Monday, December 14, 2015

Holiday Questions!

I saw that Jessie had this Q&A on her blog the other day and it seemed like fun, so here goes!

What’s your go to outfit for the winter?
Definitely leggings/yoga pants and a sweater or sweatshirt. 
What’s winter like in your hometown? 
Cold temperatures, snow, ice. Even though it hasn't even snowed yet this year, stupid el Nino. 
Special winter recipes? 
Lots of soups in the crock pot. Also, homemade egg nog and cranberry bars
Winter holiday traditions? 
Watching lots of Christmas movies; "This is Not Nutcrackin" (that's also my mom's blog name!);  Kenny Angel; the Zombie, the Fainter, and the Traditionalist on Christmas morning; and Secret Santa.   
Favorite winter activities? 
Decorating the tree, seeing lots of Christmas lights, watching movies, eating yummy treats.
Winter home décor? 
Yup, I transition my Christmas stuff into a winter theme involving lots of snowmen and snowflakes. I have a surprising amount of Christmas and solely winter decorations and I love it. The winter stuff stays up til mid March. 
Beauty regimen changes for winter? 
I use liquid foundation as opposed to powder, and I use a thicker lotion for my legs and arms. 
Favorite holiday song? 
Don't laugh, but my favorite is Hark the Herald Angels Sing, the Jessica Simpson version. I also have Joy to the World as my ringtone. 

Favorite holiday movie? 
Definitely the Christmas story, but I really love and quote them ALL. Check out this post I wrote in 2013 about all the bones I have to pick with my favorite Christmas movies. 
Who hosts the family gatherings? 
When I was younger we always went to my mom's parents' house, but now my parents host and the food is so yummy! Next year Brian and I will probably be heading up to NJ for Christmas day though, which will be a change because I've never been away from home for Christmas day. 
What changes about you in the winter? 
I'm in a better mood because I love the cold and the snow! I hate summer and sweating, it's so gross! 
Gift wrap or gift bags? 
Favorite warm drink for winter? 
Hot chocolate with whipped cream or marshmallow fluff, yum! 
What are you excited for this season? 
Well I'm not excited for my ankle reconstruction surgery on the 22nd, I'll tell ya that! 
Autumn vs. Winter? 
I love both, it's too hard to choose! 
Is this your favorite time of year, or do you prefer another season?
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  1. You know this is not my favorite time of year BUT I do love watching Little K enjoy Christmas!

    Also I still think Kenny Angel is awesome!

  2. Hot chocolate is my favorite in the winter too! Fall is my favorite season, but Christmas is my favorite holiday, so I feel like the month of December and the season of fall are a tie...but for different reasons!

  3. I'm intrigued by those egg nog cranberry bars...!!!!
    Jessica Simpson sings a bad ass Christmas song, I'll give her that!

  4. Those bars look amazing! I love how you transition your Christmas decor to winter decor-I need to start doing that! :)

  5. Those egg nog bars sound amazing!!!! And I love the Jessica Simpson Christmas album. One of my all time favorites!

  6. i keep hearing about this fluff stuff, i need to try it! i wear leggings allllll throughout the winter, so comfy!


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