Friday, August 15, 2014

1 Year and 200 Posts

So I missed my 200th post, this is actually my 202nd post! I also realized that I missed my 1 year blogiversary on July 15th! #slacker (And okay, so I actually started this blog in January of 2013 but I didn't really say anything and didn't start posting regularly until July so I consider that my official starting date).

Honestly, when I first started blogging I didn't know how long I would actually keep up with it. I had been reading other people's blogs for like 3-4 years. The first one I came across was The Anderson Crew because a girl from my old job followed them. I just loved watching that family grow, and I randomly found more and more blogs through the blogs I was reading and now the beast is out of control. I am super nosy and I love reading about other people's lives, but I never knew how big and awesome a community blogging is until I actually joined it. Like, you can make actual friends!

The past year or so has been a pretty crazy and busy one! I graduated law school, started blogging, took and passed the bar exam, got a real-life lawyer job, bought a house, got engaged, found out I'm going to be an aunt, had surgery, and all sorts of other things, including weddings and vacations. It really flew by!

I'm pretty surprised I stuck with blogging for so long, because I give up on non-academic stuff kind of easily sometimes. Who knows how long I'll keep going, hopefully awhile. I may not post as regularly as I once did, because I cannot seem to find the time right now, but hey, who knows, maybe I will. Anyways, thanks for reading and commenting guys, it's so cool that there are people out there who actually want to read my ramblings. And since I couldn't decide what kind of picture went with this post, you get this totally random one of Brian and me pretty much as babies, with a creepy balloon person. Don't ask, I don't even know.

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  1. I have a hard time finding the right time to post too, with Tyson's schedule constantly changing it's never quiet and calm here when I want it to be.

    Also I don't have crap to write about lately.

  2. This go in an ebb and flow with blogging sometimes. I go through waves where I could write all day every day and then others where I'm like "the blog? Meh." Happy "1 year!"

  3. Happy one year and 200th post!!!! Blogging is a crazy thing isn't it? We start out just reading a few then we want to do it then we are full immersed and making friends. I love it!

  4. Wow, your year has been pretty crazy! So happy to have "met" you through this and excited to keep following along!

  5. Happy one year and 200 posts. Glad you came back to blogging :)

  6. yay for your posts!! Sometimes, I have a hard time posting and don't ever want too JUST BECAUSE I feel like I need too. Keep doing what you're doing :)

  7. Happy one year girl! I'm glad you're sticking around b/c you've always been one of my faves! :) KEEP STICKING AROUND! :D


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