Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"Is that your daughter or your friend?"

I'm no longer a student, I can't get away with making my mommy go to all my doctor's appointments with me anymore, and I can't shop at certain stores without feeling out of place, not to mention my metabolism is not who she used to be (I refer to my metabolism as a 'she' because that way I can call her a b*tch and it makes sense, I think..), but apparently the fact that I am 25 years old is hard for people to believe. I get a lot of "really?" and "no way!" when I tell people my age. Here are some interesting examples:

One. Brian and I have been carded more times than can fit on one hand. Carded for what you might ask? Alcohol? Nope, well yea, but right now I am actually referring to... rated R movies. Yup. Now, this hasn't happened probably in the past year or two, but even when I was 22 and 23 years old we were consistently carded going to the movies, something you only need to be 17 to do. 

Like the ghost on my dress? lol

Two. I've been asked multiple times in the past year what grade in high school I'm in. No, not what year in college, which is way more understandable, but what grade in high school. I've been at appointments during the day and been asked "oh, is school closed today?" or "when is prom?" haha you should see the look on their faces when I tell them how old I really am!

Okay this is the closest picture I could find on my computer of me in high school.. I'm basically in high school here. It's like September of my freshman year of college.. I couldn't have changed too much in a few months haha

Three. Nearly every time I buy alcohol my ID is scrutinized, scanned, and I have sign a piece of paper saying that I'm over 21. They act like I'm joining the FBI a sneaky little teenager trying to score some underage liquor. And every time I get a little nervous and tell myself "act natural, act natural darnit," like I'm not actually over 21 or something. I mean, the looks I get, especially from the women cashiers (I've found that men are less suspicious in the alcohol-buying context) make me actually question myself sometimes! 

My 21st birthday

As annoying as it is to constantly need to have my ID at-the-ready, I actually don't mind it so much because I'd rather look young and when I get older I will definitely appreciate looking young even more. Wanna know how I know this? Because the other week my nearly 20-year old sister and I went to a nail salon. While she was getting a manicure, I was getting a pedicure, and the woman seriously asked me, "Is that your daughter or your friend?

Well that really frosts my cookies (if you know what movie I'm quoting I love you and you've listened to my past advice)! Now, she barely spoke English so she may have been confused and probably meant to say 'sister' instead of 'daughter,' but needless to say I was freaked out and will definitely never take for granted being carded anywhere ever again (also, we are never going back to that salon..)!

I mean, do we look like daughter and mother to you? I think not. 

Do you have any funny stories about getting carded/your age/getting old? Please tell them to me!

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  1. R rated movies? bahahah! But like you said, you will love this later on in your life!
    Todd has a super young looking face too and sometimes I think it bothers him, but I always try and tell him how his opinion of that will probably change in a few years!

  2. I tried to buy Friends With Benefits at Walmart the other day and they got really suspicious and asked for my ID to make sure I was 21. I was thinking...seriously?

    I also had a relative ask me if I'm getting ready to go to college yet. Um...I graduated college like a year ago dude.

    But, these are good things! It's good to look young!

    And I'm sure she meant your sister...because there is no way she could even pass as your daughter! Ha ha.

  3. I think she must have meant sister not daughter. No way do you look old enough to be her mother.

    At 36 I still get asked for ID when I buy alcohol sometimes. It use to annoy me but now I just take it as a compliment!

  4. Nobody believes me when I tell them I'm 28. I got carded last year at Best Buy for buying and R rated movie. I don't mind, means I look young!

  5. Haha I love getting carded..It makes me feel so young lol

  6. Haha you will definitely appreciate looking young when you get older. Also, I love the two extremes you get from being carded for R rated movies to being asked if your sister is your daughter.

  7. Hahahaha my older sister gets carded all the time. I've been carded for drinks for...forever, but luckily I skate by comfortably in regards to movies ;)

  8. Haha!! Oh man, I still get carded at 28. I've got no problem with that, I definitely don't want to look older!

  9. How do I pick just one...This is the story of my life.

    Example today I walk into a clothing store where I work. My coworker came up and Said I am so proud of you for getting a job!

    I guess the woman at the counter asked where, it was explained I was graduating law school and got a job in MD.

    The woman said "WHAT I thought she was 15." UGH


  10. alright, i've got a new one. i went to get my eyebrows waxed the other day and they said i had to have a parent's permission, because they thought i was 14! insane. ps LOVE the reese witherspoon gif. that sums up my life a lot of the time :)

    1. The Reese gif is me too, almost every day :-) and wow 14? They must have needed some glasses because that's extreme! haha

  11. bhahaha to the R rated movies!

    I get carded a LOT when I go to the LCBO.

  12. LOL I'm 25 also & I still feel pretty BA when I don't get carded for alcohol.

    1. It is pretty great actually, the rated R thing is just ridiculous though!

  13. I was out with one of my friends the other week at this cute little antique store/coffee shop, and while we chatting with the cashier she asked my friend if I was her daughter! Never have I felt so young, or her so old. I felt so bad for her! When she said we were sorority sisters the woman was so embarrassed.


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