Monday, March 7, 2016

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

So I did a somewhat similar post to this a few years back that I got from someone else (their post has since been deleted or else I'd link to it) so I thought since I'm inspiration-less, I'd give it another whirl.

Five things I did over the weekend:
1. Burned the crap out of my mouth on my breakfast. Ouch!  
2. Physical therapy exercises. Fun.. and also ouch.
3. Watched Grey's Anatomy. Of course. 
4. Went to lunch at our wedding venue. It's the first time we've been back since the wedding. I miss our wedding, wah! 
5. Celebrated my Dad's and Brian's birthdays. We surprised Brian with the new Xbox, he was excited!

Four items I recently purchased:
1. Some shirts on sale from American Eagle. I needed some new short sleeve shirts for spring and summer and they had a super deal so I couldn't resist. 
2. A Real Techniques makeup sponge. Finally.  
3. White eyeliner. I heard it's the new thing to brighten up your eyes.
4. Some soaps and a candle from Bath and Body Works. I can't resist.  

Three shows I'm glad just came back/are coming back this week:
1. Once Upon a Time.
2. Quantico
3. The Family. Technically this is just coming on, not coming back, since it's new, but I like it so far! 

Two reasons I'm excited for spring:
1. The decorations. We just put up our spring decor this weekend and I love the pretty colors! 
2. Earth Day. My dad organizes a festival every year for the last 15 or so years and it's super fun; we all volunteer every year and Brian and I run the prize table. 

One thing that's annoying me:
1. Reagan on New Girl. She is not funny. Thank goodness Jess is supposed to be back this week. 
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  1. I totally went to see who deleted their original post 'cause I'm all nosy, interesting very interesting.

    I love this concept, I'm looking forward to spring because of time change and beach weather!

  2. Oh my goodness I'm so glad that Jess will be back this week! My husband was getting really mad that she hasn't been on (obviously because of her baby) because he doesn't think that it's as funny without her. I love all of your Easter decorations! Everything is so pretty and full of color! And I can't resist B&BW either! Everything always smells so good that I just can't say no!

  3. Happy Birthday to Brian and your dad!!! That's so cool you can visit your wedding venue! I wish I could do that! Love the Easter decorations! I have to get on that band wagon AsAP!

    Thank you for saying that about New Girl. I can't stand Reagan either!!!!!

  4. It is about time that Jess comes back. We were like why is she gone??? Chris looked it up and saw it was because she had a baby...back in June. Liiiiike it is time to come back to your show home girl!!! You are the star of it, duh!!! it has been pretty terrible without her. I have been doing white eye liner for years in the corners of my eyes, it really does work!!! I will have to check out The Family.

  5. This is a fun format for a post! I love that you went back to your wedding venue for lunch! I haven't been watching New Girl. :( I missed when it came back on so I didn't set up a recording after we moved. Wah. I have some friends who say they like it better without Jess (and they think Zooey D is annoying!) and I'm like...NO WAY. I reeeeally want to watch The Family!

  6. I quit on New Girl and saw one Reagan ep on a plane and actually didn't hate it, but I didn't like it enough to go back to it, either. I need some blogging inspiration so I might have to borrow this soon! Also, I love all the color in your house!

  7. I love Quantico-can't wait to watch the new episode! White eyeliner sounds interesting! Have you tried it yet?

  8. Love that you guys went back to your wedding venue for a date... how fun/cute!

  9. Burning your mouth on breakfast, or anything for that matter, sucks. So cool that your dad organizes the Earth Day festival. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  10. it has been ages since i watched new girl, who the heck is reagan? i have been wanting a real techniques sponge thingy, thanks for reminding me. and i cannot wait for once upon a time, i don't think i am all caught up from last season, or maybe i am? or maybe i just need to binge watch it all anyway.

  11. I am FINALLY on season 11 of Greys!!!!

  12. i am in love with Spring decor too!


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