Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday Monday

We're home from our honeymoon and it's back to real life (I did 7 loads of laundry this weekend, woof). As some of you may have read in my deleted previous post, our honeymoon didn't start off all that great (salamanders, sand flies, changing rooms, etc.) but luckily for us it got better once we changed rooms and we ended up having a really good time the last few days. Oh, and my phone survived a toilet plunge so that was nice since that what I took all of my pictures with! I deleted my previous post by the way because I wrote it in a fit of anger about our situation. Since we ended up having a better time, I don't want to remember our honeymoon with a bad taste in my mouth, so here are some A LOT of pretty pictures from the Bahamas. It really was beautiful, with amazing turquoise water like I've never seen before. Plus we had great temperatures and yummy drinks, so that was awesome!

I am currently thinking of all the things that need to be done (including going to Social Security and PennDOT to change my name), so enjoy the pics and I'll be back later this week!
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  1. Looks amazing! I want to go!! I think the best trips are the ones that have some hiccups, you will never forget them!

  2. I am glad that things turned around and you guys did enjoy some of your time there! It looks absolutely fabulous!!!! Such pretty water :)

  3. SO glad to hear that things got better and that your phone survived! I would've been panicking! lol

  4. i'm sorry it didn't start out well, but glad it was all sorted! sometimes i think the mess ups help me appreciate the good parts lol. gorgeous pictures!

  5. I really like the couch and chairs in the pool, that's freaking awesome!


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