Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesday Ramblings

Do I have the cutest nephew or what? If you follow me on snapchat you probably saw all the videos Friday of him pointing at candy and snacks at Home Goods saying "can-ee, can-ee" and "num num num num num." Plus the kid loves to dance! I can't take it, he's too stinking adorable!

Did you watch the Bachelor finale last night? What did you think? I mean obviously boring but beautiful Lauren B. was going to win, but did Ben have to let JoJo keep talking on and on about how much she loves him right before he dumped her? Ugh it seemed so heartless! So happy JoJo is the Bachelorette though, if it had been Caila I would have been bored to tears.

Brian's parents came to visit this weekend and brought us this beautiful piece of furniture that Brian's dad built for us. Sorry this picture I took isn't great, the weather has been so cloudy for days so I don't have any good light to take a nice picture. It is so pretty though and perfect for storing all of our wine and liquor, as well as wine glasses, etc. I've added more stuff to it since I took this picture actually. The glass in the doors up top is over 100 years old which is really neat, and the middle part has a granite inlay. We love it!

I am sick of lunch! I hate making it, eating it, everything about it. I am not a big sandwich person, and having a salad everyday upsets my stomach. Got any fresh lunch ideas?

I don't know if I've mentioned it but I am walking! I'm still in the big boot but I no longer need crutches or the scooter! Fingers crossed that at my appointment next Friday the doctor tells me when I can drive again, I feel like I'm in middle school the way I keep having to ask for rides everywhere.

Have a good Tuesday! It's PLL season finale night! Who do you think has the "twin?" I think Ali's mom, but who knows?!

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  1. Your nephew really is so adorable! I also love the hutch that Brian's dad made for y'all! What a wonderful piece of furniture that y'all can keep forever! Hooray for the JoJo being the next bachelorette! She was definitely my favorite, even though I think that Lauren and Ben make a better couple.

  2. Ahhhhh I didn't realize it was the PLL finale already??? That hutch is beautiful!!! What a wonderful piece of furniture to have!! And so functional!!! yay for walking!!! Dont ask me about lunch, I am in a rut as well. I have literally had soup every week for months now. I switch back and forth between veggie soup, chili, mexican chicken soup and taco soup.

  3. I LOVE that hutch, love it!

    I hate lunch too, trying to think of something light to eat every day is daunting. Last week I had spaghetti O's. Haha

  4. You are hilarious! I was going to be bored if Caila was bachelorette too! Prob as bored as I was with Ben. LOL!


  5. I need to go back an swatch PLL. I started it in college years ago and only made it through a few episodes and loved it! My lunches always have to be new and different or I get bored. I try to do leftovers from the night before (salmon, chicken, etc.), then sides like pretzel sticks, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower, almonds, etc.! Pinterest has lots of awesome ideas!


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