Monday, July 15, 2013


So oops, I started this blog then never came back. I have an excuse though, I swear. I was in my last semester of law school and I had finals and bar applications and graduation and bar prep to take care of. In fact, right now, I am putting off reviewing my answers from my MBE (basically the multiple choice part of the test- 1 of the 2 days). I take the bar in 2 weeks aahhh! I can't think about it too much or I panic. 

So anyways, I was kind of watching The Bachelorette (does any else have trouble concentrating this season? Des is annoying boring!) and catching up on reading my blogs for the night, when I decided I should probably attempt to post on my blog! Plus, last night, my boyfriend Brian told me how I should start a blog and it got me thinking. So I am back. I will try to figure this thing out and maybe eventually get someone to make me a blog design. Brian even volunteered to take care of all my HTML stuff for me (whatever that even is). Tune in (yea I sound like a radio host from the 1940s with that saying but I don't know any blog lingo yet) tomorrow for a list of things I'm loving now, and maybe later this week I will even do a link-up! 

Sorry for such a lame post. Maybe this picture of my miniature dachshund brothers Hansel and Schnitzel when they were puppies will make up for it? 

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