Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Best Surprise Bridal Shower Ever!

So this past Sunday my mom and three sisters threw me the best bridal shower ever! It was a surprise too! Well, I knew I was going to have a shower at some point, and I had an idea of a few weekends it may have taken place, but I had no idea where it was or any of the details! It was a great day, so many people made it from all over, and I got so much awesome stuff. My mom and sisters really put a lot of time and heart into making it a perfect day, and all the little details were so pretty and perfect! Ready for photo overload? Here goes!

How cute is that chalkboard? I have it on my kitchen table now so I can count the days! 

Walking up the steps to the party!

Yea I definitely was about to cry here! Luckily I held it in and awkwardly waved haha

I love this picture of us.. except that I spent like an hour curling my hair and it already pretty much fell out within the hour

The decorations were so pretty!

Some of the cute games! The ring game got ugly! And I love the Memory game (I had to guess who wrote each one) and the date night ideas (my aunt wrote Naked Twister omg). We also played a few other games, like He Said/She Said, Who Has the Groom Under Their Seat (I got the Donald haha), and the Newlywed Game. It was so fun!

Delicious food and the adorable banner of pictures of Brian and me. How cute was he?!

My sister MADE this cupcake cake! It was so yummy and looked amazing!

The tables were set up so cute! I love the centerpieces so much, I have all of them on my mantle now!

The cute favor boxes!

How cool are the M&Ms?! I love them!

We definitely got spoiled!

My sisters, my mom, and I. Sorry for the blurry pic. They did such a great job with the shower and I am so grateful!

Almost everyone who came, minus 5 who had already left. We are so fortunate to have so many loved ones!

I love balloons! I have all of the mylar ones attached to chairs in my kitchen :-)

Like I said, best shower ever!! Stay tuned later this week for ALL the wedding details. P.S. I just made a new Twitter account so follow me on there! Also, YAY my Bloglovin' link is working again! 
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  1. That cupcake cake is truly gorgeous. It's an exciting time, enjoy it!

  2. Ummm naked twister, hahahaha. Awkward.

    I love the cupcake cake, such a great job!

  3. Hahahahahahaha naked twister!!! That is hilarious! Your sister did an amazing job on that cake. It looks like you had such a great shower. Congrats!!!

  4. What a gorgeous shower! I love the M and Ms and the game ideas! Hilarious about the naked twister. I hope you didn't have to read them out loud! I would've died!!! :)

  5. That is so very sweet!!!! And all the decorations are just perfect!

  6. They did such an awesome job with the shower! How sweet of them! :D I love the little details... the heart in the "10"... gah! SO CUTE!


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