Wednesday, September 17, 2014

You May Not Recognize Me Tomorrow

Ummm what? It's Wednesday already?! My last week has been crazy. Last Thursday night we drove up to Brian's parents' house in NJ, and on Friday morning we hopped in the car with his parents and took off for Maine at 5am!! Ahhh! Around 2pm we arrived in Maine and it was freezing! Beautiful, yes, but freezing. I mean, I expected fall weather, not winter. It barely got above 40 degrees the whole weekend and it was SO WINDY.

Friday night the parents of the groom paid for everyone to go bowling at this awesome bowling alley, and I kicked Brian's butt, and lucky for me we bet our phone upgrade on it, so guess who's getting the iPhone 6 next month?! Yup, me! Saturday was the wedding at the campgrounds we stayed at in little log cabins, Sunday was an after party on this awesome almost-island the groom's grandparents own with all these cool cabins (it was freezing but gorgeous, and also you have to access it either by boat or over 7 miles of logging trails.. boy did I get car sick!!), and Monday we headed back home and got there at 10pm, so needless to say I am exhausted and that's why I'm just getting around to posting now.

I didn't take a ton of good pics (I didn't bring gloves, and it was too cold to take my hands out of my pocket!), but here are a few (not great) pics that I did take:

 Oh don't mind my puffiness, just wearing a long sleeve shirt, north face, and hoodie lol
 The day after party on the grooms' grandparents' property.. how cute were all the appetizers?!
4 layers this time- long sleeve shirt, vineyard vines pullover fleece, north face zip- up, and someone's grandpa's winter coat.. I'm telling you, it was freezing! Poor Brian was an ice cube! 

So anyway I'm off to the hair salon this morning to have my hair dyed! I'll explain: I think I've mentioned it before, maybe not, but I sweat like crazy, mainly on my face, and it's super embarrassing, annoying, and uncomfortable. It could be 30 degrees and I quite possibly may have sweat dripping down my face, even when the rest of me is freezing cold. I have some other similar issues too, and I finally got a endocrinologist appointment for next week in Hershey, which is an awesome hospital, because I have to get these issues taken care of. More on that after the appt, but back to the hair dying.. I am tired of washing my blonde hair only to sweat and have it look greasy and nasty an hour later. Sweat shows up way more on blonde hair, so I am dying my hair darker so it won't look so awful while I get these issues figured out. I will have my hair back to blonde before the wedding next year, it was just time for a change!
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  1. Looks like a fun trip!!! And yay for a new hair colour. Im sure it will be fab.

  2. It's about to be fall now anyways, I always go darker for fall :)

    And hello, beautiful pictures!!! Maine is just gorgeous! Can you send me some cooler weather please?? PLEASE?!?!?!

  3. oh man so many comments on this post:
    so 1. it was that cold up there at this time?!?! i would HATE to see it in Late October/November...and then actual WINTER TIME. JEEZ. I hate the cold. bring me the heat. wahhhh!!
    2. that is sooo freaking awesome you won in bowling, and get the upgrade! but if you lost, did you really think he'd say no to your upgrade?? ;) :)
    3. those apps are all so cute. did they do that themselves or have it catered? my favorite is the pig watermelon!
    4. when you say dying your hair darker, do you mean BROWN!?!?!? can't wait to see, i'm sure whatever you decide will look great

  4. yay for hair dying! i absolutely agree, used to be blonde and i couldn't go a day without washing, it looks dirty so much faster! and um can i please have all that food and that pig watermelon is amazing!


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