Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Five: Fall Edition

You know I had to do it. Everyone else is going on and on about fall and I'm over here like, umm it's MY favorite season, so I had to do at least one fall post. #sorrynotsorry << that's my favorite hashtag in case you didn't already notice. Anyways, without further ado, my favorite fall things:

1. Cooler weather. I've told you guys all about my sweating issues, and with fall comes 50 degree temps and that's awesome and sooo much better. Plus you get to drink hot cider and eat soup and wear sweaters and scarves and boots and leggings and plaid and and and...

2. Leaves. If you haven't been to the Northeast in the fall, well, you've been missing out. The colors around here are seriously amazing, and it seems to be starting early this year (though that better not happen next year because I'm getting married October 17th and the leaves better still be on the trees!)

Okay this was a weird year--8 inches of snow while the colored leaves were still on the trees.

3. Fall Activities. Like football- no, I don't watch it, not really, but I love trying out different fun and fall recipes for us to eat during the games on Sundays while I watch 90210 on my KindleFire. Plus, Brian has flag football games in the fall an hour away for work, which otherwise would suck, but the games are riiiiight near an Anthropologie and a Cheesecake Factory, so I'm down to go, as long as I pee in advance--those porta potties are sick nasty. Other awesome fall activities like pumpkin and apple picking are also in this category.

4. Fall-scented candles. Yea, me and every other female in America over the age of 18. But seriously, how can you resist scents like Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Sweater Weather, and Cider Web?! And I will add pumpkin scented soaps, body washes, hand sanitizers, and lotions to this list, because obviously I have transitioned my entire routine to be fall-related.

5. Decorations.We had a bunch of friends over last week and everyone complimented all my fall decorations. Now I have like nothing in comparison to my mom, who has as many fall decorations as she has Christmas decorations (which is tons!), but I was still pretty pumped that people liked my decorating :-)

What's your favorite thing about fall? Have a good weekend guys!

P.S. My gold iPhone 6 is coming today and I am so excited!

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  1. ahh love all your fall decor!! i REALLY need to get to B&BW to smell that sweater weather candle. everyone and their mother's have it, so i know it MUST be good!!!

  2. oh, ps i really like both your boot choices :)

  3. Okay so I have BOGO coupons for Yankee candle that expire this weekend and I am still trying to decide if I'm ready for a cold weather candle or not.

  4. It's about time to put my fall wreath on our door now!! I haven't really done any decorating yet....though i did plant my mums last night!

  5. I love fall!!!! I love the cooler weather, the clothes, the boots, the leaves, the food, the food, did I mention the food?

    PA is certainly one of the most beautiful states I have ever lived in for the fall. We get some foliage down here, I seriously can not wait to see it!

  6. I love your wreath, sweater weather candles, and those riding boots. I really love summer, but the leaves and clothing options in fall are pretty great.

  7. woohoo!!!!!!! Fall is finally among us! I love the BBW candles, s'mores, pumpkins, football, everything!!!

  8. Love that wreath! And the second pair of boots- I want them!

  9. The weather is by FAR the best part of fall. The past couple weeks have just been PERFECT here. No humidity, plenty of sunshine... gahhhh - I wish EVERY day was like this!


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