Wednesday, September 24, 2014


- I binge watch Beverly Hills 90210. I can't stop won't stop.

- Brian and I were supposed to be on a 3 day diet thingy to jump start our metabolisms, but I quit. My stomach was eating itself and it made it required eating eggs, and I HATE eggs!

- If you don't follow me on Instagram, then you haven't seen my new hair yet. Well everyone seemed to love it (and I do, too!), but I definitely shocked some people at work (and it sounds mean but it was hilarious!); when they'd come into my office they'd be looking down at papers and talking to me then look up and nearly have heart attacks. It was great.

- I haven't shaved my legs in 2 weeks. Yay for fall!

- I have allergic conjunctivitis (pink eye). It's from my stupid corn smut allergy (yup, that's the real name- it's like mold that grows on corn and it blows around this time of year). PA is full of corn. PA is very windy all the time. My eyes burn. I had to throw all my eye makeup away, boo. The hits just keep on coming. But at least I got to order new stuff #silverlining

- I am addicted to online shopping. I get such a rush when I click Submit Order, and I obsessively check the tracking. Getting packages delivered to your doorstep is kinda like Christmas!

- I'm actually kind of excited for my endocrinologist appointment on Friday. No, I'm not a weirdo, I just can't wait to see if he has solutions for my sweating.. fingers crossed, but not getting my hopes up.

- We pretty much have a free weekend this weekend, and I cannot wait! We have been so super busy the entire summer, and I'm ready for a few calm weeks. We're going to head back up to the lake in the next few weeks, then it's my sister's baby shower, and then birthdays and holidays, etc., so I am reveling in the few free weekends we do have.

- I've really lost my blogging motivation. I feel like I used to be funnier and write so much more, but I'm very uninspired and I can't force it. Any ideas to bring me out of this long-time slump?

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  1. I want to watch 90210 with you, I LOVE that show!

    I was in a blogging rut for soooooo long, I finally see the other side. Stress in my personal life caused the block but the stress is mostly gone and I'm blogging again. Yayyyy!

  2. i've lost my blogging mojo too. props to those ladies who can do this on a daily basis for YEARS!

    i love the brown hair, of course! and i just have to yell TWINS. i'm binge watching 90210 beverly hills as well. i wasn't allowed to watch it when i was little, so i've never seen it!!!!!
    i'm opposite of you. i have something every weekend on both dates through the end of october!

  3. im with you on the blogging slump. my posts were awesome and funny; now they're lame and whatevs. trying to get my mojo back but so far, it's not working!

    i binge watch Friends....always and forever.

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  4. Your hair looks fabulous, lady! Good luck with your appointment. :)

    I've been online shopping like a bandit recently HELLO LOFT.COM sales!

  5. Lovvvve your hair!! I am also online shopping obsessssed. I've been forcing myself to delete all my shopping emails because I can't stop!!!

  6. I purchased the Advocare 10day cleanse a couple weeks back and STILL haven't started it because I know I will cheat and quit it. I wanted to do it to get my eating habits back on track.. but I just love sour patch kids and wine too much right now haha. I love the hair! I so badly want to try a darker color, you may have just given me in the inspiration to do so.

  7. still loving your hair... It's hilarious mine looked exactly like that and all my conworkers were like WOAH! Ha!!

  8. Corn smut.. hahaha. That sucks though. Do you wear contacts? I hate when I get pink eye because then I have to throw them out- boo. Love your new do!

  9. I haven't shaved my legs in like a month. Oops! love the new hair!

  10. I used to have issues with the corn when I lived in PA too!!! What is the deal?!?! Now I am allergic to EVERYTHING in the south and am basically snotty year round. Fun, huh?

    Love the new hair! Good luck at your dr appointment!

  11. Love your new hair. Enjoy your free weekend- they are so needed.

  12. The new hair looks great! I know what you mean about the blogging slump. I have been so busy lately that I have had no motivation to sit down and blog. Thankfully I had quite a few scheduled posts so I didn't have to worry about trying to come up with a post on the fly.

  13. Ohhh pretty hair!!! That sucks about the pink eye - pink eye is horrible!!! I think the only worse thing is having a stye (sty?). I haven't seen 90210 in a while but hopefully I'll catch it one of these days!

  14. allergic conjunctivitis is the worst. I'd get it as a kid. Boooo life.

  15. I'm in a blogging rut, too. Obviously, since I don't even bother to post anymore. I'm with Kelli, though, I think the stress in my personal life is causing my writers block so maybe you'll get past it after you get all your medical issues worked out! Oh, and I'm with you on the not shaving my legs. It's my favorite part of winter (and long distance relationships)!


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