Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Recipe: Greek Pizza!

So Greek Pizza is one of Brian and mine's favorite recipes because it is so good, so easy, and so so fast. We found the recipe somewhere online years ago (I cannot remember where), but we have changed it somewhat to simplify it. The directions are not exact at all (sorry!!) BUT they don't have to be; you can alter it however you want and you will still love it. Have fun! 

**Preheat oven to 450 degrees. 

**Assemble your ingredients:
  1. Pre-made crust (if you feel like making your own, more power to ya, but we tried that once and let's just say it was not pretty-- Also, I am trying to cut back on carbs so I used this thin one, but if you are good with carbs I would definitely get a thicker one to better hold toppings)
  2. Baby tomatoes (a cup or two chopped in half or quarters; you won't need more than one of those small containers-- we have a big one because we use them a lot)
  3. Feta cheese (one container will do, but you can use more if you like-- we loveeee feta in this house!)
  4. Cavender's All-purpose Greek seasoning (a must! We found it at Target, but if you can't find it, Amazon has a big shaker (8oz) at a decent price)
  5. Onions (probably less than a half of an onion- I am lazy and hate chopping onions so I just bought them pre-chopped and only needed less than a fourth of the container)
  6. Bag of spinach (you won't need the whole thing; just a few handfuls)

**Put the crust on your pizza stone (similar here) or cookie sheet and spread all of the feta cheese evenly on top, then follow with the tomatoes, onions, and a healthy sprinkling of Cavender's (save spinach for later).

It's okay if you make a mess while you're cooking, if you have trusty little vacuums like we have! 

**Bake for about 10 minutes, or until the cheese is a teeny bit brown.

**Turn oven OFF!! 

**Rip up a handful or two of spinach and spread it all over the top of the pizza. Wait a few minutes for the spinach to wilt, then cut into slices. It should look something like this:

**Enjoy!! Let me know how you like it! I promise it is WAY WAY more appetizing in person :-) 

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