Monday, December 30, 2013

5 Favorite Posts

I've seen this going around blogland and I'm a badwagoner (yea, that's not a word, oh well) so without further ado (did you know that's actually the correct way to spell ado in this usage? Blew my mind when I found out), here are my 5 favorite posts of 2013:

Five. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. Yea, sorry, I sing Halloween songs inappropriately and I want to wear impossible costumes.

Four. Kenny Angel. I bet your Christmas Angel doesn't have a Ken head nor wear a baseball hat.

Three. It's Okay, It's Just a Fart. Yea, I thought a fart was a bomb, which one of you hasn't thought that before?

Two. Ethan Allen, Can I Get a Discount? No seriously, we're related and my Grandmom wants a discount on some furniture.

One. But the Worst Thing I Ever Done... Pretty much a countdown of my most embarrassing moments, except for the time my rape alarm went off at McDonalds.

This was hard to do and I left out so many other posts I really like, but I just realized that most of my favorite posts are funny childhood stories... haha oh well, I've got lots of em!
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  1. I loved all these posts and so many more! Can't wait to read more funny stories in 2014.

  2. I loved all of these posts and that you picked your funny childhood story posts. You always keep us laughing!

  3. Dude. I have woken myself up with a fart before. They can be scary when you aren't expecting them! haha

  4. Love Kenny Angel and all of your hilarious stories. Can't wait to read many more in 2014! :)

  5. I loved these posts! I hope you have a great New Year! :)

  6. Lol I loved the one about the angel.

  7. I went back and read all of these have a knack for storytelling, m'dear! Happy New Year to you! xo

  8. I STILL love Ken Angel. Bring him back every year, please?!


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