyone got there. I will post recipes for the Greek Pasta Salad and the Champagne Sherbet Punch on Friday so check back! 

My friend Stephanie ended up spending the night on Saturday night, because her husband was out of town and her car broke down on the way to our house, poor thing! I was happy to get the extra time with her, and we went shopping and then to a late lunch with Brian and her husband once he got into town. Sunday night, Brian and I went to my parents' house for a cookout.

Yesterday we just hung out around the house, then Brian went golfing. It was too humid and crappy for me to do much else, since my allergies have been outta control lately!

I also bought these adorable leggings from Brickyard Buffalo. They were only $9.99 with free shipping! Fall weather, I'm ready for you anytime!! 

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  1. That food all looks so good! I didn't do any fun outside activities this weekend either since I burned my finger pretty badly. I couldn't imagine how beach sand and burned finger would be ok together so I just stayed home.

  2. Looks like an awesome long weekend- I agree with Kelli, all your food looks delish! I can so relate to feeling stressed if you aren't prepared in advance for a party. I seem to do that way too often :)

  3. Cookout looks like lots of fun! And with yummy food!

  4. oh man.I know how that happens when your brain is working overtime and it forgets little things like adding the egg. it is kinda funny though, afterwards :-)

  5. All of the food looks so delicious, I am sure you had a wonderful Labor Day party!


  6. one word: YUM!!!! everything looks SO delicious.

    your pup is so adorable :)


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